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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 893: He Won’t Last Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“Undo whateva’ you’ve done to my sisters ‘fore I cut yer ‘ead off!” Eris roared, swinging her sword in an arc to emphasise her point.

The man did not seem overly concerned about her threat and instead, adopted a thinking pose, “It definitely worked on you just now, so why is it… By any chance, are you actually a man?”

Wait… ‘Worked? What worked? What did he do to… No! How am I so stupid?! How could I ever think that someone else was more attractive than Master?! Even that stalker bitch only made me think she was beautiful, but I never once thought she was more attractive than Master!

I joined Eris’s side and glared at him, “What did you do to me?!”

He grinned, “Heh, I knew it. Having you realise what is happening is also fun. You see, I am able to manipulate the emotional attachments of anyone around me. That is to say, I can redirect your love for dad to me and your hate for me to dad instead.”

I fought down the feeling to gag as I realised I’ve been acting like some bitch in heat in front of him all this while.

“Return all of us back to normal right now or I’ll rearrange that face of yours!” I demanded.

His grin grew wider at my words, “Could you really? You know, I have to say I’m absolutely impressed by dad, did you know I’ve yet to redirect all your feelings of love to him? And yet it was enough to make you into a blushing damsel. Normally this much would be enough to make the girl feel apathetic to their lover already, it really is impressive how dad managed to get all of you to love him so much.”

I charged up a Lightning bolt in my hands, preparing it to fire at his face.

But just as I wanted to do so, a sudden wave of regret washed over me and I instinctively dematerialised my Lightning.

I looked down at my hand, wondering why I even thought of hurting him in the first place? I like him too much to even think of hurting him.

Yes, he’s so charming and loving… I can’t bear to hurt him.

Hmm? Why is he smiling like that? Wait… Why did I… Did I really thought he was charming there?!!!

“Hahaha! Do you get it now? I can redirect your feelings for dad to me to the point that you think hurting me is like hurting dad! You wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference even if you knew what was going on!”

I seethed and I felt my hate for him grow, how dare he?!!

How dare you manipulate my feelings?!! How dare you?!! I hate, hate, hate, hate you, Master!!

No… No, no, no…

He smirked, “How did it feel? That must be the first time you ever hated dad, right? I can redirect your hate for me to dad too so the more you despise me, the more I can make you despise dad. Who knows what you would do to him then?”

“We’ll… We’ll tell Master…” I threatened weakly, trying to hold on to my love for Master, hoping he doesn’t take that away from me.

“Oh, you can try~ But I may ramp up your hate for him to the maximum right then and make you attack him as you tried to just now~ And that’s assuming I don’t take all the love you have for him myself. What would you do if dad were to strip naked in front of you right now? I can make you do the same for me~”

I tried. Really, really tried… But I couldn’t help but feel my hatred and disgust rise for him despite knowing he could redirect those feelings to Master too.

Eris still held on to her sword though that may be useless considering he could stop her any time he wanted.

“What do you want from us?!” She growled.

His gaze shifted to the swordswoman, “Nothing much really. You see, unlike sister Lilith, there’s a number of us who aren’t quite as enamoured of our father as she is.”

“What has Master done to you to warrant this?” I growled.

“Oh nothing. I just like the sight of loving couples being broken up so I do this all the time. Don’t worry, just because he’s my dad, I’m not going to cuck him since I don’t like used goods anyway. I’ll just have my fun for the next few days and I’ll leave. Although if any of you were to come and ask me for some affection, I wouldn’t say no either, hahaha!”

“Bastard…” The word escaped my lips before I could even stop myself.

He smirked, “Very nice, hate me more so I can send that to dad as well! Oh don’t worry, I’ll return you back to normal when I leave. Maybe. If you girls entertain me enough that is~”

I grinded my teeth at him, “Swear… Swear that you will not touch us and return us back to normal once you are done.”

“Oh, but my dear Lian Li, you’re in no position to ask anything from me, don’t you think? Shouldn’t you be swearing your love for me instead?”

I was about to tell him off when I thought about it for a moment. He’s actually not a bad person and he really does have the looks and charm. So why shouldn’t I just become his… NOOOOOOO!!!

“Ahahahaha! Don’t worry, you’re already entertaining enough with your current actions. So long as you don’t do anything boorish like trying to rat me out to dad, I won’t do anything… Much. Hahahaha!”

With a wave and an absolutely disgusting grin on his face, he left both Eris and I behind to return to the beach.

Eris turned to me with a look that told me she was currently not being affected by that piece of trash’s powers.

“Should we go tell Master about it anyway?” She suggested.

I shook my head, “Even if Master forgives us, I will never forgive myself if I attacked Master because of him.”

“Are we just going to do as he says then?”

“No… we tell Brendan.”

Yes, he let slip a little about his powers when he asked if Eris was a man, that meant Brendan must also be free from his influence.

We’re not going to take this lying down!


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