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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 820: The Matriarch’s ‘First Time’ (*RRR) Bahasa Indonesia


“Husband… Husband…”

Listening to Luna’s moans to gauge her reactions, I swirled my tongue over the little nub that was her left nipple while I pinched her right one between my left hand fingers.

“Husband… Attacking my nipples like that… Hnng!! It feels so good… I never knew I could feel like this! Husband is truly too perfect!”

I grunted in response as I continued to suck on her nipple, my mouth closing around the small nub while my tongue flicked the tip repeatedly.

Luna’s back arched as she let out another moan of pleasure, her entire body shaking in ecstasy.

“How envious…” I heard Guiying’s voice whisper from the side.

Since it was Luna’s first time, she requested that I take her virginity with just the two of us and not in a foursome.

Guiying gave her virginity to me alone as well so even though she was a little reluctant, she still accepted Luna’s request and waited by the side with Tatiana. Though that didn’t stop her from watching the entire scene while pleasuring herself.

The same offer was also given to Tatiana who blushed a bright shade of red despite already having me watch her bathe a few moments ago. In the end the High Maiden said nothing and simply sat beside Guiying, being the only one still clad in cloth for now.

To make it more comfortable, I created a soft bed for us to use and none of the three even commented on how I created something out of thin air as though this was normal.

Pulling my attention back to the tall woman laying down in front of me, I moved my free hand down between her legs to press my fingers against her entrance.

She was already quite wet considering the fact that I had been tonguing her just now so when I pulled my hand away, there was a clear trail of liquid bridged between my finger and her pussy.

“Husband… Husband…” She moaned, her hips shaking slightly in a silent plea.

I released her nipple from my mouth and moved myself upwards until my hips were in line with hers.

Luna spread her legs on her own to accommodate me, her long, smooth legs capturing my attention for a moment before my gaze was drawn to her glistening pussy.

She smiled coyly, “What do you think, Husband? I’m the perfect woman for you, aren’t I?”

I chuckled, “I wouldn’t know that. But there’s one thing I know though.”

She tilted her head, “What is it, Husband?”

“That I’m the perfect partner for you.”

I pushed my hips forward and her nether lips parted for my manhood to enter her.

“Haaaaahhhhh?!!” The former Matriarch of the Spiritual Plane moaned eloquently.

She looked down at where we were joined with eyes full of wonder.

“So this… This is what Husband’s cock feels like inside me… This bliss… Ugghhh… To think that little Empress and Husband’s disciples were enjoying such bliss before me… How vexing… As good as Rina was… She can’t compare to Husband at all…”

Just to be clear, Luna already broke her hymen long ago, most probably by Rina using a toy or something. But this is her first time actually laying with a male.

“Ready to take the rest?” I asked.

Luna gasped, “Eh? Husband isn’t fully in yet?”

I answered her by thrusting the rest of the way until my hips slammed against hers, the tip of my cock kissing her deepest parts.

“Hnnnngg!! So deep!! Husband is so deep!!So full! So good!!! It feels so hot!! More! Husband, more!”

I also let out a gasp of pleasure despite myself.

Even though I had slept with Luna before, this was the first time I was actually inside her.

Her pussy had already tightened itself around my cock, her walls undulating in pleasurable waves that massaged the entire length of my manhood.

I felt her cervix descend to give my glands a few kisses before pulling back, as though tempting me to go even deeper.

Taking that as my cue, I started pistoning my hips to thrust in and out of her, making Luna moan out in ecstasy.

She reached out her hands to me, pulling me in for a hug.

Because of the difference in height, my face ended up being mushed in between her bountiful bosoms.

Since my face was already there, my mouth naturally sought out her nipple and began sucking it once more, all the while my hips still continued to thrust into her.

Luna wrapped her legs around my back as she began moving her own hips in rhythm with mine, her pussy trying her best to milk me of my seed.

I chanced looking up and found Luna looking at me with eyes filled with adoration, her fingers gently brushing my head even as lewd moans escaped her lips each time my cock kissed her deepest parts.

“Husband… Husband… Husband… Make me your woman…” She moaned.

With how tightly she was wrapping her legs around me, it’s not like she’s giving much choice but to cum inside her anyway.

Thus I gave her a few more thrusts of my hips before my balls contracted and emptied its load inside of the former Matriarch.

“Hnnngg!! Husband’s filling me up!!” She screamed before her body shook from her own orgasm and squeezing my cock even tighter with her pussy.

She gave a loud moan and her hips rocked even faster, milking every bit of my seed that she could from me.

Even after I spurted the last of my seed, her hips did not stop, in fact it got even faster.

“Luna?” I called out, a little concerned.

In an instant, I felt my weight shift and I was now staring at the ceiling instead of down at Luna.

I lowered my gaze to realise Luna was now on top and straddling me, my manhood still impaled inside her.

That would be fine if not for the fact that she was giving me a really predatory look with those wide eyes and disturbing grin.

“Husband! More! Your shape, your size, your curve, your length, your warmth, your everything! It’s absolutely perfect! My pussy is made for you to be filled! No! My entire existence! The whole reason for me to be born is so that I can meet Husband! It makes so much sense now! Husband is so kind, so gentle, so strong and so perfect, there is no one else that can compare! Ah! But that goes without saying! Husband is a Divine Being above mortals and immortals! Such is perfection! That’s why… That’s why! Cum inside me, Husband! I want more of your cum! Cum!! I want to be filled with your everything! Don’t stop until my insides are filled with your seed! Cum for me! Cum!!”

Luna started to shake her hips with wild abandon, lifting herself up to slam her hips down in a frenzied beat to get me off a second time.

Drool was even rolling down the side of her lips as rode me while staring at me with unblinking, lust filled eyes.

“Eheh! Eheh! So good Husband!! So good! Are you cumming? Please cum inside me again! Fill me with your lovely sperm! I want to feel all of you! I want you inside me! Cum! Cum! Cum! I’ll take everything you give me! Cum! Cu–“

“Ok, that’s enough.”

Guiying extended her finger and poked her on the side of Luna’s head.

A spark of white lightning zapped the former Matriarch, causing Luna to spasm once before collapsing on top of me in unconsciousness.

“Greedy bitch, just because I let you go once doesn’t mean you can do it again, wait your turn!” Guiying growled.

Seriously? That’s the problem for you? Not the fact that she went half crazy and started raping me?

Ugh… I just realised… Iris would most probably turn out like this if I ever do this with her wouldn’t she? And there wouldn’t be anyone to stop her either…

That’s actually pretty scary.

“So Tatiana is it?” Guiying called out, startling the amazonian woman. “Do you want your turn or can I make love with my Master again?”

Tatiana only needed a split second to think, “If… If my God accepts me, it would be my honour to receive God’s favour too!”

Ok… Hopefully she won’t turn out like how Luna did…


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