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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 758: The Slaps Have Only Just Begun Bahasa Indonesia


Ugh… Now I understand Guiying’s sentiments a little…

If these are the kind of people we can expect to see in the country of Sun… We’re going to have such a bad time while we’re here…

We’ve only interacted with two people from that country so far and they’ve all been quite horrible experiences… I’d like to think that these two are just the most extreme examples but something tells me they aren’t.

Hmm… But I remember the last time I visited the country of Sun… Weren’t the people of Jianye city actually quite ok? Why are these two such assholes?

So why, omniscience?

Ah, I guess that’s to be expected. It’s a big country so there’s multiple cultures and factions within it. It seems like I was also quite mistaken in the past… I thought Jianye was their capital city but it seems like it was only known as their ‘capital trade city’, as in the city with the largest amount of trade flowing in and out. Their actual administration capital was somewhere else.

The people in the capital trade city are more open to outsiders and less arrogant but they were considered oddities in the rest of the country. Because of the amount of money and trade flowing through there, it’s not uncommon for it to be mistaken as the capital city.

Too bad that’s not our destination this time…

I was also a little worried by my disciples’ responses to that merchant’s provocations. Sure, it actually felt kind of cathartic to see him being slapped around like that but… Actually… Now that I think about it, there’s not really a downside is there?

I already taught them to be kind and they took those lessons to heart. But of course being too kind would cause them to be taken advantage of by people like these. So… it’s actually good that they know how to defend themselves against such trash of society.

Yeah, this could be a good chance for them to learn this since they’ll be doing it in front of me, I can then stop them if they go too far. Great plan!

Even so… Let’s keep this face slapping bonanza as minimal as possible for now, it would be quite terrible if they start doing this to everyone they meet.

Everything in moderation and all that, or else they might end up doing things like what Elaria had done.

Because of that, I gave the order to avoid others on the road now and we basically just kept to ourselves for the rest of the journey.

It would normally be unsafe to be camping alone but… Come on, it’s me.

Unless another Iris showed up, I don’t think we’ll be in any danger. Actually, ignore that, I don’t want to jinx it.

The rest of the journey was thus relatively uneventful since we refrained from interacting with the other travellers on the road. The ones who knew this carriage belonged to Guiying would bow their heads as we passed by while the ones that didn’t simply ignored us.

I still made sure my disciples kept up with their daily training of course, just because we were out on a trip doesn’t mean they could slack off.

So far, Eris was the one that has been improving the most with her comprehension of perfect Elemental synchronisation. To think my swordswoman is actually the closest in terms of attaining godhood amongst all my disciples right now, how interesting.

I suppose I have Shuai Ge to thank for that… Which I actually don’t know what happened to him in the end I realised… Oh well, I trust my disciples.

After a few more days went by, we finally reached the border that separates the country of Sun and the Beiyang Empire.

We passed through our side of the checkpoint easily enough; the guards only needed to take one look at our escorts before waving us through.

At this point, I was fully prepared for the trouble to come from the Sun side of the border.

The guards on their side stopped us and asked Alpha what was our purpose of visit.

The wolf girl answered it easily and we were immediately waved through.


That’s it?

I fully expected the procedure to be a full search where the guards would start acting condescending to us or something.

Hmm… I guess since they are a country of trade, they would want to make it easier for visitors to come in. No one would want to do business here if it was too difficult to cross their borders.

Although that brings the question of people smuggling illegal goods in here since they don’t look like they were checking any cargo either.

That’s even assuming they even have such a thing as ‘illegal goods’ in the first place. For all I know, everything can be sold and bought here legally. Oh wait, that’s the case here isn’t it?

Well, not that I care anyway since it’s none of my business, I’m just glad we didn’t face any problems passing their checkpoint.

Now, unlike our side of the border where the checkpoint was just a small fort with a few guard towers and barracks to watch the border, the Sun country had a bustling town connected to the gate.

Of course they wouldn’t waste an opportunity to set up something like this where there’s business to be made. Any travellers coming in would stop here to rest or even just made some purchases before and after crossing the border.

This was also our supposed rest stop for the day as well. As much as it was safer to camp out, sleeping in a bed under a proper roof beats sleeping outside any day.

Delta directed the carriage towards the best accommodations the town had; a rather large three story inn that was spectacularly decorated enough to house foreign dignitaries without shame. It even has a garden at the front complete with a large pond with a willow tree and a stable on the other end.

We stopped in front of the building’s entrance and a few people rushed towards us, presumably servants working here.

I alighted from the carriage and noticed that these servants that were helping us unload were all youkais, specifically beast youkais. That was fine and all except for the fact that they had collars around their necks to signify their slave status.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, I did see slaves being traded like commodities back at Jianye… Ugh… Doesn’t that mean all my youkai companions would also be seen as slaves here as well? That’s not a good sign…

Bracing myself, I stepped past the entrance of the inn and my fears immediately came true.

“Who let beasts in here?!” A voice roared.

Here we go again…


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