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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 99: Taken 2 Bahasa Indonesia

(Shizuri POV)

After I had been sent flying off by those girls and Manami, I found myself near the top of the mountain that the Sect of my new toy was built into.

It took awhile for me to regenerate enough to pull myself out of the debris and set right back into searching for him.

Upon returning to that Sect’s grounds, I found out from a few helpful individuals that my toy had already left to head back to his hometown. It took a bit more searching and convincing before I managed to get someone to spill where that town actually was.

With my destination set, I made my way towards that little town on the other side of the mountain. Throughout the journey, I kept myself busy by imagining all sorts of things I would do to my little toy once I got him in my grasp again.

Preferably without interruption this time, of course.

I passed by a carriage about half a day away from the town, the coachman was very helpful in providing me details to his passengers’ drop off point after a little persuading from me.

No one will miss him, I’m sure.

I managed to cover the rest of the distance in half the expected time, but I sensed no signs of my toy anywhere inside that mansion.

There was the chance that the stupid coachman lied to me but I doubt that was the case.

Possibly my toy just went out into the town below for a while and would come back later, so I just settled down to wait.

It’s better to catch him here with less people to minimise the possibility of more interference after all~

I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I got too lost in thought on how I wanted to play with my toy and only noticed he had returned much later.

I descended to the back of the building where a sweet aroma was coming from, using a Technique to melt away the stupid wall that was blocking me from my toy.

For some reason, there’s still busybodies around here trying to stop me from getting my toy, even that little girl from before too.

Oh well, I should just be glad that Manami isn’t here or I might get distracted again, ehehehe~

It was a simple thing to get rid of the men and prevent my toy from running away since I sense no Technique protecting him, but I was surprised to find that the little girl was actually a humanoid dragon.

To think my toy had a dragon protecting him…

How interesting… My toy is getting more and more interesting!

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near this dragon’s match, but my main goal has never been to take the dragon down anyway.

Besides, this dragon seems like a newborn without combat experience, so it was easy to take advantage of that fact.

She got easily provoked by me and attacked rashly, trying to burn me with her flames.

I immediately used my Air quarks to redirect the flames, but the heat from the fire still managed to burn me.

When the flames died down, I left an illusion of myself behind, slipping to the side of the room while I recovered from the burns the dragon’s fire gave me.

My illusion goaded her on, prompting the dragon to rush forward in an attempt to strike me down.

I had moved towards my unconscious toy at the same time, picking him up in my arms.

His face was just as entrancing as I had remembered.

That pure, flawless, innocent face that could belong to nothing but the purest of souls.

Ehehehe~ I am going to have such fun with him!

The dragon roared and lunged at me, too bad for her I’ve already left the place with my toy secured in my arms.

Now I just need to find a place where I can play with him in peace…

Ah, the mountains of course! All quiet and deserted with no one around to bother me!

Just in case, I’ll set an illusion around me to hide my surroundings while I’m travelling up there.

My precaution turned out to be of use when I felt something watching me. They tried to hide their presence but they forgot to hide the manifestation of their Technique or whatever it was.

It might have been enough to fool a normal Practitioner, but I’m no normal practitioner.

I guessed that it might be Manami and her sisters watching me so I’ll just give them a small show for now.

Drawing a cut on my toy’s face, I brought it to my lips to taste, making sure where I felt the presence from had full view of it.

The moment I did so, the presence vanished. No doubt that action has ruffled their little feathers.

But what I was not prepared for was the absolute mind-numbing pleasure that assaulted my senses.

Just tasting that drop of blood was enough to leave me collapsing on my knees on that mountain side, my body spasming in pleasure.

If I were to compare the blood that I’ve tasted so far…

The man from the kitchen smelled like milk that had gone bad and mixed with expired cheese. Manami’s tasted like a savoury dessert wine that was a perfect blend of sweetness and sourness.

And then there is this.

The explosion of both smell and taste was too much for me to handle, it was like a six course meal prepared by the finest of chefs being condensed into a drop of water that released all its taste the moment it touches your tongue.

I had trouble stopping myself from cutting him right there and then to get more of that delicious liquid.

If Manami was with the people who spied on me, she would have seen through my illusions easily and directed them here.

Before that happens, I need to find somewhere to hide and enjoy my tasty little toy.

Heading further up the mountain on shaky legs, I found a rock face flat enough for me to carve a cave out of, settling myself within it.

I circulated my Space quarks once more and covered the entrance with the best illusion Technique I could conjure, hiding the entrance from view.

Placing my toy gently on my lap, I watched his sleeping face with fondness.

He was mine now… Mine to play and taste.

I poked his finger with a nail, watching the crimson liquid ooze out from the wound, the delectable aroma wafting through the air.

Reaching the limit of my self-control, I stuck the finger into my mouth, moaning as the wonderful liquid touched the tip of my tongue.

I lapped at the digit slowly, savouring every bit of blood that was oozing out of the wound I made, my mind completely lost in the taste.

So distracted I was that I lost track of time, only coming back to my senses when I heard the audible crack of something breaking at the entrance of the cave.

“That’s enough from you, Shizuri!”

I looked up to see Manami glaring at me, fireballs prepared in her hand.

Standing beside her were all the girls I had faced before, all of them sporting similar expressions.

Such a pity, I was even starting to enjoy myself too.

Hmmmm… How should I escape with my toy now?

It doesn’t look like they would let me escape though. What a predicament.


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