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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 831: Some Inconsistencies Bahasa Indonesia


“Papa! Ice ‘scweam’!” Cai Hong pointed at the dessert shop while tugging on my sleeve.

A few people turned to look at us, made a very confused face at me, and then moved on. There were also a few that stared unashamedly at me but those people had other things on their minds than what my little Cai Hong had just said.

Just a quick reminder that I’m currently in my female form so hearing Cai Hong call me ‘Papa’ would definitely raise some eyebrows.

That’s why there’s also the other spectrum of people who were staring mainly for my feminine assets.

Of course I ignored them and focused on the more important people instead.

I patted Cai Hong with a hand, “Fufu~ We’ve walked quite a bit haven’t we? Let’s go get some ice cream, shall we?”

“Yayyyy~ I wuv you Papa!”

Sooo cute! Head pats for you!

I turned back to the one who was holding the hem of my robes shyly, “What about you, Iris?”

“Umm… If… If Master does not mind… I would like one too…”

Iris is cute too, so head pats for you too! Oh just look at her going ‘uwa, uwa, uwa’! So cute!

With both of them holding me, we went towards the shop to place our orders. I got myself a strawberry flavoured one, Iris a vanilla one and Cai Hong a cone topped with seven different flavours of ice cream.

What? I like to spoil her, ok? And looking at how she brightens up makes everything worth it.

I also ordered two more for our two followers who were watching over us a short distance away. I’d like it if Valeria toned down the intensity of her gaze though, her face looks like one of those guys who were also ogling at me right now…

While waiting for them to finish our order, I refocused my attention on my omniscience.

Hmm… I see my disciples are trying to check the rooms of the inn to find those paladins of Tatiana’s now.

I was curious as to why the city’s inhabitants had turned out like this so I checked ahead with omniscience to divine the answer. Thus, I wasn’t that surprised to see the wrecked state of the third room they unlocked.

To think the Dark Sect tried to mess with the Great Ones again… Guess they didn’t get the memo of how the first one turned out to be a disaster for them.

I watched with mild interest as Tatiana kicked down the door and punched plate armour with her bare fist without hesitation. I know you are strong but… Really?

Oh, our ice cream is done, that was fast.

“Papa! Pretty! Colours!” Cai Hong squealed when she received the ice cream from me.

“Fufu~ Yes, it is very colourful Cai Hong, just like you.”


I passed Iris’s ice cream to her and she stared at it for a few moments, as though trying to comprehend the dessert she was holding.

“You don’t like vanilla?” I asked.

“Eh? Ah! Umm… That’s not it, Master… It’s just… I’ve… Never eaten this thing before…” She stammered, her face getting redder by the second.

Oh yeah, she doesn’t usually eat until recently when she sealed her divinity. Though I remember the last time I fed her… Umm… She should be fine now right? Anyway, this isn’t something I made so it should be fine.

I urged her to try it and she gave it a tentative lick, her eye brightening up as soon as the white stuff disappeared into her mouth.

“Is.. Is this what sweetness tastes like?” She gasped.

I chuckled, “Fufu, it is indeed. How do you like it?”

“It’s… It’s perfect… It’s the same feeling I get when Master pats me…”

Oh my, since when did you get so cute Iris? Here, more head pats for you!

Look! She’s even making ‘Aaauuu’ sounds! So cuuuute!

Ah. Ahem… Anyway err… Where was I? Oh yeah, two more ice creams for our two secret bodyguards.

“You shouldn’t have, Master… But thank you,” Beta thanked me after appearing out of the shadows to receive the cones from me.

With a short bow, she disappeared back into the shadows again.

I’m seriously wondering how she trained to get skills like that. Apparently she’s been doing this for quite a while already but it was only recently that I found out thanks to omniscience. Oh well, it’s not like it’s that important anyway.

I brought my little group to a small park nearby where we sat underneath a bench. There was a pedestal in the centre of the park which was curiously empty and yet there was a small altar decorated with flowers laid down at the bottom of said pedestal.

It took me a moment to realise a statue of me was probably what had been erected on the pedestal which had been taken down due to Phoebe’s orders. She really was serious about correcting it huh… Does Tatiana even know that this was happening?

Speaking of which… Eh?


I look away for a bit and now they’re fighting a giant tentacle sprouting out from the ground?! What the hell happened?!

Ah… So that Great One is attacking them now… At least it isn’t fully formed so it’s limited to sending its tentacles above ground.

If it’s just that, I believe my disciples can handle it. If they’re having trouble, then I’ll just manually activate one of their defensive inscriptions which should be able to destroy that thing.

Just as I thought of that, Lian Li summoned down a pillar of lightning that completely disintegrated the tentacle. Yep, like I thought, there wasn’t any trouble at all.

Fufu~ Just look at how much they’re improving! I’m so proud of them!

Hmm… Now they’re listening to that paladin’s story about what happened…

Oh? I finished my ice cream before I knew it. Well, Cai Hong’s still cutely nibbling away at the fourth tier of flavours while Iris was taking really small licks with hers so I think it’ll be quite a while before they’re done.

I made sure to use a cooling Technique to stop their ice creams from melting so they could take as long as they liked.

Cai Hong noticed my gaze and pushed her ice cream in my direction, “Papa! Papa! Ice ‘scweam’!”

So cute~

What can I do but oblige my little cutie and gave that creamy dessert a lick.

Mmm… Chocolate. Not bad.

My little dragon giggled and went back to nibbling on her ice cream while cuddling against me.

I felt a tug on my other side and there was Iris offering her ice cream to me as well.

“Mi… Mine too… Master?” She asked, her face blushing up to her ears.

I gave her one a lick as well and she quickly shrunk back to her seat, holding her ice cream as though it was some kind of precious jewel. Don’t think I didn’t notice you licking away at where I had placed my tongue just now.

So cute… Here’s some head pats for the cutie! But please don’t think about storing the ice cream somewhere and properly eat it ok?

Satisfied with my head patting, I focused back on my disciples and… Ugh… My disciples were now looking at that monstrous thing the Dark Sect had created.

It looks like someone mashed together some body parts and stuck tentacles on a ball or something.

But how did my disciples manage to get there without dealing with any of those Dark Sect members?

I checked with omniscience to see what had happened while I wasn’t looking…

Ah, ok… So they found out the real reason why the city became like this, went down that trapdoor and used the teleportation inscription they found in the storage room… I remember that slime guy saying they used teleporters to enter the base so this all matches up so far.

And then they found that monster and… Eh? The monster was mentioning about a ‘Her’ that turned them into this?

That’s… Not what omniscience showed me before this…

All I found was that the Dark Sect was performing some ritual and they should still be down there doing their thing… Why are they all standing around listlessly as well?

Also, where is the Great One that should have been down there too? Those tentacles appearing above ground should have belonged to one that was sealed inside this very hall, and yet there’s nothing else?

What is going on?


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