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Lesson 3. This is your pet – 2

After learning that the Goblin Club was a piece of equipment that even the beings of the higher dimension admired (although he still couldn’t quite figure out what was so good about it), Ban Yu-won wondered how he could make the most of this artifact’s power. So, he arranged the characteristics of the Goblin Club.

First, it could float and move freely. It had an ego and acted with the highest priority in protecting its owner. It was also invisible to most people.

‘I can’t use it like this.’

Of course, he could tell it was a good artifact in that it automatically protected him and remained hidden from enemies, but it was just a transparent club. Its strength as a club could be improved by absorbing other concepts, but the problem was that it had no versatility.

That was it, Versatility. If this club, which could move freely and had an ego, also had the versatility to adapt to new situations, it would be nearly unstoppable.

‘In other words, I could transform it freely.’

Ban Yu-won searched for a concept related to changes around him. Thanks to his sister, who had just gotten (very late) into slime toys and action figures, he could plant the concept of Transformation 50 without difficulty in the club. He tried to plant more than that, but a message appeared that the Goblin Club couldn’t handle a concept deeper than that. In fact, 50 or so was rather a lot already.

Goblin Club [Spirit Gun 5.2, Storage 10, Transformation 50, Blunt Weapon 11, Magic Gun 9, Defense 5, Chain 3, Ax 3, …) Shooting 17]

After that, it all happened very fast. Shield, ax, spear, and all kinds of tools needed in an emergency were fed into the Goblin Club. There were more than 30 in all the big concepts, but he took only one because it was enough if it just imitated the shape. The total couldn’t exceed 50, the depth of Transformation, but that was enough. Actually, there were still about five left.

“Hmm, now this deserves to be called Goblin Club.”

Ban Yu-won nodded with satisfaction as the Demon Gun mowed down Goblins.

“And the bullets? Is this enough?”

Upon Ban Yu-won’s confirmation, the Goblin Club, returning to its original form, swung vigorously. As a result of stealing the concept of Storage from items such as safes and bags, including the trunk brought over by his grandfather, it became possible for him to store a considerable amount of bullets inside the club.

“Then, I guess it’s time to harvest.”

After taking a deep breath, Ban Yu-won approached the Goblin corpse pile. The club kept guard around Ban Yu-won in case of an emergency, but no more enemies were approaching.

“I see some are still alive.”

“Kyek, Kyeee…!”

Thanks to the concept stolen from the relic slingshot, the Goblin Club’s shooting ability was amazing, but it wasn’t as deadly as he would like. Ban Yu-won finished off those only injured himself, and he wasn’t too shocked. Rather, what surprised him was the moment he saw the golden character string flowing from their bodies.

[The concept of Devil 3.4, Life 6.8, Physique 3.4, Murder 0.34, and Shooting 0.57 was stolen from multiple Goblins.]

“Oh, oh…?”

The concept of Devil, Life, and Physique stolen from these was surprisingly twice that of the blind Goblins! But there was something even more surprising: the concept of Murder and Shooting. He hadn’t gotten those when he’d hunted Blind Goblins before.

Shooting made sense, but what about the concept of Murder? Maybe unlike the Blind Goblins, these guys had killed people? Of course, the depth was too low, especially considering he’d just slain 17 of them.

‘Maybe it was too weak before, so I couldn’t check it, but it’s because I’ve learned these two concepts from other places I can extract now?’

Recognizing that his abilities still had many areas he needed to study, he organized the concepts. The number of Devil extracted from the seventeen was 3.4, and if he separated the Spirit from it again, that made 1.7. When he gave it to the Goblin Club, his Spirit Gun grew to 6. The absorption rate on that one seemed a bit bad as it lost a little in the process. Maybe it was a late bloomer?

Anyway, if he kept growing, he’d be able to create artifacts with great potential.

[Life: 21.3

Physique: 16.3

Magic Power: 18]

With one battle, Ban Yu-won’s Code had changed drastically, to the extent that the concept he raised while training all night with his sister seemed ridiculous. Of course, it was thanks to science (modern firearms) and magic (Magic Power, Spirit Gun) intersecting in the Goblin Club. However, one thing bothered him: the moment the concept of Life broke through 20, the absorption efficiency from the Goblins was reduced by half.

‘Still, this is something I was prepared for. Even in games, as the level increases, the experience points obtained from low-level monsters decrease.’

But it happened sooner than expected. Thinking that he might not be able to obtain experience (Life) from the Goblins for much longer, Ban Yu-won felt a bit impatient.

‘No, let’s not rush it. I haven’t caught a lot of monsters yet, and at least there are still Blind Goblins and Goblins with these bows. Moreover, there are many other concepts I can obtain even if Life isn’t available.’

He cleared his mind, took the concept of Bow from the bows on the floor and Arrow from the arrows, and put it into the Code Core. It would be unlikely that he would ever pick up a bow with guns, so he kept only the concept.

“Shall we go on? Don’t shoot unless I’m in big danger.”


In response to Ban Yu-won’s words, the Goblin Club spun around in the air. Of course, he used his grandfather’s connection to secure a large amount of live ammunition, but the quantity was still limited. There was nothing wrong with saving where you could.

‘It seems like I can make it with my abilities, but…I’ll do that later.’

Ban Yu-won made the Goblin Club go first as they explored the dungeon. It seemed a special opening event that 17 Goblins had united to attack, as the rest of the dungeon only had two or three moving in groups. Most of them had bows, but a few wielded swords. In those cases, he would have the Club harry the archers while he dispatched the swordsmen. It was doable.

No, beyond that.

“I see they’re weak, huh?”


Ban Yu-won, dodging the Goblin’s blade, stepped forward and stretched out his sword, piercing the monster’s throat. It was accompanied by a rushing sense of emptiness. He was very nervous about the Goblin Warrior, the boss of the Blind Goblin den, but this Goblin’s swordsmanship was hardly anything to worry over.

‘Is that the difference between a Warrior and a regular Goblin?’

However, as he absorbed his Code, he found they had a Swordsmanship of 0.05! This probably wouldn’t have happened if Ban Yu-wan hadn’t known about Swordsmanship.

“I think we can move faster, right?”


Ban Yu-won increased their speed. The Goblin Club was in front of him, so his heart and steps became lighter when he realized there was no need to be afraid. Five minutes later, he noticed a golden character string fluttering from the ground.


On the surface, there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. However, when he examined it closer, he felt it was unnatural compared to its surroundings. He couldn’t point out what it was, but it felt dangerous.

When he reached out, the end of the character string slipped over and touched his hand.

[Are you sure you want to steal the concept of Skewer and Trap from the Skewer Trap?]


Ban Yu-won realized that he would have become a human skewer if he hadn’t seen the string. When he took the concept of a Trap, the ground flattened out, returning to normal stone.

‘It was a mistake not to consider traps, but…this much can be considered good out of evil.’

Ban Yu-won immediately attached the concept of Skewer to the sword in his hand. He now put the Trap into the Code Core and hurried down the road. Realizing he could detect and neutralize these dangers ahead of time, he had no reason to procrastinate.

[Absorbed 0.6 Devil, Life 1.2, Physique 0.6, Murder 0.06, Swordsmanship 0.1, Shooting 0.3.]

[Absorbed Arrow 1.5, Trap 1.]

[Absorbed 1.5 Devil, Life 3, Physique 1.5, Murder 0.15, Swordsmanship 0.2.]

Ban Yu-won’s dungeon exploration speed was only growing faster. Compared to the Blind Goblin Den during his practical evaluation, the length of this dungeon was considerably longer, and there were ten times as many monsters. Still, even with that in mind, he was approaching the dungeon’s core much faster!

He looked at his classmates and wondered how he would grow quickly and catch up with them, but they would be astonished if they saw his growth. It wasn’t simply about the stealing of concepts thanks to his power. The more he battled, the faster he grew in general.

As he fought for his life, his potential was awakened, and his powers were added and harmonized.

‘Hey, I think my sword’s becoming clearer.’

In fact, Ban Yu-won firmly believed that it was thanks to the swordsmanship he had stolen from the Goblins, but what if he found out that it was due to his own understanding growing from practice?


About two hours after entering the dungeon, Ban Yu-won reached the Boss Room. He felt stronger than the Goblin Warrior he had fought before, but he had to wonder what awaited him here.

He tensed up and read his own internal Code again.

[Life: 35.5

Physique: 23.8

Soul: 322.5

Magic Power: 26.4

Swordsmanship: 12.5

Complete Sight: 105

Complete Hearing: 100

Complete Speaking: 100]

It had grown almost 2.5 times compared to before entering the dungeon. While it was still low compared to his classmates, he decided to be purely delighted with the extent of his growth.

‘By the way, Soul. I really don’t know about this one.’

It was 300 when he first checked the Code, and after resisting the Principal’s eye attack, it went up by 20. He didn’t know what he did after entering this dungeon, but somehow it went up another 2.5. There was no way to check that ability, so he decided to leave it alone for now.

“Club, are you ready?”


The Goblin Club, changing into a large shield, rotated as if to tell him to believe in it. The Spirit Gun had already grown to 9.9. After clearing the boss, it would likely exceed 10.

“Let’s go in.”

When he pushed it, the door creaked open. What kind of Goblin would appear this time and become part of Ban Yu-won’s blood and flesh?

“How dare a human to invade our village!”

“Shoot, kill! We will catch him and roast him whole!”

“Catch him!”

Ban Yu-won closed the door again and tried to back away, but it started to reopen on its own. The Goblins in the Boss Room seemed to exceed 100.

“Damn it.”

Ban Yu-won murmured, pulled a shield from his inventory to fend off the archers’ volleys, and sat down.

“Club, take care of it!”

After all, his value lay in the creation of artifacts, not in combat. The Goblin Club swelled.


“No, no machine guns. It’s a waste of bullets!”

The problem was that there were too many Goblins. His Goblin Club knocked down five or more Goblins within moments of shooting, but there were so many they could just hide behind their comrades’ corpses.

Ban Yu-won thinking that if mixed with them, he would at least be safe from the Goblin Archers, stood and started swinging his sword. He could think while he fought.

‘Isn’t there a way to make the fire faster and more powerful without taking out the machine gun?’

Ban Yu-won cut down the Goblins as they approached. What was it, what…right!

‘Wild Beast! This was it!’

One of the concepts was dormant in the slingshot, which was now kept in the Code Core. Of these, if he took the Wild separately and combined it with Shooting, Wild Shooting would be born.

He hurriedly pulled out the Code Core and removed the concept from it. Since he didn’t have time, he took out the whole Wild Beast and injected it into the club. In that state, as he separated the Wild and the Beast inside it…

[Wild 4 and Shooting 18.35 were automatically combined. Due to the excellent compatibility, transcendental synthesis was achieved, and 20 Wild Shooting was completed. As a perfect concept, it is inseparable now.]

He thought it might be necessary to separate the Shot from the Shooting, but fortunately, he could skip that step. It was good because he would have to focus hard to separate the concepts.


The moment the concept of Wild Shooting was successfully synthesized, The Goblin Club, which couldn’t speak, spun violently in the air.


It killed more than 30 Goblins in an instant with a wave of gunfire that combined the unbelievable speed of a machine gun with the accuracy of a rifle!


“Monster! A monster that vomits iron balls!”

The Goblin Club, which until a while ago was just a formidable enemy, was reborn as a monster that could deal with hundreds of Goblins at the same time!


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