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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 875: We Can Do All The Work For You (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


*Male on Futa warning*

The good news is, they did not pounce on me right away.

The not so good news is, they were all waiting for me to go to them, which meant they had already stripped themselves naked of any cloth and adopted various poses to tempt me.

I sighed, “Do you girls want me to split or do it all by myself?”

They looked at one another and grinned, which told me they most likely conspired something last night.

Diao Chan was the one who spoke up, “Master… Your clones share your senses as well, right?”

I nodded my head slowly, wondering why she was asking something they already knew.

“Then could you allow me to try something?” My Witch asked with a devious smile.

I raised an eyebrow at her but nodded anyway.

She spread out her hands and a circle of light appeared under us.

“‘Perfection manifest! Imitation!!'”

As soon as Diao Chan uttered the Spell, I felt the energy concentrate around my loins and I looked down to see the area in between my legs glowing, the light even shining through my pants.

I tapped my chest and Xun Guan immediately stripped me of my clothes, leaving me as naked as my disciples so that I could see exactly what my Witch was doing.

My penis was glowing for sure but when the light subsided, nothing else had changed.

I wondered if Diao Chan’s Spell failed when I felt my manhood suddenly being caressed by a hand, even though there was no hand remotely near it.

Before I could even wonder aloud at the sensation, even more sensations of my cock being caressed by invisible hands enveloped me, slowly stroking me to full erection.

I looked up at my Witch to see an exact replica of my own cock sprouting out from in between her legs, something that all my girls now shared as well.

Now I understood the phantom sensations came from my girls exploring the new appendage that sprouted from above their pussy, each of them caressing and stroking it with their hands.

Leave it to Diao Chan for making a Spell like this…

“Ehehe~ What do you think Master?” Diao Chan giggled, giving her own cock a few deft strokes which I most definitely felt mirrored on mine. “It’s not perfect as we can only feel a portion of what Master is feeling but the pleasure is definitely shared! Now Master just has to lay back and let us do all the work for you! In other words, we can fuck each other for Master!”

Umm… That’s an interesting way to put it… I’m not exactly sure what to feel about this so I turned to the other girls to see how they were reacting to it.

“Ahhh… To have Master’s cock on me!! And for me to help Master to achieve pleasure too! This is the greatest!” Lian Li moaned, her hands starting to pump her cock with even more vigour than before.

She even had an enraptured expression on her face too… I didn’t know Lian Li could get this lewd.

“Ufufufu~ Now we get to have sex with both Master and each other at the same time~ Isn’t that a marvelous idea, my dear little Kiyomi?”

“Mnn… I cannot deny that, elder sister…”

Both of my foxes started licking their lips at me while stroking each other’s cock. Or should I say, stroking my cock that was copied and implanted on them? These two are definitely enjoying this.

“Oh, does Master feel this? Master definitely feels this right? Heh heh, Master definitely feels this!” Eris giggled, stroking my cock that was in between her legs with varying speeds.

“Ahaaa… Onii-sama… It feels good…”

“Aniue… Me too…”

My little sisters were also rubbing and pumping my penis with hungry expressions on their faces.

I shrugged, “If you girls are fine with this… Then I have no complaints.”

At least I don’t need to concentrate on moving multiple bodies around, so that’s a plus for me. Plus I already know the girls make love to each other when I’m unavailable so it’s nothing new anyway.

Lian Li was the first to approach me, pushing me down on the ground to straddle me while her hand continued to pump her own cock.

With a single motion, she sat down on top of me and plunged my manhood into her deepest depths, moaning as she did so.

“Ahhhhhnnn~ Master… Your cock… It feels so good!” She moaned.

Honestly I could not tell if she was referring to my cock she was stroking in her hand, the one that was impaled inside her pussy or maybe even both.

I didn’t have time to ask as I felt my cock being subjected to a different pressure, something I was already quite familiar with at this point so I knew someone was giving me a blowjob.

I looked to the side to see Diao Chan had pushed Eris down as well, my Witch occupying herself with sucking Eris’s cock while her other hand continued to pump her own.

The fact that Lian Li was also bouncing up and down and squeezing on my cock with her vaginal walls was enough to push me over the edge.

I lifted my hips and came straight into Lian Li’s waiting womb, splattering her deepest parts with my seed.

My girls also came from their own cocks, but instead of sperm shooting out from them, I realised it was girl cum that they were ejaculating.

That was actually pretty genius of Diao Chan since it meant I wouldn’t feel the exhaustion of cumming multiple times and the orgasms came directly from the girls instead.

I think I kind of get the idea behind the Spell but now is not the time to be thinking about this especially when I know just how big of a libido my girls had.

Right as that thought crossed my mind, I felt the gentle caress of my cock being pushed into the wet confines of another pussy.

I couldn’t help but let out a groan of pleasure, recognising the tightness that enveloped me to belong to Kiyomi’s pussy.

Looking to the side, I could just see the fox sisters watching my reaction with relish as Manami pushed her version of my cock into her sister’s honeypot.

As though that wasn’t enough, Manami had also wrapped Kiyomi’s throbbing member in one of her tails, pumping it methodically with her fluffy tail.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Elaria and Tsuki wrestling with each other, trying to get the other’s cock to penetrate their sex.

Since Lian Li was obviously still winding down from her high, I waved to get my little sisters’ attention and they immediately made a beeline towards me.

Lian Li pulled herself off my cock and laid herself down beside me, taking the opportunity to catch her breath. Tsuki and Elaria then drew lots to determine who would be the one impaled on my cock which ended up with Tsuki winning the draw.

Elaria begrudgingly turned to face her back to Tsuki who happily plunged her own copy of my cock into Elaria’s waiting folds.

“Ahaaaannn~~ Onii-sama’s coooock!!!” Elaria squealed, her eyes rolling to the back of her head in pleasure.

Tsuki then spread her legs apart and bent her waist slightly, giving me a full view of her glistening wet pussy as she got ready to be pounded from behind.

She even gave her behind a wiggle, trying her best to tempt me.

I moved behind Tsuki and grabbed her hips with my hands, positioning my meat pole at her glistening entrance.

Without much preamble, I pushed my member inside of her, causing Tsuki to thrust deeper inside Elaria as well.

My little sisters let out moans of pleasure, right before I started thrusting in and out of Tsuki and transforming their moans into screams of pleasure.

Riding on my momentum, Tsuki also started slamming her own cock into Elaria at the same time, amplifying the pleasure I was already feeling.

“Aniue!! Aniue!! Harder! Harder!”

“Ah! Ah!! Onii-sama!! Deeper!! Fuck us deeper!”

I obliged and intensified the speed of my thrusts, by extension causing Tsuki to thrust faster and harder into Elaria as well.

Even while I was busy slamming myself in and out of my little sister, I was aware that another one of my cocks had slipped itself inside the warm embrace of another pussy.

Without slowing down my hips, I looked around to see what changed, only to find Diao Chan holding Eris down and pistoning her cock inside of my swordswoman in a mating press. Both of them wore expressions of ecstasy as their eyes stayed glued on the sight of me fucking my little sisters.

Unexpectedly, Lian Li had also crawled her way below Elaria, her mouth opening up to guide my little sister’s cock into her eager mouth.

Elaria let out another appreciative moan which was accompanied with my own throaty groan.

All of the girls must have felt my impending orgasm because they called out together, “Cum Master!! Cum inside us!!”

I let myself loose and all of us ejaculated as one, the entire room echoing with our screams of ecstasy.

Tsuki screamed the loudest as she felt my cum fill her womb, her entire body spasming from the pleasure of being creampied.

Once all of us had finished cumming, I slowly pulled myself out of my little sister, watching some of my seed spill out from her pussy to slide down the side of her thigh.

The next moment, I was pulled into the embrace of Manami while Kiyomi straddled me, her eyes filled with wanton lust.

Behind her, the rest of my girls were also advancing upon me with hungry expressions and I knew I had several more rounds to go before they were satisfied.

Even with my cocks on them, it seems they still preferred being penetrated by the real one huh…

Well, I suppose I just need to satisfy each and every one of them in turn then.


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