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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 752: Gamma Claims First Blood Bahasa Indonesia


I made them swear to turn themselves in and left it at that. I didn’t really care if they really did turn themselves in or not but if we encountered them again when we come back I’ll just round them up myself.

My disciples insisted that they punish them a little which I assumed meant they were going to give them a sermon. I let them do it since I thought it would be good practice for them when we get to the country of Sun later.

Thus I left them with the bandits while I went back to the carriage to take care of the sleepy cutie that is Cai Hong.

I was a little curious what they said to the bandits though, since it did take them quite a while to come back. But since they came back with big smiles on their faces, I decided not to question it.

We continued on the road for a while more, looking for a suitable place to camp until we came across what could be called an encampment of sorts. There were other wagons and carriages around with many different people setting up tents and campfires for the night.

I’m guessing this is a rest stop for travellers heading to and from the capital city here, since it takes more than one day to get from the Beiyang border to the actual city itself.

Needless to say, we drew quite a lot of attention the moment we entered the clearing.

I exited the carriage with my disciples, creating another stir amongst the crowd when they saw me.

At first I thought it would be just like the bandits who were simply awed by the beauty of my girls but it seems like that wasn’t the case. Ok, there were definitely a few of them whose gazes were directed to the girls but most of them had whispered “Master Lin” under their breaths.

Guess I don’t need to worry about not being recognised here.

My disciples then started to help set up camp with our bodyguards, doing everything with utmost efficiency since it wasn’t our first time camping out.

Meanwhile, I was given a chair to sit on with Cai Hong while waiting for them, my little dragon cuddling my chest and dozing off cutely on my lap.

Unexpectedly, a group of travellers actually approached me but Gamma went to stop them before they got too close. It was at a distance that we could talk without shouting to be heard but far enough that they couldn’t strike me with their sword should they prove to be hostile.

“Master Lin,” The one leading the group greeted me, not minding that he was stopped by the centauress. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties and the armour he was wearing suggested he might be a mercenary accompanying a caravan.

I nodded back to return his greeting though I made no move to allow him any closer, I know that much etiquette at least.

“Master Lin,” He repeated. “Forgive me for being presumptuous, but we just wanted to let you know that there is a group of bandits active around this area right now.”

I smiled at him, “Thank you for the warning. Is the bandit group about thirty or so strong and the leader wears a few pieces of plate armour and an open face helmet?”

The young man blinked, “That’s correct Master Lin. You know him?”

“Not really, but we ran into that group about an hour ago down the road. Don’t worry, I already took care of him and his group so the roads should be safer now.”

He cupped his hands together, “As expected of Master Lin! Those bandits were quite strong but yet they were able to elude justice for so long! Even us Adventurers had a hard time dealing with them. For Master Lin to solve this so easily, you truly are–“

“Hey, you there! I heard you dealt with the bandits down the road?!” A richly dressed man whose clothes were adorned with more gold than I’ve ever seen on a person strutted forward.

Behind him were two guards dressed in armour that looked more ornate than practical, it certainly looks like something Cai Hong could break using a finger. Then again, considering who she really was, I doubt a castle’s walls could stop her if she went all out anyway.

Gamma stopped him from approaching too close as well but instead of halting his advance, he had tried to push past her.

Of course there was no way a normal human like him could push past the tank that was Gamma so he might as well be pushing against a brick wall.

When he realised his efforts were in vain, he scowled at her, “Move you damned beast! Who do you think you are to block my way?!”

Gamma ignored him and turned to me instead, silently asking with her eyes if she should get rid of him.

I held up my hand to let her know not to do anything for now.

“Hello there. Who might you be?” I asked, trying to distract his attention away from her.

He turned back to me still with his scowl, “You there. I heard you say you beat the bandits?”

“That is correct. What about it?”

He crossed his arms, “I’m a spice merchant from the great country of Sun. Those damnable barbarians dare steal my wares and since you beat them, you got my stuff too right? Return it back to me.”

The young Adventurer from before turned to the merchant, “Mister, I’d advise you to change your tone a little. You are speaking to Master Lin, the strongest Practitioner in this–“

“I don’t care who he is,” The merchant cut him off with a wave of his hand. “I just want my wares back. Those cost a fortune that none of you can afford.”

Hmmm… I suppose this is the kind of people I should be expecting to meet there huh…

Although I’m a bit curious how he still has so much gold on him if the bandits did rob him? It can’t be they just took his spices and nothing else, right?

I was just about to tell him that I did not retrieve the things the bandits had stolen when Diao Chan appeared by my side.

She waved her hand and a huge assortment of goods appeared in front of her. Not only were there spices, there were also rolls of silk, boxes of food, chests of gold, crates of weapons and many other trading goods among the pile.

I guess now I know why my disciples took so long to return… They went to retrieve whatever ill gotten loot the bandits had taken.

“Are these yours?” Diao Chan asked impassively.

The merchant’s face lit up, “Yes! Yes! They’re all mine! Give them back now!”

Wow… He just told us he was a spice merchant and he’s trying to claim ownership over all the other goods that were definitely not spices? He probably didn’t even get robbed at all. He really takes us as fools huh.

Diao Chan turned to me, “Master… What should we do?”

I shifted my gaze to the rest of the camp.

Now that I have a proper look, there were some people around that were also obviously merchants except that their wagons were distinctively empty, no doubt also victims of the bandits.

They were all looking at this merchant in front of me with furrowed brows though they did not try to refute him. I’m guessing those guys are locals and they knew who I was, so they didn’t want to make a fuss in front of me.

I ignored the Sun merchant and waved to those other merchants instead, “I know you guys were robbed as well. As long as you’re honest, come here to claim your goods and I won’t even ask for any payment from you.”

The Sun merchant became outraged, “What?! How dare you! Those are all mine! You can’t just–“

Gamma raised her hand and slapped him across the face in one smooth motion, sending him crashing onto the floor.

Err Gamma… Isn’t that… You know what, I’m not gonna question it. It’s probably her honour as a knight or something.

“How dare you?! How dare you?! You’ll pay for this insult!” He screeched.

Gamma turned her chin up at him, “Silence trash. You’re no longer deemed worthy to speak in Master Lin’s presence. Remove yourself from here or I shall remove you myself.”

I thought he might actually start fighting with Gamaa but he simply got up, threw me a hateful look before stalking away with his silent guards.

“He’s definitely going to try something, Master,” Diao Chan commented.

I smiled, “Oh, I know. We’ll just need to keep an eye on him. Help me distribute the stolen goods will you?”

She bit her finger and blushed, “Could I get a reward for it, Master?”

“I’ll give you a good spanking once you’re done.”

“Thank you Master!!”

I smiled as she rushed forward to help distribute the goods, the Witch conspicuously setting aside the spices that presumably belonged to the Sun merchant in front of everyone.

We’ll just need to watch him more carefully when we sleep tonight.


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