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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 883: The Real Demon God(dess) Bahasa Indonesia

(Sect Mistress Mu POV)

If I said that we were confident of taking down the Demon God ourselves, I would be lying.

Our initial plan was to send as many people as possible to wear him down like the last time before the five of us moved in to fight him for real. Obviously no one would be willing to throw their lives away so we convinced everyone that he would be at his weakest in his first few moments of his revival.

They would then be blinded by the possibility of receiving glory by slaying him and thus rush towards attacking him with everything they had.

They wouldn’t even care if the brothers and sisters beside them fell to the Demon God’s attacks since, to them, it just meant fewer competition.

But even that had a limit, since they would start to see their attacks were pointless after the Demon God brushes them away effortlessly for the umpteenth time.

Coupled with the fact that we had less than a day to prepare everyone for this, we were most definitely not ready to face him.

The five of us were already considering cutting our losses and running away from here first when lightning struck down from the sky.

I recognised the person immediately as one of that expert’s disciples. It was hard to forget her with that golden hair of hers, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else with such lustrous hair in my life.

If she’s here, could that expert be here as well? Did he change his mind and decided to help us? That would be the best scenario for us and we can let him do all the work! But why did he send her out alone? Was she supposed to negotiate with the Demon God first?

That would be foolish, he doesn’t care about negotiations.

Ah, he’s using that Dark Spear Technique again, she’s most definitely going to die. What a waste…


She deflected it… With her bare hands? That very same Technique that could break through Sect Master Jing’s strongest defence Technique was reflected with the back of her hand?

Could she… Could she actually be the real master and the other expert was merely a decoy?

I quickly flew towards her and tried probing her for information.

My thought of her being the stronger one was shattered with her declaration that this Demon God was beneath her master’s notice.

Could that actually be possible? She managed to defend herself against his attack without trying so there’s some weight to her words.

He did say he was not from this Plane so I thought he might have been from the Spiritual Plane. But even people there wouldn’t be able to casually dismiss the Demon God like that.

That means… The legendary Earthen Plane itself?

“Ma… Master Lin?! No, no, no… He can’t be here! He can’t be! Ev… Everyone! Attack her!!” The Demon God suddenly shouted, fear obvious in his voice.

What’s going on? Why is the Demon God suddenly so afraid?

No, I don’t have time to worry about that. All the members of the Sinister Demon Sect are charging towards us. As strong as this girl is, she can’t handle this many–


She waved her hand and the area in front of her exploded in a blinding flash of light.

When the light faded, more than half of the Sinister Demon Sect members were obliterated.

She then lifted a finger and pointed to several of them, including one that was wearing a red cloak that signified his status as a senior member.

“You, you, you and you… And that group over there,” She called out. “All of you had the audacity to attack my Master earlier today. Move to the side so I can deal with you later. And where do you think you’re going?”

I looked up to realise the Demon God was actually trying to run away.

Before he could get too far, a bolt of lightning struck him down from the sky, sending him crashing back down onto the earth.

The Demon God… Was struck down…

“I told you all to move, are you making me repeat myself you fucking trash?”

We were so shocked by the sight that we forgot she was still here. Ah, she was telling those people she pointed to earlier to move, didn’t she? Did she really think they would listen to her?

She seemed to have gotten tired of waiting and gestured to them, “Fine, I’ll move you trash myself.”

Lightning spears appeared out of thin air and shot themselves towards them, piercing them through their shoulders and flinging them away to be stuck on the ground.

She then snapped her fingers and the other Sinister Demon Sect members were engulfed by a column of Lightning that fell from the sky, instantly annihilating them.

The Sinister Demon Sect was effectively destroyed just like that.

I don’t know how else I am supposed to react at this point, everything just felt so surreal.

The sound of her footsteps was what drew me back to my senses. The golden haired girl was now making her way towards the Demon God that was in the midst of climbing out of the crater he had made when he crash landed.

Though the way she walked was as casual as it can be, I could sense the aura of death around her and that was not because of her Practitioner aura either.

She looks so refined and deadly radiating that aura of power, I believe she must be some kind of noble lady that ha–

“Why are you crawling away you trash?! AHAHAHA! Just look at that pathetic sight of you crawling like the worm you are! You dare call yourself a god just because you have some power?! You fucking trash! I’m going to rip you to pieces right here!! AHAHAHAHA!!!”

Correction… She’s a demon.

The Demon God was still trying to crawl away but she leapt behind him and grabbed his right hand, lifting him up to face her.

That was when I realised she had a crazed smile on her face.

The pitiful Demon God tried to raise his free hand to attack her but she just smacked it away like an afterthought.

“Usually I would let you choose which finger to start with, but I’m in a rush today so I’ll pick for you… Your pinky finger shall be first!!”

Her fingers curled around the Demon God’s little finger and… Oh… She ripped the finger out…

Without even caring about the Demon God that was screaming out in pain in front of her, she had moved to his ring finger and ripped that out too.

Then it was the middle finger… And then the index finger… And finally the thumb.

All the while she was pulling off the fingers of the once feared Demon God, she continued to laugh and cackle at his suffering.

“Scream!! Scream you fucking trash!! Did you know how much you inconvenienced my Master?!! Beg Him for his mercy!! Ah, but don’t beg too much, otherwise He might actually hear and you’ll stain Master’s eyes with the sight of your pathetic existence. So I think it’s better if you just beg in your heart and not scream so much… Eh? Why are you still screaming even though I told you to shut up? Ah, I know, let me help you with that!”

She reached into the Demon God’s mouth and ripped his tongue out. Obviously that didn’t stop his cries of pain either.

“Ughhh…. You’re so noisy… Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up…”

Now she’s just punching the Demon God in the face in order to shut him up… Her punches were so hard that it broke his teeth and nose.

He finally stopped screaming after he was knocked out which satisfied the demoness.

But instead of letting him go, she moved to his other hand and started plucking the fingers there as well which made him scream again.

To think the feared Demon God that could crush us with impunity was reduced to this crying, snivelling mess…

“Ugh… Your voice is really irritating, you know?” The demoness muttered as she pieced his throat with her hand, reducing his screams to a dying gargle.

“Oh, my bad. Even though I’m in a rush, I still can’t kill you before I’ve made you suffer enough, so don’t die just yet.”

She took out a pill bottle from her sleeve and forced one into the hole in his throat. The next moment, he was healed back to perfect health as though everything had been an illusion.

What… What was that?

What did she feed him to heal him like that? There’s no such… No… The Divine Immortal Essence Pill?! But no one has been able to make it since god knows how many centuries ago! Who is she?!

“Ok, now stay quiet while I start over, ok?” She chuckled, ripping off his little finger again.

I… I think I should go home…

“Oh? Whoever said that you pieces of trash could leave too? I have some things to say to all of you as well. Anyone who tries to leave… Dies.”

At her words, some tried to teleport away but she immediately reached out her hand and shot Lightning Bolts at where those people had been.

I thought she missed but the people who had teleported away reappeared the next moment with the Lightning bolts piercing their shoulders.

The demoness tilted her head at them, “What did I just say… Looks like you are hard of hearing? Looks like you want to join this trash in his suffering? Very well, come over here and I’ll help tear your little fingers off one by one! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

I believe we’re all thinking that she’s the real Demon God now…


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