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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 771: How Not To Be Gangster 101 Bahasa Indonesia


I reset the throne room again and the next person got ready to enter.

Just to be sure, I don’t actually know whose turn it is until they come through the door. I let omniscience take care of moving the people to their places without telling me who was being moved.

I called out for action again and this time, the entire place started to shake quite violently.

The vibrations caused various ornaments and decorations around the room to fall off their pedestals and shatter against the floor. I had the idle thought that this place must not have experienced earthquakes before.

The door started to rattle before being blasted off its hinges to land in a smouldering heap inside the throne room.

Lian Li floated through the now open doorway looking like a goddess of vengeance with the lightning that was sparking off her body and her eyes glowing with a golden hue.

A gale blew in behind her and anything that was still standing was toppled over and any glass that had been in the room instantly shattered including the chandeliers above.

A dark cloud was even following her in, slowly moving in to cover the ceiling before it started to rain indoors.

My golden haired disciple rose up from the ground such that she was looking down at me, her stature made all the more imposing with the dark clouds and lightning all around her.

She raised her hands and blasted a bolt of lightning into the cloud above her, turning the rain cloud into a storm cloud. A few lightning bolts even struck down from the cloud, destroying a few of the columns and turning them into charred debris.

I have to say Lian Li is winning in terms of entrance so far.

I watched as she opened her mouth to say something and…

She disappeared.

The clouds and lightning also disappeared too.


Why is she suddenly kneeling at my feet and hugging my legs?

“Ahhhh!! I’m sorry, Master! I can’t do it! It’s too embarrassing! And to even look down on Master like that… I can’t do it! I’m sorry!” She cried.

Oh my sweet little Lian Li, you’re just so adorably cute. I pulled her into my embrace and patted her to console her, assuring her that everything was ok.

It took me about a minute before I managed to calm her down with a few kisses and praising her for how well she did, my cute disciple sniffling while hugging me on my lap.

She’s so cute.

I’ll also pretend I did not hear Manami and Kiyomi lamenting over the fact that they did not use this method to get me to fawn on them too.

Once Lian Li was back to her usual self again, I let her rejoin the rest and reset the throne room again, letting the next person start.

“Action!” I called out.

Unlike the other times, the door was not violently thrown open.

Diao Chan pushed open the door normally and sashayed her way into the throne room.

The only thing that made me raise an eyebrow was the riding crop she was carrying in her hand.

I maintained my silence as she walked up to me, my Witch making sure to add that exaggerated sway of her hips that would definitely entice any man.

I thought Diao Chan would stop in front of the throne but she didn’t. Instead, she climbed up the steps and walked all the way in front of me.

Ok… I already pretty much know what’s going to happen already so I prepared myself for it while sighing internally.

My Witch raised her riding crop and pressed it into my hand, making sure I held onto it firmly before stepping back to smile at me.

I smiled back at her.

Then she leapt forward and pressed her lips against mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth for as deep of a kiss as she could get. Her hand even managed to reach down for a quick grope while a lascivious moan escaped from her lips.

It only lasted for about a few seconds before she broke the kiss and turned around to face her plump behind towards me, prompting me to use the riding crop to whip her proffered ass with a loud smack.

“Ahhhhnnn~~ Totally worth it!!” The horny Witch screamed, right before I sent her back to the waiting area.

Yeah… I knew that would happen with her…

I sighed, continuing with the next person without saying anything.

I waited for the next person to appear… And waited… And waited…

Five minutes passed and I was wondering whose turn it was when the entire section of the wall blew up, blasting debris in every direction. One of the pieces of the wall even embedded itself beside my ear, missing me by mere inches.

“Ahahahaha! Say hello to my little friends, you trash!!” Elaria laughed maniacally.

Beside her were rows upon rows of what looked like automated gun turrets, each of them having a minigun mounted on top.

I didn’t even get a word out before the sound of dozens of miniguns firing filled the air, blasting everything inside the throne room with bullets.

The bullets even mowed down the columns, causing sections of the roof to collapse as well.

I snapped my fingers and everything was reset again, teleporting my tyrannical little sister in front of me.

“Eh? Why, Onii-sama?” She asked in genuine confusion.

I chopped her on the head, “What’s the point if you’re going to kill everyone inside?!”

Elaria clutched her head in pain, “Ehh… But… But… It’ll make more sense like this right?”

“No it doesn’t! Go stand over there with this pail of water over your head!”

My little sister pouted but did as I told. Honestly this girl… I really need to teach her restraint… I suppose I should be glad she didn’t bring her ship here to nuke this place from orbit.

Right, let’s just move on to the next person then.

I only just managed to call out “Action” when I felt a gust of wind blow past me.

Looking up, I could see that there was a small line that ran diagonally around the four walls of the room.

There was a loud groan and the entire top half of the building began sliding downwards.

You’d think the entire thing would just slide off easily but no, that’s not how it works. Parts of the building broke off and the walls around me collapsed after their support pillars crumbled, burying the entire room in a pile of rubble that would have killed whoever was inside the throne room.

The door to the throne room was shoved open and Eris was about to stroll in until she realised what happened inside.

My swordswoman smiled at me, “Erm… Whoops?”

Whoops indeed… She’s another one who has no concept of restraint it seems…

“Let me guess… Bait’s idea?” I asked.

Eris nodded quickly before the aforementioned girl cried out, “Hey!! You three accepted the idea too! Don’t ya dare out me like that!”

She’s got a point, so I guess all of you need to get punished.

Now here, take this pail and go stand over there with Elaria.

I should really get to teaching them that restraint thing, don’t I?


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