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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 821: The Unfortunate Maiden (*RR) Bahasa Indonesia


I raised an eyebrow at Tatiana who was holding her clothes in her hands while hiding her naked body behind it.

“Weren’t you planning on seducing me after you bathed just now? I’m pretty sure your intention then was to get me to sleep with you?”

Her face blushed red, “I… I did not know Founding God was experienced in lovemaking… So… So I thought I should act more confidently to make myself more appealing to my God…”

“Heeeeh~ And I even thought you might be experienced considering your age~” Guiying chuckled.

Tatiana shot her a dirty glare, “I have kept myself pure all these years waiting for my one and only God to return! Can you say the same?!”

Guiying huffed at her, “Big talk for someone who is a virgin for several thousand years. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m the youngest among all three of you to have my cherry popped by Master.”

“Ghk… You fiend…”

Also, Luna’s still out cold from Guiying’s electric shock, so she’s currently tucked in on another bed I created and sleeping soundly.

It seems like she really did spend all her effort learning this teleportation Technique to find me that she neglected all her other Techniques, that’s why she was so easily taken out by Guiying. I may need to scold her later for that and whoever was in charge of teaching her.

Guiying stepped forward and grabbed the cloth that Tatiana was using to hide her body, “How long are you planning to hide behind that thing anyway? Just quickly get fucked by Master so I can get my turn again! Once isn’t enough for me, you know?!”

“EHH?! Wait! My heart isn’t ready yet!” Tatiana protested, pulling back her clothes to continue hiding behind them.

“Your heart isn’t but your pussy sure is! You don’t even need to do anything! In fact, you won’t be able to do anything once Master is inside you anyway so just lay back down and let Master do you!”

I don’t know why but somehow hearing Guiying’s words makes me feel like I’m some kind of villain going around raping girls… I’m sure Tatiana wouldn’t like that either right?

“That… That’s not what I’m worried about!” Tatiana protested. “How can I please my God if I can’t even concentrate?! If… If I just lay there and let my God do all the work, I will be a disgrace!”

Nevermind, I forgot that everyone in this room is pretty much weirdos.

Guiying yanked the cloth out from her grasp, revealing Tatiana’s naked form once more, “Oh shut up! Like Master is someone who cares about such trifling things! Just get fucked already!”

Need I remind you that you’re an empress, Guiying?

Then again, we’re currently all naked here and you have my seed dripping down the side of your thigh so I guess that point is moot.

Guiying then shoved the High Maiden from behind, causing her to stumble into my embrace.

“F… Founding God! Forgive my unsightly appearance!!”

I reached out and hugged her waist before she could pull away from me, holding her still.

“Tatiana,” I called out, stopping her. “I only have one thing to ask, do you abhor the thought of sleeping with me?”

“Eh? No! Never, my God! It has been my dream to have my God embrace me since… Ahhh!! What am I even saying?!”

Well, good enough for me.

I leaned forward and kissed her, the High Maiden gasping out in surprise before slowly closing her eyes to melt into the kiss.

Very slowly, her resistance melted away and she was even kissing me back, her hands hugging my back.

We simply enjoyed each other’s taste for a good minute before I pulled away from her. Tatiana was holding tightly onto me while looking at me through half-lidded eyes as though caught in a trance.

I slowly lowered her down onto the bed, positioning myself close to her entrance. Normally I’d start with foreplay but we’re skipping that since she was already wet while she was pleasuring herself while watching Luna and I a few moments ago.

She regained some of her senses when she felt something hard prod against her from below.

I stopped there, waiting to see if she was going to have second thoughts now but she just gave me a resolute nod.

Thus I pushed myself into her, my pole spreading her virgin pussy apart.

Tatiana gasped, tightening her grip on me. I could tell that if it was a normal man on top of her, her grip strength would have been enough to crush their arms with how hard she was holding me.

Good thing I don’t have that problem.

Pushing myself just a little deeper, I felt a sudden resistance which prompted me to stop again.

I looked down at her one more time, giving her the option to back out again but she simply sucked in a breath and nodded her head.

My manhood pierced her hymen, allowing me to sheathe myself completely inside her.

The High Maiden’s body shook as both pleasure and pain assaulted her senses.

She opened her mouth to scream but unexpectedly, her entire body went limp and her limbs flopped down onto the bed, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she fainted.

“Oh my, looks like the millenia year old virgin fainted just from losing her virginity~” Guiying chuckled in amusement. “I suppose that’s to be expected when the God she was praying to all these years finally appeared and even agreed to made love to her.”

I didn’t want to continue with her unconscious so I pulled myself out of her, cleaning the both of us with a quick snap of my fingers to rid us of the blood.

Before I could say anything else though, something had clamped itself over my cock and I looked down to see Guiying happily sucking away at it like a popsicle.

I raised an eyebrow at the empress, “You couldn’t say something first before doing that?”

“Slurp! Oh, my apologies Master! With such a magnificent cock in front of me, my womanly instincts kicked in to immediately start worshipping it~ Could I please beseech Master to make love to me again?”

I am pretty sure Diao Chan also influenced this girl to a degree, otherwise she wouldn’t be so shameless. Not that I hate it, mind you.

“Alright, get on the bed on your fours and face your butt here. I’ll take you from behind.”

“Oh my! Please do, Master!!”

She enthusiastically went on her knees and positioned herself to face her rear towards me, the only problem was where she had decided to crawl to.

“Do you have to be on top of her?” I asked.

Guiying looked at Tatiana who was still unconscious below her, “Oh my, I didn’t even realise she was there! Oh, but don’t you think it would be a great sight for her to wake up to? To see the God she worships rail another woman on top of her?”

“You’re a deviant, you know that?”

“Ufufufu~ I think I’m more of a– AHHHNNN?!!”

I didn’t wait for her to finish her words before pushing my cock into her pussy from behind.

Her insides were still sleek with juices so I encountered no resistance and managed to slide all the way into her deepest parts unhindered.

I reached forward and grabbed her waist, holding her still as I began pistoning myself in and out of her.


I have to say, I have yet to meet another girl who screams as loud as Guiying during sex.

Well, you’re not going to hear complaints from me that’s for sure.

Of course with such loud screams, the other two girls eventually woke up and weren’t too happy to find Guiying being railed from behind by me while they were unconscious.

They immediately tried to join in though Tatiana became a little reserved after knowing she fainted from the penetration.

I wanted to assure her it was fine but not that it matters considering she was busy cumming from my fingers going in and out of her pussy.

At the same time, I was still thrusting my hips against Guiying while Luna had pushed her bosoms into my face and made me suck on her babies.

Well… Now I have these three monarchs to satisfy…


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