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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 751: Oh Look, More Bandits Bahasa Indonesia


“It feels like forever since we were last out on a trip like this, Master,” Lian Li commented while she laid her head on my shoulder, her fingers entwined with mine.

Though we could have just easily teleported there, my disciples and Guiying had insisted that we had to make as grand of an entrance as possible.

That meant we were using a really obnoxiously decorated carriage as our means of transport to get that effect. Apparently that should make the people of Sun look down on us less, though still not by much according to Guiying.

And yes, I said carriage, singular.

It seems like they really pimped out the carriage for this one and I don’t just mean the fact that the outside was ornately decorated either. They used a space expansion inscription to make the inside of the carriage bigger than the outside and the interior was decorated to look more like a sitting room than a normal carriage.

There was a coffee table in the centre surrounded by several sofas and lounge chairs. There was even a bookshelf in the corner of the room and despite it being a moving vehicle, there was an inscription to negate the vibrations that came from the movements of the carriage box.

Of course this was something I could create with a snap of my fingers but this was something Guiying made without my help which was impressive in and of itself.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta were also accompanying us on this trip as our servants this time, since my disciples were there as guards for me.

And no, Gamma was not the one pulling the carriages, we used normal horses for that.

I did ask Guiying if it was alright for her to pool in such resources for me and she simply smiled and said, “Master… Do remember your position is higher than anyone else in existence.”

Then I pointed out that this was going to increase the time needed for us to reach the country of Sun and Guiying just casually said that there was no rush, even suggesting that I could take a look at the capital city of Lin Kingdom while I was on the way there.

Nothing I could say to that so I just accepted it.

Feng Jie had wanted to come along as well but I managed to convince her to stay behind to watch the house. I’m pretty sure if she came along my pants would probably be off more often than on.

So here we are in the carriage on our way to Lin Kingdom’s capital city, aptly named Lin city.

At least it sounds more like it was named after a Family’s name rather than my own so I didn’t have anything against the name… Much.

I noted that Cai Hong had began to nod off on my lap, an indication that we’ve been travelling for a rather long time now.

“As comfortable as this place is, how long are we going to continue travelling?” I asked.

Diao Chan looked up from leaning her head on my other shoulder, “Mmm… We did pass the border a few hours ago so I believe it should be close to sun down soon. Should we tell them that we should find a place to stop? We’ll probably reach the city by tomorrow.”

I nodded at her suggestion and Brendan got up from his seat to move towards the coach window at the front, sliding the glass open to give our instructions to Delta who was acting as our coachwoman.

Just as he was about to close the glass pane shut, we heard the sound of someone shouting and the carriage came to an abrupt halt.

“Stand and deliver! Hand over yer valuables and no one gets hurt!” The voice shouted.

Manami looked up with narrowed eyes, “Ara? Do they not recognise this carriage? Are these people stupid?”

Kiyomi shook her head, “Idiots like these can only recognise that this is an expensive looking carriage. They wouldn’t even know who it is even if there was a sign with Guiying’s name on it.”

“There’s a reason why they are bandits after all,” Elaria sighed.

Tsuki puffed her cheeks, “Hmph, is this Guiying doing her job at all? How can she allow these trash to exist in her country? On the road to Aniue’s city no less!”

I’m not sure if I should be worried or impressed that my disciples were so calm even when we’re being attacked by bandits. Then again… They did battle against Iris so I suppose everything else just can’t compare to her anymore.

‘Ara? Am I that scary, Master?’

I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.

A little worried that our four guards outside might be outnumbered, I gently picked up Cai Hong and placed her on the chair before moving to step outside of the carriage.

“Eh? Is Master going out?” Lian Li asked, surprised.

I nodded, “Yeah, I’m worried they might have a lot of people on their side or even have someone especially strong. Otherwise I don’t see a reason why they thought robbing carriages along the main road was a good idea.”

Eris clapped her hands together, “As expected of Master to have thought so far ahead! This one is once again humbled!”

Er… This isn’t really anything big to be worked up over but ok I guess…

I went to the door and stepped out of the carriage, taking a second to look around our surroundings.

It seems like they were relying on the strength of numbers to do their robbing, my senses picking up at least thirty people around us with ten hidden in the forest with their bows drawn.

Alpha, Beta and Gamma immediately moved to my sides with their weapons drawn, shielding me from the bandits with their bodies.

One of the bandits stepped forward, wearing a few pieces of plate armour and a half helm on his head.

From this guy’s armour, I’m guessing these guys are remnants of the Dong army who settled on a life of banditry after they lost the war.

“Oho? Here I thought what kind of noble mistress was riding in that carriage with such beauties as the guards. Turns out it’s just some rich playboy,” The bandit leader laughed.

He moved his gaze behind me and noticed my girls peeking out from the doorway.

“And what’s this?! Even more beauties inside?! This is one lucky bastard! I changed my mind, we’re not just robbing you now, hand over your girls too!”

Ah, the classic. Of course he was going to ask for that.

I waved my hand at them, “I’m willing to pay you guys to leave us alone. How’s that sound?”

“Master is too kind…” Lian Li whispered behind me which I heard my other disciples murmur in agreement.

“Ha? Who do you think you are to negotiate with us? If I say we’re taking everything, we’re taking everything! Now get the girls out of the carriage to come entertain us and I might let you leave here in one piece!”

I sighed, “In that case, how about you guys surrender and turn yourselves in? It’s still not too late to regret this.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” He roared, unsheathing his sword.

Sensing his aggression, Alpha moved in front of me to defend me despite it being unnecessary. Got to pat her on the head later.

The bandit growled at me, “I’m going to cut your limbs and make you watch as we… Eh? Why do you look… No… No, no, no… Nonononononononono!”

One moment the bandit leader was advancing towards me with a smirk but his eyes suddenly widened and he dropped to the floor on his haunches, his sword clattering away from him noisily.

He scurried a few steps away and pointed a finger at me, “Y-y-y-y-you can’t be here!! You’re supposed to be dead!”

I simply smiled at him and said nothing.

“Boss? Are we attacking them?” One of the other bandits asked.

The bandit leader ignored his subordinate and immediately got down on his knees with his head pressed into the ground, “I did not know it was the venerable Master Lin’s entourage! Please show mercy!!!”

His subordinates all gasped in shock and all of them sank to their knees as well.

“Please grant us mercy, venerable Master Lin!!” All of them shouted in unison.

Hmm… This actually feels much better than those times I got robbed I have to admit… Better not make this a habit.

“As expected of Master. Master can make others get on their knees just by showing His face,” Eris whispered.

“Ehehe~ Master can make me go on my knees any day~” Diao Chan giggled.

I’ll just ignore those comments… Now what to do with them?


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