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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 862: Watch Your Step Bahasa Indonesia

(Elaria POV)

Ooohh! Like Onii-sama had said, just by climbing this mountain, I could feel changes to my own body!

I even got a new idea for creating a better generator that I can’t wait to test out! Heh heh! Just wait till we get back Onii-sama! We’ll be able to make even bigger floating islands after this!

The only odd thing was that even though Onii-sama said it would be more difficult the higher we go, I still feel oddly energetic and refreshed? Maybe because Onii-sama is here with us!

“Papa! Papa! High!” I heard our resident little dragon squeal behind me.

“Haha, yes we are quite high now. Hold on to me so you don’t fall, ok?”

“Okies Papa~ Huggies!”

Hnnng! Not fair! I want to hold Onii-sama’s hand too! Curse these stairs for only being wide enough for two people! Whoever made this must be some stupid virgin who was always alone and never had to travel with others!!

Kuhhhhh!! If it wasn’t because Onii-sama told us not to go look for him, I’d definitely go back and search for the original owner and beat him up just for this!

“Ara, ara? Looks like there’s also other people climbing this.”

I looked up to see sister Manami frowning at a group of Practitioners ahead of us.

What’s weird is that they seem to be struggling to climb the steps. Since they’re Practitioners, they should be stronger in terms of physical strength compared to non-Practitioners like me, right? Why are they tired while I’m fine?

“Don’t forget, their Plane is inferior to ours. You shouldn’t be comparing them to the Practitioners you know in our Plane.”

I looked to the side to see the little sister wannabe rolling her eyes at me.

Unn, she does have a point. But that smug face on her is really irritating me… I want to pinch her so bad.

A hand appeared and suddenly both Tsuki and I were being patted on the head by Onii-sama.

Ahhh~ What bliss!! I want to stay like this forever!

Onii-sama smiled at us, “Well, Tsuki isn’t completely wrong but that’s not the reason. For them, as the concentration of Elemental Quarks increases, the weight pressing down on their bodies would slowly increase which makes it harder for them to ascend. But for us, it would feel like weights are being lifted instead.”

“Waaa~ Isn’t that like a cheat, Aniue?” I gasped.

“Well, we aren’t people of this Plane after all. And you do have me here.”

“Ehehehe~ That’s true! Aniue is the biggest cheat we have~” The little sister wannabe giggled.

Onii-sama smiled wryly, “It kind of hurts hearing it being said like that…”

“Ehehehe~ It’s Aniue after all~”

Mmm… This could just be my imagination but I’m somehow getting the feeling that this little sister wannabe got closer to Onii-sama?

Ah! Could it be that night where we left her alone with Onii-sama while we went to torture that stupid bug?!

Nnnggg!! If only I was the one who won that draw!! Onii-sama might even be giving me a piggyback ride now!! I want Onii-sama’s piggyback!!

Nnn? Wait a minute.

“Onii-sama, didn’t you say that it won’t be easy? Something about the pressure increasing?” I asked.

Onii-sama nodded, “You don’t feel it right now because it’s still small, but the effects will become more prominent when we go higher. Your bodies are just more resilient to the Elemental pressure than they are.”

“Oh~ As expected of Aniue! Aniue is so cool!”

This girl, is she picking a fight with me? I still haven’t accepted you as Onii-sama’s little sister you know?!

“Tch… Look at these idiots… Treating this like some kind of field trip…”

We turned in the direction of the voice to see a Practitioner of the group in front of us glaring at us in disdain.

Hmph! Big words coming from some trash that’s struggling to even climb some stupid steps. Just fall off and die you useless maggot, you’re holding up the damn line. In fact, I can’t believe you even exist, just die, your face already makes me want to puke. The perfect scenery of Onii-sama climbing a mountain is ruined with your stupid face in the picture. Really, just die already.

“Sorry, but you’re holding up the line, would you mind stepping aside so we can pass?” Onii-sama asked, showing them a smile that is most definitely wasted on stupid trash like them.

“Ha? Are you mocking us?! At this pressure you still want to act tough?! Are you actually looking down on us?!” The same trash yelled.

Onii-sama tilted his head, “But you really are holding us up though. Just let us pass and we won’t need to bother with each other, isn’t that a good thing?”

“Damn you! You’re really looking down on us! Do you even know who I am?!”

“Umm… I don’t know and I don’t really care. Actually, why am I even asking?”

Onii-sama waved his hand and the group of trash were shoved by an invisible force to face plant into the mountain’s surface.

“Waaghh?! I… I can’t… Move…” The trash groaned, looking just like the pathetic trash he is.

“Ok, let’s just move on past them, no need to pay them any attention,” Onii-sama called out. “They’ll be released after a while so there’s no need to worry about them.”

Oh Onii-sama! Of course we won’t worry about some trash like them! In fact, you can just toss them off if you want to, you know?

Onii-sama is too kind… Oh! I know! I can just do it myself!

While everyone walked past those idiots, I made sure that I was the one at the rear of the group.

As we were turning round the corner, I turned back and took out something from my improvised storage ring. I checked to make sure no one was paying attention to me before setting the thing on the ground.

Heh heh, that will teach you to be rude to my Onii-sama! I hope you fall off and die, trash!

I quickly went back to Onii-sama’s side and pretended nothing happened. Cai Hong looked like she knew what I did since she was focused on keeping Onii-sama’s attention by clinging on him.

Great assist Cai Hong! I’ll make sure to tell Onii-sama to give you more candies later!

A few minutes of climbing later, there was a loud explosion from behind us and all of us turned back to look. A small cloud of smoke had appeared at where we were a few minutes ago but other than that, nothing else happened.

“Be careful, it seems like some Practitioners would also start fights up here. All of you can just focus on climbing the steps, I’ll deal with any troublemakers, ok?” Onii-sama instructed us.

“Yes, Master!”

Ehehehe~ I’m sorry Onii-sama, but that’s just those stupid trash setting off my claymore. Heh heh, I hope that blast was big enough for them to fall off the mountain!

Hmm… Maybe I should plant a few more explosives behind us to prevent any more of these idiots from coming after us? Heh heh heh! That’s an idea! I’ll just need to make sure Onii-sama doesn’t find out!


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