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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 78: Meeting The Family Bahasa Indonesia

(Manami POV)

Ara ara? It looks like there’s a lot of insects we have to get rid of later, I’ll make sure to commit their faces to memory.

The only one without a bascinet on their head stepped in front of us, his long sword held at his side. He had a grizzled beard and short greyish white hair. A distinct scar ran across his forehead that stretched from his right temple to end just above his left eyebrow.

Everything about him just screamed of a knight.

“What do you want? This place is private property and you’re trespassing right now.”

Master waddled up to him, his actions beyond the limits of adorableness.

The guard looked down at him, his sword tilting slightly.

Eris had her own blade unclasped while the rest of us readied our own Techniques to strike the guard down should he dare to even move against Master.

“It’s been awhile, Fred,” Master greeted.

The guard raised an eyebrow, his sword moving closer towards Master who stood unfazed at the number of swords currently pointed at him.

“Who are you? Why do you know my name?”

Master smirked, “What? Already forgotten little old me? Weren’t you the one who saw me off at the town’s gate not so long ago?”

“Saw you off? What are yo–” the guard stopped himself, squinting his eyes to inspect our Master once more. “Second Young Master?”

“Hey, got it in one, not bad,” Master nodded. “At least you’re not going senile yet.”

Ara? Even after Master has revealed his identity, the guards do not seem to be showing any signs of welcoming us?

“You should not have returned… There is no more place for you here, Young Master,” that Fred guy frowned.

Master shrugged, “Yeah, but my current place got a little busted, so I thought I’ll just come back here and crash for a while.”

“You do not seem to have heard what I said, Young Master.”

“Oh, I heard it well enough all right, and I frankly don’t much care about what you think, really.”

“Are you trying to seek entrance or are you looking to be thrown out of here after a good beating?”

“Would it surprise you if I said the former?”

“No,” Fred motioned to the others to sheathe their swords, though his own remains drawn, “And should I ask what happened to you to result in your… Small stature?”

Master waved his hand nonchalantly, “Oh, just had to fight a really big demon that could have destroyed this entire town easily if it wanted to. Small price to pay, really.”

Fred scoffed, looking at us once more.

“And these ladies are?”

“My disciples,” Master answered plainly.

“Even the little girl?”

“Adopted daughter.”

“I’m sure.”

“Could I just go in now? I’d like to see father too.”

“He is most definitely not your father,” Another voice called out from behind the knight.

All of us turned to see a man strutting up to us from the mansion doors, dressed in what looked to be some colorful tunic with a pair of matching pants. Unlike Master who had black hair, his was of a dirty blonde colour and trimmed to a short crew cut. His face was more angular and rugged compared to Master’s smoother features and his eyes were a distinct aqua blue compared to Master’s brown pools.

Master seemed quite surprised to see him but quickly changed his face to a neutral one.

“Elder brother,” Master greeted.

“You and I are not related,” the man refuted. “Fred, get these peasants off our doorstep.”

We were all prepared to move in to protect Master when he raised an arm to stop us.

“I have a way to help younger sister.”

The guards stopped in their tracks at Master’s words, looking at who we assume to be Master’s ‘brother’.

“You lie,” He said simply, though there was a slight waver in his voice.

Master shrugged, “You can reject me here and know that you turned a potential help away or let me in not as your brother but someone who can help our younger sister.”

The man had cursed under his breath, “Damn you! It’s all because of you that younger sister is in the state that she is in now! Don’t you act like it’s none of your business after you infected her twelve years ago!”

I would have just pierced this little boy’s chest with my tail if not for Master’s earlier command of leaving everything to him.

“Isn’t that why I’m here now?” Master tilted his head.

He glared at Master, “You really should not have come back here. Tell me the truth, why did you really come back?”

“I want an easy life. And since my house got destroyed by some Dark Sect people looking for trouble, I thought I’ll just take the opportunity to visit you guys and take a look at sister while I’m at it.”

“Easy life?” The man spat. “Your presence here makes everyone’s life way more difficult than it should be! You have no right to wish for such a thing!”

With those words, the man turned on his heels and marched back to the mansion.

The Fred guy sighed before turning back to us, finally sheathing his sword, “I bid you welcome, Master Lin and his disciples.”

He gestured to the guards who cleared the way for us, Master stepping through the gate without hesitation.

We followed after him, still confused about the exchange.

Right now it seemed like Master had parted on hostile terms with his mortal family for reasons unknown.

“So… Purge?” Diao Chan stage-whispered.

I shook my head, “We don’t know Master’s stance yet.”

“Right. Delay purge, got it.”

The guards returned to their positions while Fred trailed after us, no doubt as our guard.

“Master?” Lian Li started after we caught up to Master.

Master had just shook his head, “I know there’s a lot of questions all of you would like to ask, I’ll answer them later. For now, I should go and check on the rest of my family.”

We nodded and concentrated on observing our surroundings instead.

I have to admit it was a rather bizarre place.

The area behind the front gate was a lawn that was planted with various types of greenery and flowers, all of them well cared for and properly maintained.

The building itself was built with a white, marble-like material and the windows were built with glass windows, something that I have never seen in any other town that I have been to.

The whole place just seems so alien to me, like it was a place that has its own different culture despite being so close to both Jin city and Heaven Sect.

Catching on to our surprise, Master asked, “Quite a sight isn’t it? Not at all what you girls are used to right?”

“Why is it so, Master?” Eris asked.

“Influence from a different continent,” Master explained. “Or at least that’s what my grandparents insisted the answer to be all the way to the grave.”

I tilted my head, “Ara? Is there such a thing, Master?”

Master shrugged, “It hasn’t been proven that there aren’t any other continents out there, so I wouldn’t be so fast to say nay to that.”

How interesting.

The existence of other continents? I guess we should form an expedition and baptise those lands if they exist. Ufufufu~~

Master reached the landing of the front entrance, both Lian Li and I moving forward to push open the double doors for him to enter.

The interior of the building was nothing like we’ve ever seen.

The entire hall was decorated lavishly, clearly a show of the occupant’s wealth.

A grand staircase led upwards towards a landing before splitting off to both sides to reach the second floor. The floor was polished marble, its surface so shiny we could see our reflections on it without much effort.

Master said that his family runs a ‘small merchant company’ right? I don’t think a small merchant company would be able to amass such wealth.

Master’s ‘brother’ waited at the staircase landing with his arms crossed, tapping his foot impatiently.

“Come then… You should at least meet… Father first…”

He turned on his heel, ascending the rest of the stairs to the second floor without another glance back.

Master just smiled at us, “Well now, let’s go. I’ll introduce you girls to my father at least.”

Ara? Is this what they call meeting the in-laws?


You should have just said so Master, now I regret not wearing something nicer!


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