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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 876: Your Ancestor’s Treasures? My Treasures Now Bahasa Indonesia


“Nnnn… Papa?” Cai Hong muttered sleepily while rubbing her eyes.

“Good morning, Cai Hong,” I greeted the stirring dragon that was laying in my arms.

After thoroughly satisfying my girls, we decided to just take everything that was inside this vault first and inspect them later on since there’s still a place I want to bring them inside here.

Specifically, there’s a tower that the previous owner had built that housed the books and scrolls he had collected throughout his life. Apparently he figured he wouldn’t need any of them anymore once he ascended to the Earthen Plane.

With such a huge library, there’s surely tomes in there that would be useful to my disciples.

One of the good things about the tower is that there’s a Law in place that prevents acts of violence. If someone does something that the tower recognises as violence, they will be teleported out from the building and be unable to enter it again.

The Law also prevents books from being taken out of the tower and anyone who tries would also be barred from it forever with the book teleporting back to its original place.

Ironically, the first people who were barred from the tower were the Sect Masters of the top five Sects, which was the reason why they were cultivating on top of the mountain instead of reading the tomes in there.

Thus, they sent their own Sect members there to copy the books’ contents into blank books they brought in order to obtain the knowledge of the tower.

And precisely because the Law of no violence only applies to the tower’s interior and not the exterior, they positioned guards outside of it so anyone who wants to enter will have to fight their way through.

That is not to say that you would be safe inside the tower either since curses, hexes and traps are all fair game inside since triggering them isn’t considered an act of violence.

Thus, another type of battle is happening inside the tower where Practitioners would try to steal each other’s books and also use various tricks to get each other barred from the tower.

Naturally, none of these are a problem for us so we’ll just head in there and trample on anyone who stands in our way.

Cai Hong looked around sleepily, “Papa… Shinies?”

Ah, she must be confused that we weren’t in the room anymore.

“No more shinies. We are going to the big tower now.”

Cai Hong followed my gaze to see the aforementioned tower in the distance.

“‘Bwig’ tower! Papa go?” She squealed cutely, her earlier drowsiness gone.

I nodded to confirm her question which made the little dragon hug me in excitement.

“Master, there seems to be fighting up ahead, shall we engage?” Brendan informed me helpfully.

As I had expected, there were quite a number of Practitioners trying to fight their way into the Library past the blockade the top five Sects had set up.

The initial plan was for me to set up a barrier and simply walk past the battlefield, but apparently my disciples wanted to stretch their legs a little so they requested to let them handle the guards.

Speaking of which, I asked what Brendan had asked the crown just now after he had woken up. He said that it was a really long question where he worded it extremely carefully to ask for a way to obtain the power of omniscience that was possible for him.

The answer he had received was to reverse engineer the crown and remove its restrictions on it which honestly, I believe he might be able to do. It took him about three minutes to even complete his question, that’s how thorough he was.

“Umu, just be careful and if things get dangerous just come back here, ok?” I warned.

“Yes, Master!” My disciples echoed before running off towards the fighting.

That left me with Cai Hong, Iris, Shiori and Akari, the latter two perched protectively on top of my shoulders.

Even bigger explosions rang out the moment my disciples reached the area outside the tower, sending the opposing Practitioners flying away in every direction.

We were about to continue our stroll towards the tower when an old man leading several other equally old men ran towards us from the side.

“You there! Stop right there!” The leading old man shouted, prompting me to do just that.

The group of old men stopped in front of me, each of them giving me a look that told me they weren’t here just to say hi.

“What can I do for you old farts?” I asked with an innocent smile.

The leader ignored my obvious jibe and pointed to the cave we had recently come out of, “Did you go into the Great Vault?!”

I tilted my head at him, “We did, what’s it to you?”

He scowled at me, “That Great Vault belongs to our great ancestor! Everything inside it rightfully belongs to us! Hand over everything that you’ve gotten there!”

Shiori straightened herself, “Oh really? What is the name of this great ancestor of yours?”

The old man frowned, “You dare raid the vault of our ancestor without even knowing his name?! He is none other than the great Master Yi!”

Well, technically he already changed his name when he came to the Earthen Plane so he’s no longer known by that name… But they don’t need to know that.

Shiori gave me a questioning look and I nodded to show that they were indeed telling the truth. These old men were members of this guy’s Sect and they were counted as one of the top five Sects before he ascended to the Earthen Plane.

Because of his absence and the fact that everyone else simply rode on his coattails, the standing of this Sect quickly plummeted which is why other Sects could simply come in here and plunder all they wanted without caring about this Sect.

They’ve been trying to gain back their standing by making use of their ancestor’s resources but even they couldn’t get to the vault where his treasures are stored.

No doubt they thought I was just some lucky nobody who managed to get in and they wanted to bully me to relinquish the treasures I got from there.

Akari was definitely not amused by their words, “Look at these decrepit old men. They had no balls to go and challenge the traps and maze themselves so they waited outside like scared little children hoping someone else could clear it for them and they could rob them afterwards.”

The old men’s faces flushed red, “How dare you, you monster?! I will show you what we-“

Akari swiped her tail and the leader disappeared from in front of us, having been smacked away with such force that he was thrown airborne.

He landed somewhere in the middle of the fight in front of the tower, only managing to push himself up before he got blasted away by one of Manami’s fireballs.

Poor guy.

The rest of the old men were obviously not impressed by what happened and moved to materialise their Techniques to attack me.

Unfortunately for them, I had two calamity class monsters riding on top of my shoulders who simply decimated the entire group with a few swipes of their tails.

“Old man flyyy~” Cai Hong giggled, watching the pieces of trash being smashed away.

So cute.

Naturally we didn’t kill any of them so they were just temporarily incapacitated, surely that would teach them a lesson on not to mess with us anymore right?

Nah, I know they’ll definitely come back again to find me inside the tower. Even better then, if they still insist on being stupid I can just get them banned from it.

Oh look, my disciples are done too and are waving at me to join them. Right, let’s just leave all these people out here and go read some books shall we?


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