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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 79: Family Reunion Bahasa Indonesia


Honestly, seeing my brother dressed in what looked like a doublet surprised me. I didn’t know that the town’s technology has advanced to such a terrifying degree either.

Last I remembered, the town was still stuck in what could be equated to the early medieval ages that I had read about in my trips to the other world. But now, it seems like there were traces of them already moving to the early Renaissance era.

The speed of this advancement is really too fast no matter how you looked at it.

I followed my elder brother towards the mansion’s study, taking the time to point out various parts of the house as well, though the place has actually changed quite a lot after I left.

For one, I do not remember there being electrical lights installed nor was my house more than one storey high. My family wasn’t that well-off last I checked.

Brother knocked on the door to the study, only opening it after a curt “enter” echoed from behind the door.

“Father,” He had called out in greeting. “I have brought the… Ahem… I have brought Younger brother.”

We entered after he had said those words, my girls trailing behind me with Fred bringing up the rear.

A lean but muscular man sat behind the mahogany desk half hidden behind a few stacks of papers.

He shared my brother’s rugged looks as well as hair and eye colours. But instead of being clean shaven like brother, he had chosen to grow out his beard just like Fred did. Place the knight and my father side by side and you might even mistake them for being related in some way.

My father placed the paper he was holding on top of another stack by the side of the table, looking up towards us just as Fred closed the door behind him.

“Son,” He nodded to my brother before turning towards me. “And… You? What happened to you?”

“Body regressed, long story,” I waved my hand. “How you’ve been?”

“Well enough after you left,” Father scoffed, pushing himself back from his desk. “Why have you returned?”

I looked towards my brother who just looked away.

Really? I’m repeating myself here, you know? I should have just amplified my voice and announced it to everyone in the first place then. At this rate, I might have to explain myself to everyone I meet.

“Got bored, came back, end of story.”

“Hmph, I’m sure.”

Father pushed himself out of his chair, switching his gaze towards the girls behind me.

“And I suppose all of you are his so called disciples?”

My girls nodded.

“He isn’t giving any of you weird ideas is he?”

They shook their heads collectively, though I could tell from their face their were holding themselves back for me.

“How rude. What do you take me for?” I protested.

He tilted his head down to stare at me silently.

I gestured around the room, “Don’t pretend you guys didn’t benefit from whatever you said I caused.”

My brother clicked his tongue, “I would’ve preferred that they remained normal even so.”

I raised my eyebrow, “They?”

Father sighed, “First it was just the little one… But your elder sister got infected too…”

Ah… That may kind of explain why everything changed so much so quickly…

“So you claim you can cure her?” Elder brother asked.

“Help, not cure,” I corrected. “It’s not a damn illness.”

“Like hell it’s not a damn illness!” Brother slammed the wall with a fist. “You should have seen the things they have drawn! No one in their normal state of mind will draw such things, much less do the things they do! And the state of this town… Argh!”

I grimaced, “It can’t be that bad?”

“Your mother has even moved away after seeing the state of them,” Father informed with a frown plastered on his face.

I scoffed, “Now that’s just overreacting.”

My brother gestured towards the door, “Please, do go ahead and fix what you have started and ran away from.”

“You do realise I’ve told you time and time again I have no memory of what I did?”

“And I’ve refuted you time and time again that it doesn’t matter if you remember or not because you still did it.”

I shrugged, seeing no point in arguing about something that I have already tried and failed to argue about.

“Umm… Master has missing memories?” Lian Li asked from behind.

“Ah, they do speak,” Brother said sarcastically. “I almost thought you were all mute.”

“Be nice,” Father rebutted. “Have I not taught you that at least?”

He then turned to my girls, “Sorry about that, he’s quite stressed these few days with the Xi Family being outed as a Dark Sect supporter. But to answer your question… Yes, your Master has missing memories from a rather young age.”

I nodded, “Yeah, never really told you guys about it, it’s not really important anyway.”

Manami frowned, “Was this caused by someone?”

“Hmm, a sharp one aren’t you?” Father noted. “Yes, though we do not know who. But it was after your Master had infected his sister with… That ailment… Then we had no idea how to fix her because of that.”

“Yeah, and then you guys just kicked me out because you thought that would fix her,” I added.

“You wanted to chase those Practitioner fantasies of yours, we did not kick you out!” Brother protested.

I shrugged, “You did tell me I won’t ever be welcomed here again, not like I was much welcomed here to begin with.”

“You left of your own accord!”

I waved my hand, “Details, details. Anyway, I think I’ve spent enough time here being polite, where are my sisters?”

“Where your room used to be…” Father sighed. “You can go see what their conditions are and tell me if you can do something about it. I’ll make sure your disciples are at least well taken care of here and away from all the trash.”

Huh. Weird but ok.

“Oh well, I guess you guys can get acquainted with my disciples. They’re good girls,” I suggested, turning to leave the room.

My disciples bowed to me as I left while the others just watched me leave with dispassionate eyes.

Passing through some of the corridors that were still rather familiar to me, I stopped at an ornately decorated wooden door that had the sign “Keep Out” nailed on to it.

My door didn’t use to be this decorated and I didn’t hang the sign there either.

I pushed open the door without knocking, just in time to see a young girl posing with a leg on a chair and her right arm raised in the air with a stick in her hand. She had her black hair tied into twintails that hung to the small of her back, her pink, frilly dress a stark contrast to it.

“Fear not! For the Magical Girl Sarah will be here to save the day!”

Right opposite her was an older girl with similar features dressed entirely in black. I was talking about black eyeliner, black dress, black gloves, black shoes and even a black umbrella she was holding over her shoulder.

“Ohohoho~~ Does Magical Girl Sarah think she can fight against me? The all powerful, very charming and attractive Dark Mistress of Ebony Night?”

“Yes! You will fall to my spells today, Dark Mistress of Ebony Night!”

“It is you who shall fall to me today, Magical Girl Sarah!”

Now you know why I had pegged Diao Chan as a chuunibyou at first.


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