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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 98: Get To The Choppa Bahasa Indonesia

(Diao Chan POV)

I blinked my eyes to adjust to the sudden shift in location, finding myself in a half destroyed room that still had parts of it burning.

It seems that Manami’s teleportation Technique had sent all of us directly to the mansion’s kitchen.

Several men were moving around the room, shifting rubble and dead bodies around.

Cai Hong sat on top of one of the rubble, tears evident on her face while the Dailus fellow was standing in front of her with his arms crossed.

“So you’re saying that some fox youkai came in, killed everyone except you and took that… My brother away? That sounds unbelievable to me.”

Cai Hong sniffed, “Cai Hong doesn’t need to explain anything to you boy. Cai Hong isn’t eating you now because you are Papa’s brother. Go away.”

“What? Boy? Eat me? Who do you think you are to speak to me like that you little rascal?”

The loli dragon picked up one of the pieces of rubble that was the size of an adult’s fist, crushing it easily in her hands.

“Cai Hong said go away, boy. Cai Hong is not happy because Papa got taken and Cai Hong couldn’t protect Papa… Cai hong will eat you if you disturb Cai Hong again.”

He wisely retreated out of the room, not fast enough to be called a run.

We made our way towards her, only now did the others notice our sudden appearance.

“Cai Hong,” Manami called out.

Cai Hong looked up and immediately rushed to her embrace, “Waaaahh! Big sis Manami! Cai Hong is sorry! Papa… Papa got taken!”

Manami patted her head slowly, “Calm down Cai Hong, tell us what happened.”

“Sniff… Sniff… The weird… The weird fox lady came back… Sniff… She came back and took Papa… Cai Hong couldn’t stop her… Cai Hong sorry…”

I tilted my head at her, “Weird fox lady?”

Lian Li frowned, “It can’t be that crazy one from before right?”

“Manami… Memory…” Eris suggested.

Manami nodded, placing her hand on Cai Hong’s head who was still sniffling quietly.

She reached out her other hand and a screen appeared in the air, showing the kitchen from before it was destroyed.

A few of the staff stopped what they were doing and looked at the screen as well.

We watched as the screen showed Cai Hong munching on something that Master had passed her, his visage occupying more than half the screen while a couple of who I assumed to be chefs crowded behind him.

Just seeing his face makes me tremble slightly, I wonder when it will be before I can get the opportunity for another ‘punishment’ session?

Ah, no good, must not get distracted… That thought alone deserves some punishment. Maybe another spanking session? No, no, no… Concentrate, concentrate.

Just as the chefs started talking to Master, the wall behind them crumbled away, revealing the crazed fox we had met back during the New Year Festival.

“Shizuri…” Manami spat out the name with contempt.

We watched on as the fox youkai slaughtered the guards who had appeared alongside the chefs without mercy.

She moved to Cai Hong, expressing her desire to take Master away from there.

After that, the memory whited out and became fuzzy before returning to reveal a kitchen engulfed in flames.

I guess Cai Hong had turned into her dragon form during that time but that fox girl must have managed to steal Master from her.

Manami ended the Technique before turning to me, “Diao Chan… Find Master.”

I nodded, fishing out a pocket mirror from within my robes to cast my Spell.

“‘Seekers of Void, Watchers of All, I seek you to heed my call; Show me what I seek, without letting us leak. The one most beloved of all, the one who shall stand tall. Mirror Scry!'”

The surface of the mirror rippled like water, showing us an image of Master currently bundled up in some sort of cloth on what I assumed to be the fox youkai’s back.

Around them were trees and bushes, probably indicating that the fox had escaped to the forests towards the south.

“We have to go find them!” Lian Li hissed, standing up.

“No, wait,” Manami cautioned, clapping her hands together once.

A ringing sound echoed around us and the image on the mirror shifted again, the trees and bushes fading away to reveal rocks and dirt, the scenery resembling the mountains to the north of us.

“Remember… She’s extremely proficient in her Space quarks, even better than I am,” Manami warned.

The fox turned her head, looking straight towards us as though she knew we were watching her even after I had specifically weaved a cloaking condition into my Spell.

She smiled at us, reaching behind to drag a finger across Master’s cheek and drawing a line of blood, bringing the red liquid to her mouth to suck on.

I smashed the mirror on the ground in a fit of rage.

That piece of trash! She dared to hurt Master?! Master is only allowed to punish, not be punished! To touch him with those filthy hands of hers… How dare she?!

Even Master has yet to draw blood from me during our punishments, how dare this piece of trash dare, DARE to do that to our precious Master?!

I will make sure she suffers greatly for this travesty!

“Let’s go find that little bitch and break her!” Eris roared, her sword already unsheathed.

Lian Li snapped her fingers, “Cai Hong… Manami will put an invisibility Technique on us, fly us over to the mountains.”

Cai Hong wiped her face clean of tears and nodded resolutely.

Manami closed her eyes in concentration before waving her hands towards us, turning all of us translucent. I know from experience that we can still make each other out vaguely but to others we have become totally invisible.

Cai Hong ran outside, leaping up into the sky to transform into her full dragon form to hover in the air.

The rest of us ignored the startled looks on the staff and immediately leapt onto her back, hanging on as Cai Hong gave a flap of her mighty wings, speeding straight towards the mountain region.

That fox may have had a head start on us in terms of distance, but she couldn’t fly like we can.

“Disable her… Make sure Master is safe… Then we make her wish she was never born…” Lian Li said through gritted teeth.

“We’ll have to get creative,” Manami commented. “She doesn’t feel any pain.”

“Kukuku~” I chuckled. “Pain is not the only way we can get to torture her.”

Yes… I will thoroughly enjoy making her suffer later!

Master, wait for us!


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