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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 804: Could You Guys… Hold Back A Little? Bahasa Indonesia


We came across a few more guards on our way in who also turned hostile the moment they saw us. Thus, they were added to the human pile that Gamma was pulling as well.

Eventually the guards learnt their lesson and stopped bothering us, all of them looking at our procession from a distance away.

We finally reached the doors of the palace and I alighted the carriage with my disciples. The guards there were all looking at me like they couldn’t decide if they should try to stop me and join the pile of bodies we were dragging along; or let us pass and risk insubordination.

Before they could decide which of the two decisions to make, the grand, double doors of the palace entrance opened up.

A scholarly looking man stepped out with the poise of a man who believes himself to be the most important person in the room.

He took one look at us and sighed, “You’re the ambassadors from that… What was that place again? Bei-something country, yes?”

Obviously he was trying to rile us up with that attitude of his but we didn’t fall for it.

Instead, I merely offered him my usual smile, “That is correct. I am the ambassador from Beiyang appointed by Empress Guiying. We are here to see your king.”

He shook his head at my words, “Who do you think you are to see our king? Anyone who even wishes to see the king has to first pay tribute and, considering the fact that you are a criminal for assaulting our imperial troops, you better prepare something substantial before we even consider letting you past these doors.”

Alright, time to activate full gangster mode.

My smile turned into a more threatening one and I slowly rolled up my sleeves, “Tribute? I have a very big tribute I can give right here. It’s a very expensive art piece that I think the king would really appreciate.”

The man raised an eyebrow at me, “Oh? What is it? And where?”

“It’s one of a kind you see,” I chuckled mirthlessly before gesturing towards them. “It’s called ‘Decapitating everyone here and presenting their heads to the king’. You really can’t find this art anywhere else.”

He furrowed his brows at me, “You wouldn’t dare.”

I materialised my sword and gestured to the mound of bodies stacked behind me, “Are you sure you want to test that theory of yours?”

“You do that and it’ll be an act of war.”

“Which I have no problem starting because I know I can finish it. The difference is that you’ll be dead right here and now if you don’t step aside so what will it be, nameless four eyes?”

He contemplated my words for a moment, trying to figure out if my threat was real or not.

In the end he turned around and gestured for us to follow him, prompting the other guards to breathe a sigh of relief.

My disciples followed me into the palace with Gamma and Beta bringing up the rear. Alpha and Delta would be watching after the carriage at the entrance in case anyone tried to do something to it.

One thing I don’t understand was why they were trying so hard to antagonise us? Are they really trying to make us the aggressors in a war just to drag the other two countries in? But even if they were to form an alliance against us, they would still lose, right?

No wait… Is that their goal all along? They know Beiyang is still consolidating the new territories right now so we wouldn’t want to claim any more at this point. So they’ll make the countries of Mei and Han involved in a war they couldn’t win and when they sue for peace, the other two countries would need monetary support to rebuild that the country of Sun could provide.

The country of Sun would then have more influence over the neighbours and get more benefits from them in return for the monetary support, thereby increasing their overall power.

This sounds like a really convoluted idea but since money is involved, it might be possible that this was their goal…

Oh well, we’ll just confront the king about it later. I honestly don’t really care about what happens to Mei and Han anyway so I’ll let Guiying decide about what to do with them.

The man led us through a series of corridors that were filled to the brim with guards. I wasn’t sure if they were there to intimidate us or if they were meant to stop us if we had tried to force our way through.

Upon reaching the door that I assume would lead us to the throne room, he turned back to regard us with a frown. A servant also stepped out from the side holding a tray of metal bands.

“Surrender all your weapons and put on these collars that will suppress your cultivation.”

I looked at the servant that was holding up the tray before turning back to him, “You people have been less than welcoming to us, so we’re keeping ourselves armed and that’s not negotiable.”

“You think it’s acceptable for you to meet the king armed?! You’re out of your mind!”

I shrugged, “You either let me walk in there as I am, or I’m going to start preparing the art work I told you about at the entrance and then walk in there armed as well. Your choice.”

“No, no. That’s where you’re mistaken… This place is built to suppress any Practitioner’s cultivation! You walked right into our trap! Guards!”

All the guards in the room immediately converged around us, their weapons drawn and ready.

Cai Hong came to hug my leg, “Papa!”

I patted her head to calm her down before calling out, “My disciples.”

Without needing any further prompting, all of my disciples leapt at the guards and immediately started beating them down.

I crossed my arms and watched on as my disciples beat down all the guards with their bare hands, all of them having trained in unarmed combat precisely in the event that such a situation arose. No way I was letting the situation at Dong happen to them.

Eris of course had no problems with such limitations since she was trained as a swordswoman to begin with and Brendan could use his potions even with his cultivation suppressed. Gamma also had no problems since she wasn’t a Practitioner and neither was Beta.

This was the first time I was seeing the cat girl fight and I could tell from her movements she most likely was trained to be an assassin with how she was flitting amongst the crowd and cutting their backs with her knives.

The rest of my disciples also managed to beat down the armed guards without a scratch on them, their bodies trained and honed to fight by me. I wasn’t too worried either since my protection inscriptions still work even under such circumstances so they wouldn’t receive a wound even if hit anyway.

Just one problem… I think I need to teach them to hold back a little since I see them really going ham on these mortals…

Oh damn… Lian Li just kicked that guy in the balls so hard it might have burst one of them…

Err… Eris? I know it’s the flat of your blade and all but I can literally hear their bones breaking under your blows you know?

Also Brendan? Why are you tossing around acid like it’s no big deal and melting their skin off?

Wait Elaria? Didn’t I already tell you off for that minigun?! Oh wait, I didn’t… That’s my bad…

Just look at Manami and Kiyomi! They’re properly holding back! Eh? No wait, I think that tail smash they just did broke that guy’s back… You two are just as bad…

Tsuki… I did train you to fight dirty but consecutively poking so many people in the eyes before breaking their jaws seems a bit much…

And Diao Chan? Lian Li only kicked one guy in the balls… Why does it look like all your attacks are concentrated in their nether regions? You just kneed that guy in the balls without hesitation too…

Only Iris was just standing there with my robe still thrown over her head, still looking cute.

I did my best ok? The fact that I maintained my face without breaking character was a worthy feat already!

Once all the guards were beaten up and tossed onto the original pile of other guards, I nodded at the gaping idiot in front of me with my poker face while ignoring my internal screaming.

“You can either go there and climb up the heap of bodies yourself, or I’ll break your fingers, your hands, your legs and your teeth before I toss you there. Your choice.”

He did the smart thing of lowering his head and scurrying towards the heap of bodies.

Alright, show time with the stupid king. Let’s see what this idiot has to say for himself.

Also, I’m going to have a long talk with my disciples after this…


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