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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 894: He Likes Mother Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

“Umm… This sounds really bad… And you can’t even tell you were affected?” I asked.

Senior sister Lian Li nodded seriously, “The only reason we even noticed was that he wanted us to notice it. Otherwise… I wouldn’t even know what was happening…”

Senior sister Eris also added, “Dat’s right… Gud’ thing dere’s four of us here and he only got Eris, but the rest of us noticed how odd she was behavin’ straight away and gave ‘er a good thrashin’ for dat!”

“Then… Why were you two confident that I may not have been affected too?”

“He’s not gay,” Both of them replied with a straight face.

Ok… Fair enough. I don’t think that stupid trash has any interest in directing any of my favourable feelings towards himself I guess?

“Just kiddin’~” Senior sister Eris giggled.

“He asked if Eris was a male for her not to be affected, so I don’t think his powers work on other males,” Lian Li explained.

That makes more sense I suppose.

I pursed my lips, “So… What should I do? Go to Master?”

“That would be most ideal…” Senior sister Lian Li agreed. “But we can’t rule out the fact that he might possess some other ability to manipulate you in another way…”

“Then what about the new girl? Lilith?” I asked.

That made my two senior sisters turn to each other before looking back at me.

Eris nodded, “That can work. She already expressed her distaste of him and it doesn’t seem like he’s manipulating her either. Maybe it doesn’t work on his siblings?”

A voice came from behind me before I could answer, “No, he just can’t affect anyone that has transcended mortality. Basically other beings who have reached the realm of gods.”

All of us spun around to see Lilith standing there with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Umm… Hello Lilith,” I greeted.

The senior sisters accepted her into their midst quite easily after she expressed her dislike of Iris, something I could also get behind.

But something about her told me that she wasn’t as simple as she looks so I was still a little wary about her. No, it has nothing to do with her demonic features at all.

Maybe because despite the fact that she calls Master ‘daddy’, I don’t feel the same kind of affection coming from her that Cai Hong has of Master? I don’t know.

She nodded in response to my greeting before turning to Lian Li and Eris, “Seems like he had a lot of fun with you two, didn’t he?”

My two senior sisters nodded.

Lilith clucked her tongue, “Typical. None of us sisters like that bastard either. I will freely reveal that the only reason he had obtained that power was because he has a humongous crush on Mother. Like really, really huge on the level of fanaticism. He wanted her to love him instead of Daddy so this was the power he obtained to try and redirect her love for Daddy towards him. Too bad he never could use it on anyone above the level of gods.”

Wow… Even though I don’t really like Iris either… That’s just sad…

“Seriously? A fanatic? Ugh, they’re just the worst,” Eris groaned.

“So now he entertains himself by using it on other couples?” Lian Li seethed.

“You got that right. Pathetic isn’t he? If it were up to me, I would have killed him long ago for being so trashy. But unfortunately for me, he’s especially popular among my male siblings because of his power and I don’t have the capabilities to go against all of them myself.”

I looked at the demoness, “In that case you can let Master know about what he’s doing right?”

She scoffed at me, “Do you think Daddy doesn’t know? That stupid trash wasn’t even subtle in doing using his powers. No, Daddy definitely knows that the idiot is doing this but he’s choosing not to interfere… I wonder why? Hmm? Wait… Oh! I get it! Ehehehe~ Daddy is really quite devious~”

Senior sister Lian Li poked her fingers together, “Umm… What is Master planning to do? I honestly can’t stand the fact that my feelings for Master is being played around like this.”

“Ah, I believe Daddy didn’t expect you to confront him like that. I’m guessing he was thinking of resolving this issue without you figuring out what happened. Which is actually surprising you did, honestly. How did you do it? As much of a trash he is, his skill in that is perfect for mortals and you wouldn’t even notice your own feelings being manipulated.”

I turned to senior sister Eris, “I’m going to guess the other three were not affected while only one of you was affected?”


Lilith obviously didn’t understand my cryptic words so she raised a questioning eyebrow at me.

Instead of answering her, I left it to Eris to see if she wanted to tell the demoness.

To my surprise, she did.

“I have four personalities you see, and he only managed to change the feelings of one of me. The other three were quick to realise I was manipulated,” Eris explained chirpily.

“Multiple… Personalities?” Lilith parroted.

I know exactly what she’s thinking, I had a hard time believing it when I heard it the first time too but well… There’s no denying that it’s true.

Although it made a lot more sense after I knew Master had named her so it was a lot easier to just accept it.

“That’s right, I’m Eris. And aye’m Bait, nice ta’ meet’cha! Laverna… And this humble one is called Denna.” She introduced herself, switching between the four of herself quickly.

Lilith turned to look at us and we simply nodded to show that it was real.

“Does Daddy know?”

We nodded again.

“I see… That’s an interesting limitation to his power that I’ve never seen before… So what do you plan to do?”

Eris shrugged, “What can we do? Since you already said that Master has it handled, then we just need to leave it in His hands right?”

I scratched my chin, “Perhaps… I should just check with Master just in case? Doesn’t hurt to tell Him right?”

The three girls agreed unanimously.

In that case, I’ll most probably tell Master later on when that idiot is not paying attention. Maybe Master could tell us what His plan was and I could help Master with it?

I suppose it’s also a good thing that I didn’t come to the beach as a girl like what my senior sisters had been suggesting to me. I remember the last time Master managed to talk me into it and that was really embarrassing for me.

Lian Li suddenly clapped her hands together, “Oh Brendan, before you go to Master, Eris and I need to do one thing first.”

“Hmm? What is it?”

The golden haired girl grinned at Eris, “Everyone else is not paying attention to Master right now so… Ehehehe~ Do you think you can drag Him behind those bushes like we had planned to?”

Ah… I guess I’ll just make myself scarce then… I’ll keep little Cai Hong company in the meantime I suppose.


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