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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 803: The Country Of Idiots Bahasa Indonesia


I tried asking Iris what happened that made her transform into her younger form but she had no answer for that as well. Or rather, her only response to any of my questions has just been “Auuuuuu…” so far.

When I patted her head again, she did not change to her younger form so it really was a mystery why such a thing even happened to her.

Oh well, not that it really matters anyway.

One thing’s for sure though, Iris became really shy after she changed back since she remembered everything that happened in her other form.

She spent the entire night huddled in the corner of the tent while using my robe to cover herself.

Even when she reappeared the next morning, my robe still hung over her head, hiding her face from view.

Even despite my multiple assurances that it was alright, the only response she gave me was “Auuuuu…”

Thus, I left her in my disciples’ capable hands to help her out of her embarrassment.

In the meantime, we reached the capital city of Sun right on schedule at midday, joining the long line of people seeking to enter the city as well. Almost everyone who saw us were gawking at us. It wasn’t that surprising considering the fact that we do have a small mountain of bodies following us on the cart Gamma was pulling.

Beta went ahead of the line to talk to the guards at the gate before returning, passing on a message to Delta who then turned to open the carriage window.

“Forgive us, Master, but it seems like the gate guards do not show any favouritism and expect even foreign ambassadors to line up like everyone else.”

We all know that’s a lie and they’re intentionally making things difficult for us. Oh well, it’s not like we were on a schedule or anything so we can wait.

“To make Master wait in line like everyone else? Do these people want to get beaten?” Lian Li growled.

Delta nodded at me, “If Master commands it, we will go and make an example of them right now.”

I shook my head, “It’s fine. It’ll be more troublesome if we start anything here and they make up reasons for us to not see the king.”

“Of course dragging in a mountain of their imperial soldiers would be fine right, Aniue?” Tsuki snickered.

Kiyomi crossed her arms beside her, “I concur, Master. We shouldn’t let these nobodies look down on us. Just give us the word and we’ll show them who they should fear.”

“No need, no need. We can just take this time to… Oh I don’t know… Make out?” I suggested.

Upon hearing my words, all sounds of protest disappeared and they agreed it was fine to wait for a while.

I broke the kiss with Lian Li and turned back to Delta, “Will you girls be alright? It’s quite warm today, isn’t it?”

Delta dipped her head, “Thank you for the concern, Master, but we are fine.”

“Don’t be modest with me now, alright? If any of you feel uncomfortable just let me know, I’ll do something about the weather.”

“Fufu~ Understood, Master,” She assured me before closing the window, the elf girl having enjoyed the show of me kissing all of my girls in turn.

Elaria giggled, “Ehehe~ Only Onii-sama can say something like ‘do something about the weather’ so casually like that~”

“Ufufufu~ It’s Master after all~ Isn’t that right, sister Iris?” Manami asked.

“Auuuu… Master…”

Guess she’s still not recovered yet. At least she’s saying more words now.

“Mama is cute!” Cai Hong blurted out without warning while seated on my lap.

“Auuuuuu!!” Came Iris’s eloquent reply.

Cai Hong tilted her head to give me a big bright smile, like she had just successfully pulled off a prank.

Who knew my little dragon had this side of her too? Well, I suppose she is growing after all.

Meanwhile… Manami’s face came into view with her lips puckered, prompting me to get right back to kissing.

It took us about another hour before it was finally our turn to be inspected at the gate.

As I had suggested, the girls made full use of that hour to make out with me. Since Cai Hong was sitting on my lap, I limited it to just kissing and some light petting without going any further than that.

Of course Diao Chan tried to slip my fingers under her panties but I just gave her a spank which she gladly accepted as the alternative.

I was expecting the guards to start making trouble with us to prevent us from entering but nothing of that sort happened. If I had to guess, it was the sight of us dragging along a heap of their comrades on a cart that had them decide it wasn’t worth it.

Or maybe they knew better than to try when they saw Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma eyeing them with a dangerous glint in their eyes after the frustration of making us wait an hour in line.

We made our way directly towards the palace that was built on top of the hill. As expected of the country of Sun, the palace was the grandest building in the entire city to show off the immense wealth of the country.

They even separated the city by class too, with walls separating each district from the others.

On the outermost circle was where I guess the commoners would stay and you would have to pass through a gate to reach the merchant district where most of the wealthier merchants would stay. Pass through another gate and you would be at where the really wealthy people would live and finally, the last gate would lead you to the palace itself.

We passed through the first few gates easily enough, the guards letting us pass when Alpha told them who we were and the silent threat of making them join the human pile we were dragging along.

But when we reached the gate that led to the palace however, the guards immediately drew their weapons on sight.

“Stop right there, criminals! How dare you do this to soldiers of the imperial army! Lay down your weapons and allow yourselves to be brought in!”

“What should we do, Master?” Delta asked through the coachman’s window.

“Do they look like they can be reasoned with?” I asked back.

Delta turned back to whisper something to Alpha, prompting the wolf girl to ride ahead towards the guards.

“My Master is the ambassador of Bei–“

“Shut up slave! Get down from the horse or we’ll consider your actions hostile and shoot you down!” The same guard interrupted her.

I sighed and stepped out of the carriage, “Gentlemen. I am the amba–“

“Shut up! Get on the ground now! You’re under arrest!”

I cleared my throat, “If you would allow me to finish what I–“

“Get down on the ground! Get down now!!”

I snapped my fingers and all the guards were smashed into the ground by an invisible force, all of them held there until they lost consciousness.

“Toss them into the pile, we’re complaining to their king about this,” I instructed, stepping back onto the carriage.

This country really is full of idiots.

I’m definitely not looking forward to meeting the king of these idiots.


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