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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 770: How To Be Gangster 101 Bahasa Indonesia


“Hmm… I think the idea can work,” Lian Li nodded, giving her seal of approval.

The other girls also nodded their heads after Brendan explained his idea to them during our lunch break.

“See? You’re a genius, Brendan!” I complimented, patting him on the back.

The alchemist poked his fingers together and blushed, “Umm… Thank you Master… It’s… It’s really nothing…”

“Nonsense, all of us agree it was a splendid idea! Right, girls?”

“Ufufufu~ That’s right, Brendan. I do not believe I could think of something like this beforehand,” Manami admitted with a chuckle.

Tsuki sighed, “I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t think of that, considering this was something we used to do to collect debts from uncooperative clients.”

I clapped my hands together, “Right, now we have our plan, how about we practice it a little?”

All of my disciples tilted their heads at me.

“Practice how, Master?” Kiyomi asked the question in everyone’s head.

“Oh, you know, like a sort of rehearsal. Let’s pretend I’m the king of Sun, then each of you come up to me and demand from me to hand over the Dark Sect. How about that?”

Diao Chan licked her lips lasciviously, “Ohh~ Roleplaying! My favourite~”

“Ok, everyone except Diao Chan.”

“Ehhhh?! No, no! Please let me Master! I’ll do it seriously! Please!”

I raised a sceptical eyebrow at my Witch but she maintained her puppy eyed look. There was no way I could say no after that so I relented and allowed her to join in as well, despite knowing she’ll definitely get side-tracked later.

“Alright, we’ll also raise the stakes a little. Like I said, treat me as the king of Sun and try to coerce me into giving up the Dark Sect. The one who I felt did the best will… Hmm… I’ll let them sleep with me tonight. I’ll even allow you to join as a pair and if you win, both of you will get the reward.”

As soon as I uttered those words, I could see the competitive spirits flare up in their eyes.

I gave them a few minutes to prepare and decided the order via the drawing of lots. The only exception was Tsuki who would go first since she had experience with this.

I was curious about how she was going to handle it here, not gonna lie.

Once she was prepared, I snapped my fingers and transported us into a separate World I created, recreating the throne room of the country of Sun using my omniscience with myself sitting on top of the throne. As expected of the people of Sun, the throne room was lavishly decorated with various expensive looking paintings, sculptures, porcelain and gold.

The disciples waiting for their turn will stand along the aisle acting as the ministers while the ones taking their turn will come in through the door.

Too overboard? No idea what you’re talking about, I simply created a World, not a Universe.

And just because I can, I yelled, “And action!”

Tsuki kicked open the door and in her right hand was… Oh damn… It’s her truck-kun stick… With nails hammered into it… Maybe I should not have allowed them to create their own props…

Oh no… I’m definitely still not over my trauma of that damned stick…

My little sister strutted into the room with the truck-kun stick resting on her shoulder like those stereotypical delinquents.

“Oi, oi, oi,” Tsuki drawled, making sure her chin was lifted up to express as much disdain as possible. “Heard your pissy little place is housing some trash that’s been causing trouble on our turf. You think we’re gonna stand for that huh?”

Hmm… Is this how Tsuki was acting after I left her back on Earth? Better not think about it.

Without waiting for my answer, she swung her bat and smashed one of the vases on the pedestal nearest to her, shattering it into pieces.

She then pointed her thumb downwards at me, “You think we’re so easy to bully huh? Do you? You got some damned nerves, you piss poor excuse of a man.”

She swung her bat again to smash another vase and then proceeded to kick over another pedestal to topple it over, destroying the sculpture that was on it.

Tsuki then stormed up towards me, swinging her bat threateningly with every step she took.

“You got two choices punk, either you hand over the Dark Sect you’re hiding or–“

“Ok, that’s good enough,” I stopped her with a raised hand.

“– We’ll start… Eh? Umm… I don’t think that king will be intimidated into giving up with just this, Aniue. I was even prepared to swing this bat at his head a few times to threaten him.”

“No, no, I know what you’re going to do already so that’s good enough.”

“Ehh… If Aniue says so…” Tsuki relented, stepping off to the side to join the rest of my disciples.

There was no way that I could tell her I still have a phobia of her bat and seeing her swing it around like that brings back really, really, really unpleasant memories.

‘Ara, ara? Should I help Master End her?’

I recall you made use of her to get to me didn’t you?

‘Ara? I did?’

You… Forget it, don’t touch my little sister, thank you very much.

Anyway… I reset the throne room back to how it was before Tsuki started smashing the things around while moving the next disciple behind the door.

I cleared my throat before shouting, “Action!”

This time, the doors were blasted open and the corridor was filled with a mixture of red and white.

It took me a moment to realise it was the tails of Manami and Kiyomi that had flooded the entire room, pushing everything in its path away to smash into the walls.

My other disciples were fine of course, I made it such that anything that happens inside the room would not affect them in any way. They were simply there as an audience.

The tails quickly curled around me and lifted me up into the air while my two fox youkais strolled in.

“Ara, ara? What’s this? It seems like we got a little bug, sister~” Manami chuckled, wrapping her tails tighter around me.

“A very disgusting bug indeed, sister…” Kiyomi nodded, mirroring her sister’s actions.

Of course they weren’t hurting me with their tails, they weren’t using their full strength after all and it actually feels quite comfortable to be wrapped up in this amount of fluff.

Yep, but I know it’ll definitely be scary for the king since the tails would be wrapped tighter and harder around him, especially with all my limbs immobilised and the ends of the tails slowly slithering under my clothes to–

I teleported out of the tail cocoon and gave both Manami and Kiyomi a chop on their heads.

“Really? Are you actually going to start stripping the king there?”

Kiyomi gasped, “Oh! That’s a great idea, Master! I didn’t think of that!”

“Ara, ara! As expected of Master to think of such a great idea!”

“Yes, yes. But both of you still fail for trying to get frisky with me there.”

“Ara? How about Master just stay inside our tails just for a minute longer? I promise it’ll feel really good~” Manami whined.

“Nope, there’s no way you’ll just leave it at just a minute. Next.”

They pouted at me but obediently retracted their tails.

Honestly I really wanted to stay in that fluff but come on, Cai Hong is here too and watching everything with her big sparkly eyes.

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming so… Oh well, at least my disciples are enjoying themselves.


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