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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 744: Stop Hitting Yourself Bahasa Indonesia

(Eris POV)

We readied ourselves for another clash, each of us imbuing our swords with our respective Elemental Quarks.

The bitch’s sword was also lit aflame while she lowered her stance, preparing to receive our attacks.

Laverna attacked first, slashing her sword to blast a stream of water towards her.

The bitch responded by blasting out her own stream of fire to block the water stream.

The result was an explosion of steam in the centre that blocked our view of one another.

Denna took the chance to slash her own sword to create an air blade that cut through the steam, pushing the fog away and cutting straight towards where the bitch had been.

The wind blade dispersed the steam and ended up cutting empty air, that bitch having already moved before the blade could reach her.

We looked up and there she was, her sword held at her hips in preparation to unleash another blast of fire at us.

We were already expecting something like that, however, so Bait was ready to counter the bitch with her own blast of fire from her sword.

The two attacks cancelled each other out, giving me the space I needed to shoot out my lightning again.

It appears that this time she was not ready for it, the bitch screaming out in pain as my lightning struck her dead in the chest and sent her flying back.

Ahhh, that scream she gave out was quite cathartic, I want to make her do that again.

She tried to right herself midair to land on her feet but Laverna was already below her with her sword in her sheathe.

“Wind… Breath…” She whispered, gathering all the Air Quarks beneath her feet to propel herself upwards behind the flailing bitch.

Her sword slashed out from her sheathe in the blink of an eye. Normally that would have taken the head of anyone in front of her but her slash was met with the bitch’s blade before it could hit her target.

“NiCE TRY, BUT I SaW THAT COMinG! CAN’t BELIEVE YOU FELL FOR THIS!” She roared, shoving Laverna back down towards the ground.”

Damn… And here I thought her getting hit was a legitimate blow… I really want to make her suffer now…

Both of them landed on their feet and that was the signal for us to continue our attack.

Bait took the front and clashed her sword with the bitch’s, using Earth Quarks to keep herself steady to compensate for the difference in strength.

While Bait kept the Bitch’s blade locked, Denna moved to her left while I moved to the right.

I sheathed my sword and sucked in a deep breath, concentrating my senses to gather the Quarks in the air.

Darkness wrapped itself along my body like a cloth, rendering me one with the shadows.

Denna drew her attention away with an attempted strike on her back, forcing the bitch to take a step back from her to avoid it.

Laverna then appeared from where I had been, bringing her own lightning infused sword down on top of her head.

“USELESS! EVEN IF the FOUR OF YOU ATTACKED ME AT THE sAME TIME, ThE RESULT WILL BE THE SaME! rEpeNT AND I MAY stILL SHOW YOU MERCY!” She screeched, parrying the sword away with a blast of fire from her own blade.

She then delivered a kick towards Laverna who had to block it with her sword, the blow still sending her skidding away.

“Ya talk too much ya fuckin’ bitch!” Bait roared, swinging her sword in an underhand slash towards her side.

The bitch rotated her sword around in her grip to block Bait’s blow, stopping the blade dead in its tracks.

I moved to her blind spot and stabbed my sword towards her neck, the darkness around me ensuring that I remained invisible.

Unexpectedly, she leaned her body away at the last moment, letting my sword sail past her harmlessly.


I gasped as her fist was slammed into my gut, blowing me back and crashing into Denna who was supposed to attack her from the other side should my attack fail.

Bait was then subjected to a hilt smash in her chest, the attack shattering her earthen armour and also sending her stumbling back from the bitch.


Ugh… As much as I hate to admit it, there’s no way we can beat her in our current state. If all four of us were in the same body, we might stand a chance.

Is this the furthest I can go?

Just when I was beginning to doubt myself, Laverna stood back up and pointed her sword at her.

“… Master chose us… You… Unworthy…”

Bait stood up as well, “Heh… The prude is right! Master picked us ‘imself! Ain’t no way ya gonna take our place! So what if you’re stronger than us? That’s jus’ cause ya combined! We jus’ need ta become four times stronger on our own!!”

She let out a roar and her body began to glow a fiery orange while embers sparked into existence around her.

Is she imbuing her own body with Quarks? But that’s something all of us can already do?

No wait… She’s going beyond… She’s becoming the fire itself?!

“Stop that!” I screamed. “You’re just going to burn yourself out of–“

Her body burst into flames and we had to shield our eyes from the light and heat emitted from her actions.

When it finally died down, we all turned to look and… There was a pile of ashes at where Bait had been…

Great… What am I supposed to do now? I’ll need to ask Master to restore her don’t I?

“Surprise mothafucka!!” A bunch of fire in the shape of a person came crashing down on top of the bitch, slamming a fist made of fire into her face and sending her flying.

Oh… There’s Bait being literal fire right now.

I guess the ashes we saw were her clothes that were burned away since she’s… Kind of naked right now…

“Oh by Master! You girls need ta’ try this!! I feel damn fuckin’ awesome!! Just move all that fuzzy feeling out to your body and you got it! Now excuse me while I go kick that bitch’s ass!!”

The bitch in question was less than amused by her words.


Bait punched her in the face before she could even finish her words, sending her crashing into the ground.

She continued to rain blows down on the bitch, giving a shout of glee as she continued to pummel the bitch.

The bitch managed to recover for a brief moment and slashed her sword at Bait’s chest, cutting her body clean in two.

Bait actually showed no reaction to it and her body simply reformed back to normal so that she can punch her in the face again.

She gave out a very satisfying “Mngyaa!!” sound that was accompanied with the cracking sound of her nose breaking.

There was an explosion of mist and I turned to see Laverna’s body transformed into water, the quiet girl already moving forward to join Bait in beating the bitch.

Next was Denna who transformed herself into air, blasting past me to stomp on the bitch’s face.

How rude… I want in on that too.

Time to transform I guess.

Needless to say, we continued to beat her until Master wouldn’t be able to recognise her.


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