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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 750: You Have My Express Permission To Slap Faces Bahasa Indonesia


As Guiying had requested, I had all my disciples join us at my pavilion to listen to what the empress had to say. With the exception of Cai Hong who was playing in the garden with Joanne, everyone else was listening to the monarch attentively.

Guiying then went on to repeat whatever she had told me which confused me quite a bit since I could have told them that myself as well, making me wonder why she insisted on telling them herself.

Elaria raised her hand, “So we just need to go make those stuck up idiots listen to us?”

Guiying nodded, “Pretty much. We just need them to hand the Dark Sect over to us, that’s all.”

My little sister tilted her head, “Then isn’t that simple? A bullet through an idiot’s head should be enough to shut them up.”

Our empress chuckled, “Huhu~ If only it were that simple. These people are the kind of vermin who wouldn’t believe they stand a chance of losing even when everything around them went up in flames. Killing their leader will just put another equally, if not even more, obnoxious one in their place.”

Elaria bit her thumb, “Tch… So even having OSSN Sun Destroyer appear over them wouldn’t work huh?”

“Unfortunately not. If anything, they might even complain to us that we were ruining their view of the sky and demand compensation from us.”

Manami frowned, pausing in her action of caressing my chest, “Ara? So they’re a country of idiots then? How have they even survived so far as a country?”

Though the fox sisters aren’t really in heat anymore, they will still be rather starved for attention in the coming days.

Or at least… That’s what they told me. I’m actually half convinced they were using this as an excuse to molest me.

Tsuki answered for Guiying, “Unfortunately, a good mind for business does not necessarily equate a good mind for common sense. So blinded they are by their greed and position that they truly believe themselves to be kings of the entire world.”

Eris tilted her head and spoke in Bait’s voice, “Dey’ sound really dumb ta’ be left aroun’. Why not we jus’ git’ rid of ’em?”

“I’d love to but since they control the majority of the trade on this continent, the damage done would be catastrophic for everyone if they were removed from the continent. Part of my plan was to make the capital city of the Lin Kingdom the new main hub of commerce seeing that it’s located in the middle of everyone after all. Once we take that advantage away from them, we can then get rid of them whenever we want.”

Err… Not sure how I should feel about hearing that but ok I guess?

Kiyomi broke our kiss long enough to ask, “In that case, what should we do? There’s a reason why you asked to speak to us specifically, correct?”

Guiying grinned, “We all know Master is benevolent beyond compare, right?”



Sorry no, what?

I mean… I have been called generous or kind before but I most definitely don’t think that I’m ‘benevolent beyond compare’ at all.

I thought my disciples might say something about that but all of them just nodded along like Guiying just said the most natural thing.


Emm… I actually feel rather embarrassed now…

Was that how my disciples have always seen me?

I didn’t really have a chance to think about it since Manami’s face came into my view and my thoughts were fully occupied by how soft her lips were.

Guiying continued, “Right, so of course those vermin are going to take advantage of Master’s kindness and think that Master is a pushover. That’s where you all come in!”

My disciples tilted their heads at the empress to show they had no idea what she was suggesting.

“All of you will accompany Master there as His bodyguards. If you meet anyone who dares to disrespect Master, feel free to teach them a lesson. There’s no need to hold back even, we need to show them that we mean business.”

“Err… I don’t think killing them is a good idea though…” Brendan protested.

“Oya? I never said anything about killing though?” Guiying giggled. “Just beating them around and making them regret they were ever born would be enough.”

Diao Chan gasped, “Ohhh~ You mean we are free to be as rough as we like openly without repercussions?”

“Hehe~ That’s right! Feel free to slap as many faces as you want, within reason of course.”

I broke the kiss with Manami to protest, “Hold on, isn’t that also a bad idea? That’ll make you look like a tyrant who sent out a diplomat that has his bodyguards beat up the citizens of another country.”

Guiying waved her hand, “Ahahaha, Master~ This is the only language that these idiots can understand. I don’t really care if they see me as a tyrant because what can they do? The worst they’ll do is cut off our trade routes but that’ll also mean a big chunk of their money’s gone too. That’s the one thing they can see that will happen and thus would avoid doing.”

“And war?” I pointed out.

She shrugged, “If they are the ones who declare war on us first then we have the moral high ground. The countries of Mei and Han wouldn’t have a reason to help them if they are the aggressors. The country of Mei especially wouldn’t want to be on our bad side.”

I’m guessing the reason why the country of Mei doesn’t want a war with us has something to do with a giant rock.

The countries of Mei and Han probably had a defensive pact signed with Sun that obligates them to fight a defensive war but not an aggressive one. Seems like Guiying really thought this one out.

“I see…” I conceded. “I suppose we’ll just go with that… Is everyone else ok with that?”

Lian Li nodded her head enthusiastically, “Ehehe~ For us to be the one protecting Master this time… Of course we would be fine with it!”

The others also agreed with her in unison, so there was no need for me to say anything else.

Well… I did teach them to be kind as well so there shouldn’t be any issues with that. I’m guessing at most they would just tell them off or maybe slap a face or two metaphorically before moving on, shouldn’t be too bad I suppose.

It’ll also help them learn how to deal with such pests in society so I guess it’ll be a good experience for them as well.

Guess we should go pack up and prepare for a trip.


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