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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 822: Almost Giving It Away Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

“Uuu… What’s taking Onii-sama so long…” Elaria groaned while rolling around the carpeted floor hugging her body pillow of Master.

The rest of us were also equally restless, Master had been away for at least a few hours by now.

I went up to that Valeria girl for the tenth time since we were put in this waiting room, “It’s been several hours already, are you sure your so-called High Maiden isn’t doing something rude to our Master?”

She maintained her look of neutrality, “I have said this already, everyone in this country regards God Lin as our true God and High Maiden Tatiana is the most devout of us. There is no way she would do something that would inconvenience him.”

“Pfft, do I need to remind you of how you ran out of Master’s tent last night like a frightened little girl?” Diao Chan sneered.

The woman blushed but made no other comment.

Brendan looked up from his book, “It may be presumptuous of me to suggest this, but since Master told us to wait, I think we should just put our trust in Him and wait.”

Oh? Brother Brendan is right. Looks like we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves a little.

But now that he’s mentioned it, there’s one thing I would like to point out…

I turned to the self-proclaimed ‘Master’s first disciple’, “Did something happen to you, Iris? You’ve been acting rather weird for a while now.”

She lifted her head to peek at me, “Umm… What… What makes you say that?”

“This, exactly this. Don’t you normally go out of your way to ignore us to be with Master? Yet now you’re actually sitting with us and looking all meek.”

She looked around her as though only realising where she was, “That… Umm… That… Uuuu… Master… Come back… Aauuuu…”

Eh? She actually started sobbing? This woman who only cared about Master and saw everyone else as hindrances started sobbing?!

Looking at the rest of my sisters, they were just as surprised as I was.

Only Cai Hong didn’t look surprised by her sudden outburst. She even went up to Iris and patted her on the head, “Mama. Papa will be back soon! It’s ok!”

Ugh… Even here Cai Hong looks cute…

As if on cue, the door was pulled open and Master walked into the room with His usual grace of a Divine Being.

Faster than any of us could react, Iris had disappeared from where she had been sitting and flung herself towards Master.

Master reacted just as fast and caught her as she hugged Master’s waist, sniffling into his robes.

“Waaaahhh! Masteeeeerr… You were gone for so long!”

I thought Master would also be surprised by how she was acting but He merely smiled and patted her head.

“Sorry, Iris. It took me a while to settle things but I’m here now.”

Master looks so cool…

Ahem, wait. That’s not what I should be focusing on.

“Master? What’s wrong with Iris?” Kiyomi asked, looking just as perplexed as we are.

“Hmm? She’s fine, she’s just lonely, that’s all.”

Lonely? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Iris act like this when Master isn’t around before. Actually… I don’t remember a time where Iris was even away from Master at all?

Did something happen within these few days that made Iris change so much? She was still acting like her usual self up until… Yesterday?

Oh right! She didn’t even sleep in the same room as Master! She went with Cai Hong instead! What happened yesterday for her to change?

Mmm… Then again… Master does not look very concerned about it so it must not be that big of a problem, right?

Right when we thought things couldn’t get any more weirder, three more people appeared behind Master from the doorway.

We recognised two of them instantly as Guiying and that woman who kept shamelessly insisting that she was Master’s ‘wife’, Lunamaeniera.

The last one was a woman we’ve never seen before so she must be that High Maiden Titsnia or whatever her name was.

Even more surprised than us to see her was Valeria who gasped and rushed to her side the moment she saw her.

“High Maiden Tatiana!! What are you doing out here?! Are you alright?!” She shrieked.

“Fufu~ Calm yourself sister Valeria, as you can see, I am absolutely fine.”

“But… But don’t you need to remain inside the Sanctuary to maintain your life?”

“Silly girl, did you forget who came to see me?”

Contrary to the other woman’s panicked state, the High Maiden looked completely at ease. In fact, she looked like she was glowing slightly… Actually, all three of them looked like they were glowing…

“AHHH?!” I let out a scream, surprising everyone in the room.

I immediately pointed an accusatory finger at Tatiana, “You?! You had sex with Master!! In fact, all three of you did!!”

“Ehehehe~ As expected of senior sister Lian Li! You found out!” Guiying giggled coquettishly, not even trying to deny it.

That Luna-what’s-her-name flicked her hair arrogantly, “Hmph, what is there for you to scream about? Is it not normal for me to lay with Husband? Husband is my husband after all so such a thing is to be expected!”

No, no, I don’t care about you two at all. We already knew Guiying was sleeping with Master so that was no big deal. And that delusional girl over there is just delusional so we don’t care about her at all.

Although the question of why and how they ended up here was something I would like to know too but that’s not the main issue here.

The main issue is that random bitch who dared to lay her hand on Master despite making a copy of our religion and even twisting it for her own benefits!

No, no, we don’t care if her stupid country was established earlier than us, she still copied us!

That bitch turned to smile at me, “Oh, you must be my God’s… Disciples? How nice to meet you. I believe you have also set up an order simil–“

“AHHH!!” All of us screamed together, leaping forward to tackle her to the ground.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE HIGH MAIDEN?!!” Valeria shrieked, moving to pry us away from her.

Good, we managed to stop her from revealing anything…

As much as it pains me to admit, there is one thing that her stupid country has that is debatably better than us… While we secretly worship Master and have to make sure Master does not know about the order we made for Him, these people here openly worship Him.

This is because we have yet to subjugate the entire world… No, the entire Universe for Him! Only once everything in existence knows of Master’s greatness will we have the face to tell Master of this great Order we have carved out for Him!

Anything less will just be a disgrace!

So just wait for us, Master! When we finally ascend to Godhood, we will definitely spread your name to all corners of the Universe and have everyone worship your name!!

So before that, there better not be idiots going around revealing it to Master, especially not you, Tatiana!!


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