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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 850: A Bath With The Little Sister (*R) Bahasa Indonesia


“Hurry up, Aniue!”

I smiled at Tsuki who was prancing ahead of me and beckoning at me to catch up.

For some reason, Tsuki insisted that I spend some time alone with her tonight, stating that there weren’t any opportunities for the two of us to bond ever since we came back.

Surprisingly, the rest of my disciples were supportive of that idea as well and told me to go ahead, that’s why I’m being dragged off by Tsuki into the forest right now.

“We’ve been walking for a while now, are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I asked.

Tsuki flashed me a mischievous smile, “You’ll find out soon, Aniue! We’re almost there!”

I decided not to question her and simply followed along. Judging by the soft sound of running water in the distance however, I already had a rough idea of where she was taking me.

My guess was proven right when we finally came upon a clearing within the forest. Inside the clearing was a lake with a small waterfall at the back, which was the source of the noise I heard.

“Ehehehe~ We found this while we were gathering firewood just now,” Tsuki explained without me asking. “It’s been a while since we last bathed together hasn’t it, Aniue?”

I looked at her dead in the eye and raised a single eyebrow.

Ever since she came here, I can’t remember a day where I actually bathed without her, in fact, I can’t remember a day where I bathed alone at all. There’s always someone with me during bath times and they aren’t there to simply wash my back either.

Tsuki smiled cheekily at my silent accusation, “I meant with just the two of us, Aniue. Alone.”

She took a hold of my hand and brought me closer to the edge of the water, our only source of light being the moon in the sky.

“Do you remember…” Tsuki whispered while looking at the surface of the water. “Back when we were young… We were too poor to even afford to bathe?”

I nodded, “I would sneak the two of us into the bath house when it was closed and we would bathe there.”

“Ehehe, and we got caught once. Aniue only had time to dress me before picking me up and running back home naked with the owner shouting at you.”

“I can’t believe you remember that,” I sighed.

“Everything I do with Aniue is a precious memory to me, of course I won’t forget,” She giggled.

Letting go of my hand, she took a few steps to the side before her fingers went up to the laces of her dress, pulling at the strings to loosen it. With a shrug of her shoulders, the dress soon fell silently onto the ground, leaving her in nothing but her underwear.

Her hands reached up to her hair and undid the ribbons, letting her hair cascade down while her ribbons joined her dress on the ground.

Tsuki turned her back to me and lifted her hair out of the way, waiting for me to continue.

I stepped forward and my hands went up to the clasp of her bra, unfastening them to allow the piece of underwear to slide off her body.

Tsuki turned around and bared herself to me without shame, lifting her arms away from her side while maintaining her mischievous smile at me.

I wordlessly moved my hand below to slip into the straps of her panties, slowly pushing it down until it was around her ankles.

Tsuki hopped out of her discarded clothes, her ample bosoms jiggling prominently from the action.

“You do know the water might not be clean and it’s definitely freezing cold right?” I pointed out, a little late.

Her smile turned into a smirk, “I guess I’m lucky my Aniue is able to take care of all those problems for us, aren’t I?”

I rolled my eyes at her but did as she asked.

With a snap of my fingers, the entire atmosphere around us changed.

Tsuki looked around us in wonder, “Did Aniue just create a new dimension?”

“I did, it’s easier to do this than to damage that environment by heating up the water or eliminating the bacteria around us.”

“Ehehehe, only Aniue can do something like this. Speaking of which, you’re not coming in dressed like that, are you?”

I shrugged my shoulders and took a step forward, my robes literally melting off my body to fold itself on the ground behind me, perks of my clothes being a living slime girl.

Tsuki said nothing about that spectacle but merely waited for me to step into the water before joining me in it.

We immersed ourselves inside the warm water, letting the water rise up to our necks.

“Ahhh… It’s the perfect temperature too…” Tsuki sighed contentedly before scooting over to lean against my arm.

I moved my arm over her shoulder, allowing her to cuddle up closer to me as we basked in the warmth of the lake and each other’s bodies, the only sound being the cascading waterfall in front of us.

“Is it weird, Aniue?” Tsuki asked suddenly.

“What is?”

“That… We’re like this?”

“Taking a bath together in a lake in a dimension I just created?”

Tsuki shook her head, “No, no that’s something Aniue is obviously capable of.”

I’d like to say that this is definitely not normal but ok.

She continued, “That… That… That even though you’re my Aniue… I… I see Aniue as a man…”

I tilted my head at her, “You’re asking this question now? After all we’ve done?”

“Ehehe… I guess my thoughts just wandered when I was reminded of our past together.”

“Hmm… What are your thoughts about it?”

Tsuki turned her head to me, “I love Aniue… Not as your little sister, but as a woman and I am not ashamed to admit it.”

She held onto my gaze, showing me that she was absolutely serious in her statement.

I couldn’t help but lean forward and press my lips against hers, capturing her in a soft kiss. It was a chaste kiss with our lips closed, a kiss that showed our love for each other.

Tsuki kissed me back, embracing me with as much love as I was giving her.

We held that kiss for a minute before pulling apart, a strand of saliva still bridging between our lips.

“I love you too, Tsuki, not just as your brother but also as a man who loves a woman,” I told her honestly.

In truth, the blood relation between us isn’t really there anymore considering I was reincarnated into this world. Not that it would have mattered anyway even if we still are since I’m the Origin of everything, making me related to everything in existence if you wanted to be technical about it.

Of course, saying that would just ruin the mood we had going so I kept my mouth shut.

Tsuki giggled when she heard me say that, cuddling herself closer to me.

We simply held each other for a while, the silence between us a comfortable one.

That was when I felt her hand reach down to start caressing my inner thigh.

I turned towards my little sister, prompting her to turn towards me and look at me with a gaze filled with passion.

We reached for each other once more and our kiss this time was one that was filled with lust.

No doubt my disciples already expected this outcome, so I guess I should meet my little sister’s expectations.

I’m still a little curious about what she used to convince the other girls for a solo session with me though. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter anyway.


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