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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 757: Get Slapped Trash Bahasa Indonesia

(Lian Li POV)

Ahhhh~ That was soooo satisfying! Before, we always had to hold ourselves back whenever these pieces of trash insulted or disrespected our beloved Master, but now we can just slap their faces whenever we want!

Ehehehe~ Guiying had expected this so she made sure to announce this face slapping thing in front of Master so we can do it without appearing weird in front of Master!

Don’t worry Master! We said that we would protect you, so we’ll definitely protect you from all these lowlifes!

Hmph! Now let’s see who else dares to disrespect Master! I’ll slap them all!

Hmm? Ehehehe~ I can feel Master’s gaze on me… If Master look at me like that, I’ll get embarrassed, Master~

The stall owner that I slapped turned to me with an enraged expression, “How dare you?! Who do you think you are?!”

I didn’t even bother looking at him, “Who do you think you are to disrespect our Master like that? Know your place, trash.”

“What did you call me?!”

“You heard me, trash.”

My words made him even more pissed and he waved his hand to catch the attention of some uselessly muscular men that were sitting a distance away.

They strolled over while cracking their knuckles, each of them at least a head taller than Manami.

“Hey boss, you called? These beggars here making trouble for you?” The largest one of them all asked.

The stall owner pointed his disgusting finger at me, “This bitch raised her hand against me! Take her away and cut off her hands!”

Hmph! Let’s see who’s the one who will have their hands cut off here! I’ll even cut their hands off and slap their faces with it!

I was just moving into my fighting stance when Master raised his hands in a placating gesture, “Now, now. There’s no need to resort to violence is there? We can talk this out, can’t we?”

That trashy stall owner sneered, “Talk? What is there to talk about? Are you an idiot? You must be a brainless idiot to even suggest that!”

This time it was Manami’s turn to step forward to give his other cheek a slap.

“Ara? This bug sure is noisy. Maybe we need to slap it harder for it to stop talking.”

The little trash touched the cheek where he was slapped in disbelief, his puny little mind unable to comprehend he was just slapped again.

Even those guards were looking at us in shock, like they never expected us to raise a hand against their employer right in front of them. Were they really thinking we would be intimidated by their presence?

Master smiled awkwardly, “Err… Would saying that all this is just a misunderstanding help?”

Oh Master~ Why are you so cute~

The stall owner pointed his dirty finger at us again, “What are you waiting for?! Take them all away and cut off their limbs!”

How rude, don’t taint Master’s pure mind with your despicable words.

Eris stepped forward with her hand resting on her sword hilt, “Do you not know who you are threatening? Our Master is the highest being in existence, how dare you take this tone with Him?”

The little trash sneered, “Huh? Highest being in existence? What the hell is that? Are you trying to say that he’s a god? You guys are more delusional than I thought.”

I took offence at his words, “Imbecile! Even if gods were to appear in front of our Master, they would have to bow down to our Master!”

“Ha! Listen to this bitch’s delusions! All of you are not only poor but also entirely out of your minds! This is why poor people like you aren’t welcome here, we would be doing everyone a favour by removing you! Get them!”

The guards moved towards us but Master stepped in front of them to shield us.

“Ok, I think that’s enough. We’ll leave now so let’s just leave it at that, ok? I’d hate it for anyone to get hurt and there’s children here too.”

Ah! So occupied we were by these bunch of trash that we forgot Cai Hong was here too! Of course Master would hate it if little Cai Hong bore witness to this scene!

Not that she would have felt anything seeing it but it’s more for Master’s sake that she doesn’t.

Ah, but Master, these are the types of people who wouldn’t let us go, you know? They can’t be reasoned with and will want to take advantage of you unless you use force.

Oh what am I saying? Of course Master knows! He’s just giving them another chance to repent! Master is always so kind~ Such is the Divine being that is Master!

Unn… But there’s always all these pieces of trash that don’t deserve Master’s kindness, that’s why we’re here to eradicate them. Anyone who can’t understand Master’s greatness does not deserve to exist.

As we had expected, the big trash merely sneered at Master’s words and tried to shove Him aside, an action that we, of course, would never allow to happen.

Kiyomi had reached forward and caught the offending hand before it could touch our Master.

“You are not qualified to touch our Master,” She muttered before flexing her fingers.

There was a loud crack as the trash’s wrist was broken, prompting the trash to shout out in pain and tumble backwards onto the ground. Truly a pathetic sight if you ask me.

The other pieces of trash reached for their weapons but Eris was faster.

Her hand blurred and each of the trash’s sword belts were cut, resulting in their weapons dropping onto the ground before their owners could reach for them.

Before they could even react to their loss of weapons, Tsuki had gone forward and slapped each of their faces with a swing of her arm. The force of the blow was enough to send them crashing into the stall, demolishing it.

The stall owner shrieked and pointed at us again, “You! You! How dare you mess up my goods! We live in a society! You can’t use violence like this! I’ll get you to court and have you imprisoned and tortured for life!”

This is rich coming from the guy who was telling his guards to cut off our limbs, typical trash.

The trash wasn’t finished with his hollering, “Don’t you know who I am?! I have friends! They’ll come for you! You’ll all be locked up and enslaved! I’ll–“

This time it was Brendan’s turn to step forward, our alchemist punching the noisy trash directly in the face and knocking him out.

Of course Manami had dutifully covered little Cai Hong’s eyes for that, even though we know the little dragon would have just chewed the trash up but again, it’s all for Master’s sake.

That seemed to be the last straw for Master as He immediately herded us back to the carriage and gave the order for us to set off. Such a shame, I wanted to smack the other arrogant bastards in those other stalls too.

Oh well, if these are the kind of people we can expect to see in the country of Sun, we’ll have a great time disciplining them!


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