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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 832: Do You Worship Yourself? Bahasa Indonesia


I was still a little confused by the inconsistencies that I’m seeing when the monster started attacking my disciples.

I considered going there to help them deal with it but it looks like my disciples had it handled. They really have improved a lot since the day I picked them up.

The monster was quickly done in and my disciples started rounding up the Dark Sect members who were inside the hall.

That was one of the inconsistencies I’m worried about since omniscience had shown me that they were supposed to be completely fine inside when I checked a few minutes ago. They should have been tormenting the monster that they created which was supposed to be a catalyst for their plans.

So why were they all in the same state as the rest of the city when my disciples showed up in the hall? Did they really coincidentally all turn into lifeless husks the moment my disciples entered the hall?

It can’t be that much of a coincidence right?

Hmm… Maybe I should go take a look at that place later on when my disciples come back…

I felt another tug on my sleeve and I looked down to see my little dragon looking up at me.

“Papa? Finish?”

Oh, both Iris and Cai Hong are already done with their ice cream. In that case, we can continue our walk around the city.

I was just about to get up from my seat when someone stepped in front of me.

Looking up, I realised it was some young man who looked like those ‘serious librarian’ type of characters standing in front of me. He was even wearing a pair of glasses while carrying a few books in his arm while wearing a suit.

He made a slight bow to me, “Pardon me, young lady, but may I perchance ask you a question?”

“Muuu? Scary uncle?” Cai Hong muttered, cuddling closer to me.

Iris said nothing but also moved a little closer to me, her hand wrapping itself around my arm.

“Umm… Yes?” I agreed, a little wary of him while patting Cai Hong’s head to soothe her.

“You are not a resident of this city, yes?”

I considered for a moment and shook my head, “No, I am not. I am merely visiting here with my companions.”

“I see. Are you perhaps a follower of the Founding God?”

He’s seriously asking me if I worship myself? Is he a preacher here to convert people or something?

Hmm… Maybe I can check how they’re converting people. Tatiana did make it seem like it’s an open religion kind of thing but I’ll just confirm if that’s true or not.

I decided to be honest and told him, “No. I am not a follower of this god that the people here worship.”

It’s true right? I technically don’t follow myself.

He stared at me for a moment, as though trying to ascertain if I was telling the truth or not.

After a few seconds, he nodded to himself and opened one of his books, pulling out a sheet of paper before handing it over to me.

“Forgive me for being blunt, but you are, in all honesty, a very beautiful woman. It would be an honour if you could consider my invitation. There are many other like-minded people here and you won’t feel alone.”

I took the flyer and glanced over it.

Hmm… It seems like it’s a recruitment for a ‘freedom group’ that advertises on gathering people unhappy with the religious dogma that the country was built up on and were seeking less fundamentalistic ideals. The flyer made it look quite harmless but I somehow get the feeling that they’re not that simple.

Hmm… I can just give him some lip service and get him to leave me alone, but since Tatiana did help me in making that person who doesn’t exist suffer, I suppose I can help her find out a little about them. You know, just in case they’re terrorists or something.

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Isn’t this… Treason?”

The corners of his lips curled into a small smile, “Not only beautiful but you also have the intelligence to match. Our group is not violent if that’s what you’re thinking, we’re simply asking for change. Let’s look at it this way, times are changing and yet, this country continues to cling onto an entity that they have believed to be real. At this rate that we are going, our country will fall to our neighbours and everyone would be made slaves.”

“Hmm… But isn’t the High Maiden still here after thousands of years? Is that not proof that there is some truth in what they said?”

“Ah, but no one has seen her in a long, long while hasn’t it? They also restrict the meeting of the High Maiden to the upper echelons of their governing bodies and normal people like us will never get to see her. So who’s to say that the High Maiden isn’t actually already dead and they’re just using her name as a way to control innocent people like us?”

Hmm… This is interesting… If Tatiana were to come out and tell everyone… No, that won’t work either, they’ll just claim that she’s a fake claiming to be the real one. If they really want to reject the truth, any kind of excuse could be used to deflect the truth away.

I shifted my gaze back down to the flyer again, “Even so… What are your group’s goals? Surely it’s more than just having people gather in a circle and complain about the current state of affairs, right?”

“Oh my, you are very perceptive indeed young lady, I was definitely right in approaching you.”

“You can stop with the flattery, you know?”

He bowed his head slightly, “Ah, forgive me, but I just couldn’t help it when I’m standing in front of a beauty like yourself. Now, of course we aren’t just all talk, we do wish for change in this country after all. That’s why we are gathering people like yourself to advocate for it. If you’re interested, why not come to one of our group hearings?”

“And how do you know that I won’t simply take this to one of the temple’s priests or priestesses and report you to them?”

His smile got a little wider but it did not reach his eyes, “Fuuu… I believe such a smart and beautiful lady like yourself gets a lot of attention from everyone around you right? That’s why you are so cautious of me, that’s understandable. But I do beseech you to come try and listen at least for a bit. We are just right around the corner from here, it won’t take very long.”

I looked at both Iris and Cai Hong and they were just looking up at me, showing that they were fine with whatever I chose.

“Of course, your companions could come as well,” He added

“Fine, I’ll just go take a look,” I relented. I’m also quite interested in how they’re working and I have some time to kill too. So it should be fine.

Anyway, what he said about change is true too, if they have good ideas about bringing beneficial change to the country, it’s worth considering too. Especially since Tatiana is able to move freely again and… Well… And the person they worship is also here… So there’s definitely bound to be a few changes.

No, the changing of those statues and artworks of me don’t count. But at least that showed that they were willing to make changes to move forward?

He gestured for me to follow him, “Excellent, this way please.”

I wonder what they would say if they realised I am actually this country’s ‘founding god’?


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