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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 851: Bonding Time With The Little Sister (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


Tsuki straddled me to deepen our kiss, her arms wrapping themselves behind my neck while her tongue pushed itself inside my mouth.

My hands reached down to hold my little sister’s waist, my fingers running over her soft skin under the water which caused her to moan inside my mouth.

Her hips rocked slowly against mine, her entrance rubbing itself against my manhood to full erection.

Tsuki broke our kiss to breathe, her breaths coming out in large gasps. Even then, her hips did not stop moving.

“Aniue… Over here… It’s aching…” She whispered, her hands moving to rub her navel.

I smiled at her and lifted her up from the water, my little sister immediately wrapping her arms around me the moment I did so.

I only realised a bit later that we could have simply had sex while submerged in the water since I could simply stop any infection from happening with a snap. Oh well, old habits die hard I guess… And since we were already out…

Judging by how Tsuki didn’t protest from being lifted, she must not have realised that point either.

Turning around to face the bank of the lake, I lowered her down onto the ground to let her sit at the edge of the water with her feet dangling inside it.

Tsuki spread her legs open without any prompting for me while her hands went up to her face in a futile attempt to hide her flushed cheeks.

I got down on my knees and positioned my face in front of her honeypot, taking a moment to marvel at the droplets of water that were dripping down her supple body.

“A… Aniue… Don’t stare so much…”

I chuckled at her embarrassment. When there were other girls involved, she would be much more aggressive than this, most of the time being the assertive one. It seems like being alone with me made her more conscious of herself.

I moved my head closer to her entrance and clamped my mouth over her love button, flicking my tongue against her clit.

She let out a gasp as her body shivered from the pleasure, her hands moving instinctively to grasp my head.

Lifting my right hand from the water, I pushed my index and middle finger past the entrance of her pussy, slowly spreading her wet folds apart.

“Ha… Ahnn… Aniue… Aniue…” Tsuki gasped, her hands tightening their grip on my head.

I started a slow rhythm of sucking and licking her clit while my fingers moved in and out of her pussy, slowly bringing her closer and closer to her inevitable climax.

Tsuki’s gasps turned into moans of pleasure as her hips rocked themselves in tandem with my fingers. One of her hands had been removed from my head and I know without looking that it was now occupied with squeezing her own breast.

“Aniue! Aniue!! So… So good! I’m… I’m… I’m going to cum!” She gasped.

As her rocking intensified, I knew my little sister was reaching the precipice of pleasure so I increased my pace as well.

She let out a scream and her body convulsed, her hand pushing my head down against her honeypot as she came.

I dutifully continued sucking on her clit, intensifying her orgasm even further.

After a good minute, she finally released her grasp on me and collapsed on her back, breathing hard.

I stood up and marvelled at my handiwork. Her pussy was quivering quite visibly and her hips were even shaking a little, a testament to how intense her orgasm was.

Another minute passed before Tsuki finally recovered enough to sit up on her haunches, looking up at me with a loving gaze.

Her eyes then drifted downwards and caught sight of my cock standing at full mast, her lips curling up into a small smile when it twitched slightly.

“Could I suck on it, Aniue?” Tsuki asked with upturned eyes.

Without waiting for my answer, she moved forward and engulfed my cock inside her eager mouth, the tongue flicking across the tip and sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine.

I shuddered even more as she swallowed up my entire length, pushing my cock all the way until it hit the back of her throat.

My little sister held me there for a few moments before pulling back and pumping my shaft with her hand, looking especially proud that she had taken all of me inside her mouth.

She then started to lather my cock with her saliva, licking it from the base to the tip while her hand worked on pumping my manhood. Her tongue flicked against my glands a few times before her mouth opened to take my cock into her mouth again, this time concentrating on just the tip.

Her other hand reached down and started fondling my balls, rolling them in between her fingers in an attempt to coax my sperm out of them.

I thought she would keep going until I came in her mouth but she stopped unexpectedly, pulling herself away from me.

She laid back down on the ground and spread her legs wide open, her hands moving back up to her face to hide her embarrassment again.

“Aniue… Please?” She asked.

With such an invitation, there was no way I could refuse, especially when she left me hanging like that.

I move to position myself in between her legs, using my right hand to position my cock that had been slathered with her saliva to press against her quivering pussy.

The wetness around her pussy was definitely not because of the water from the lake.

I pushed my hips forward and I found my cock sliding into her in one thrust, her folds immediately clamping around me when she felt me hit her deepest parts.

At the same time, Tsuki’s legs crossed behind my back, pulling me deeper inside her while she grinded her hips against mine as her back arched in pleasure.

Not needing any more prompting, I started to slam my hips against hers, thrusting my cock in and out of my little sister’s tight pussy.

Her eyes met mine and we leaned in for another passionate kiss, drowning out the sounds of our hips slapping against each other as I continued to thrust my cock inside of her.

I broke our kiss as I felt my climax build up inside my balls, threatening to empty its load inside the waiting womb of my little sister.

“I’m cumming,” I warned her, letting her decide where she wanted me to cum.

She tightened her grip around me, “Cum inside me, Nii-chan! I want you inside!”

I obliged her and gave her a final thrust as my balls contracted and shot out my seed into her deepest parts.

Tsuki screamed as she orgasmed from being creampied, her entire body shuddering in delight at being filled with my seed.

We held each other close as we rode out our orgasms, my cock buried up to the hilt inside my little sister’s quivering pussy.

When we finally came down from our high, I took the chance to look at her with a smirk.

“‘Nii-chan’ huh?”

Tsuki blushed, “Please forget that… Aniue…”

I chuckled and kissed her on her forehead, “You can call me whatever you want you know? I don’t mind.”

She hesitated for a few seconds, “Could… Could I call you Nii-chan when it’s just the two of us?”

I patted her on the head, “Of course.”

“Nii… Nii-chan… Nii-chan…” She muttered, her face brightening up into a smile.

I was just about to pull out of her when she reached out to hug me, “Nii-chan… Could we go again, please? Your little imouto hasn’t had enough of your love yet…”

Well… I already knew it wouldn’t just end at one round so I started thrusting my hips again, slowly getting myself back to full hardness while I was still sheathed inside her.

Needless to say, I didn’t stop making love to my little sister even when my seed was literally dripping out of her pussy.

She really let herself loose after getting permission from me to call me ‘Nii-chan’, what a spoiled little sister I have here.

Well, not that I am in a position to say anything when I have her bent over against the tree while I thrust inside her from behind before splattering her with my cum.

Good thing we were right beside a place where we could clean up easily.


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