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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 863: Perhaps Bigger Bombs Should Have Been Used Bahasa Indonesia



Huh… That’s like the fifth explosion so far. Just how many groups of Practitioners are fighting behind us?

Also… You only need to climb the steps to get the benefits, is there really a need to fight each other here? How stupid… This is why I prefer the Earthen Plane.

“Master… Is it normal for me to feel… Hot?” Lian Li asked, turning back to look at me with flushed cheeks.

I stopped and looked at my disciples, seeing all of them in a similar state. The only people unaffected were Iris and Cai Hong of course, since both of them were basically cosmic beings.

Oh? It seems the pressure is finally affecting them, but it’s likely that because they’ve spent so long by my side, their bodies are still able to adapt to it at an exponential rate. But this leaves them looking like this.

I chuckled, “Ahaha, this was what I was talking about, but it seems the effects aren’t like what I imagined. Your body absorbed a little too much of the Elemental Quarks and you’re now experiencing a state similar to being drunk. We can take a break first for you all to get used to it and then continue at a slower pace.”

Diao Chan sidled up to me, “Ahnnn… Master~ My body feels so hot~ I don’t know what I’m doing! My hands are going– Ouch!”

I smacked her on the head, “I know you’re still fully aware of your actions, so don’t try and take advantage of that.”

Diao Chan gave me a blissful smile before returning to the rest of my disciples, all of them settling down on the steps to take a break.

Right as I was about to sit down myself, a man appeared around the corner in tattered clothes looking especially pissed off.

Oh, it’s that guy from the Eternal Brotherhood Sect that took part in my ‘assassination’. He looks so pathetic right now that I almost didn’t recognise him.

I was so surprised by his appearance that I almost missed Elaria clucking her tongue in annoyance. Did this guy do something to her to make her so pissed or was it for another reason she was annoyed?

He noticed us and immediately pointed a finger at me, “You!! How dare you! How dare you reduce me to this state?!”

I raised an eyebrow at him, “Err… I have no idea what you’re talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! You laid those traps behind to stop anyone else from following! Members of my Sect were blasted away because of you!”

I turned to look at Elaria who refused to meet my eye and was whistling away trying to act innocent.

Claymores huh? I should have known…

Well nothing wrong with that, I already told them this world was not a kind one and they shouldn’t be too nice to it either.

Anyway, it’s just a couple of claymores, as long as a Practitioner has some kind of defensive inscription up, they’ll be fine.

I crossed my arms at him, “You’re someone important in the Eternal Brotherhood Sect, right?”

“Of course I am!”

“So you should be both experienced and also fairly strong?”

“That goes without saying!”

I tried to look at him with as much disdain as I could, “And yet you still fell for a simple trap like that? Perhaps you should just cripple yourself and start cultivating from the beginning again because you’re so pathetic.”

Ok, maybe I should not have said that… The girlish moans I heard emanating from behind me sounded quite lewd.

The guy was visibly shaking in anger, “You… How dare you?! I’ll have you know I’m on the last stage of the Star Realm and only half a step away from Heaven Realm! I can crush you where you stand with my pinkie finger alone!!”

“Oh really?”

I stepped forward and pinched his little finger in between my thumb and index finger. He was a little confused at my action before I put pressure on it, causing him to immediately fall to his knees.

“AAAHHH!!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What are you doing?! My finger! My finger!” He screamed in a surprisingly high pitched voice.

“Hmm? Didn’t you say you can crush me with your pinkie finger? Why is it so weak then?” I asked, putting even more pressure on it.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I lied! I lied! Please forgive meeeee!”

So pathetic…

I released my grip on his finger and he cradled it to his chest, groaning like a little kid.

He looked up at me with a rather fearful expression, “Who… Who are you?”

Oh, I was half expecting him to try and launch a surprise attack at me. I didn’t think he would suddenly act so meek and docile after a simple finger hold.

“Hmm… Maybe you should have asked that question before attempting to kill me in my sleep?”

His face grew pale the moment he heard my words, “What… I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

“Aniue, you shouldn’t waste your time with such idiots. Just toss him off the mountain and forget about him. If he was prepared to take a life, he should be prepared to have his life taken too,” Tsuki commented.

Even though that may be true… Could you remember that Cai Hong is right beside me, Tsuki? Just look at the little dragon looking at me with her big sparkly eyes right now! She’s expecting me to do something cool! I can’t show her something that’s cruel instead!

“Ehehe! That’s right Master! For someone who interrupted our time last night! He deserves no mercy!” My perverted witch giggled.

Of course you’d still be hung up about our session last night, Diao Chan. You want a spank from me don’t you? I’m going to spank you later.

I cleared my throat, “It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it, you’re too weak to even hurt me anyway so here’s a suggestion for you. How about you and your stupid Sect stay as far away from me as possible so that I don’t have another reason to wipe you all from existence?”

He widened his eyes for a moment before furrowing his brows, “You… Don’t get too arrogant! I’m not the strongest in my Sect and our Sect Master is in the first stage of the Divine Realm! You’re probably a foreigner but the Eternal Brotherhood Sect is the–“

“Top five Sects of this Plane,” I finished for him. “I am fully aware of that fact and that still does not change my attitude towards you.”

“You… A… A Divine Realm Practitioner does not surprise you?”

“Does my face look surprised to you?” I asked, pointing at my own face.

His face got even paler, “Im… Impossible! Impossible! Impossible! You’re bluffing! You’re bluffing! You… You… You…”

Just to scare him a little, I restored the Practitioner aura around me for a few moments just to let him know I was serious.

He suddenly stood up and ran back down the way he came, screaming his lungs out.

What the hell? I definitely didn’t think he would react like that. Scared sure, but not as hysterical as that. Even that other Elder was still composed enough to deliver an apology before running away.

Hold on… Did you put something in your claymores, Elaria?!

You did, didn’t you?!!!

Stop looking away!!

Did you really put hallucinogenic bombs in addition to the claymores too?!!


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