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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 745: Stop Using His Face Bahasa Indonesia

(Brendan POV)

“So quick question. Do we know where to find this piece of trash?” Elaria asked with a raised hand.

Sister Lian Li tapped her chin with a finger, “Where would a megalomaniac with an unhealthy obsession with Master be?”

All of us turned to look at Tsuki.

She frowned, “What? Why are all of you looking at me?”

“Because we only know one person who did that and she’s related to you,” I explained.

“What? That Iris woman? I barely talked to her and she was only using me. I wouldn’t know how she thinks, assuming she even thinks in the first place.”

That is true, I wouldn’t be surprised if the only thing going through her head was simply thoughts of Master. Then again, I wouldn’t blame her, this is Master we are talking about after all.

Diao Chan chuckled, “If it was me, I’d want to stay near Master or somewhere where I can watch Master at all times. Ahhh… What I would not give to just watch Master all day~”

I felt a flash of inspiration from her words.

I gasped, “That’s it! That’s where he’ll be! He’s definitely somewhere near Master!”

“But where can he be?” Lian Li asked. “We saw how the fake one destroyed his existence and we even felt his presence dissipate… Unless…”

Elaria threw her hands in the air, “Unless that fake Onii-sama was him all along?!”

“Arrghh!! He made us run back and forth twice!! Aniue must think we’re really silly now!!” Tsuki screamed out in frustration.

To think a bastard like him managed to fool us twice…

No… This makes no sense…

We’re most definitely not on Master’s level but we definitely aren’t new Practitioners that just started cultivating. How did a student Practitioner with less than a week of learning experience manage to lead us around by the nose?

This is weird no matter how you look at it.

Could there be someone else? A more powerful backer or some other mastermind behind the scenes perhaps? Otherwise, how would this person be able to stay unknown until now? With such a power, he should have been at least an Elite or even a Master at least, there’s no way we could have missed this at the entrance test.

Perhaps he’s an agent of the Dark Sect sent here to spy on the Sect but decided to abandon his mission because he became infatuated with Master?

I guess we’ll find out after we have him beaten black and blue while hanging upside down from a ceiling. The most important thing now is to return back to Master before this trash does something weird again.

The five of us quickly flew back to Master’s courtyard, the ones that could fly carrying those that couldn’t. Which basically meant that I was carried under Diao Chan’s arm like a sack of potatoes.

I should remember to create some potions that grant flight or something…

We landed in the middle of Master’s courtyard again, finding Master seated at his usual place in the pavilion with Cai Hong on his lap, sipping away calmly on his tea.

The fake took the seat across from him, a cup of coffee in front of him while he stared at our Master.

“Oh? You guys are back fast. So did you get him?” Master asked with his usual smile.

It’s the sort of smile that showed us He knew exactly why we were here but was pretending not to know.

Before any of us could even answer Him, there was a loud ‘bang!’ from behind me and something whizzed past my ear to fly towards the fake.

The thing bounced off the fake’s shield harmlessly, giving off a loud, metallic clink sound as it did so.

“Tsk… He had a shield…” Elaria muttered, lowering the weapon I saw her use to shoot at the trash’s dead body before.

The fake tilted his head in our direction, “Elaria? I know I may not be the real one, but shooting at me just for that is a bit much, don’t you think?”

“Stop using Master’s figure and voice you trash!” Lian Li roared. “We know you are that piece of trash Shuai Ge! We’ve come to make you pay for messing with Master!”

The fake looked confused, “What? What are you talking about? If you’re looking for the guy who created this mirror world, I’m not him you know? He created me, remember?”

I stepped forward, “Cut the bullshit. We know it’s you. There’s no way you would pass up the chance to be as close to Master as possible, so quit pretending you’re not him.”

He looked so genuinely confused by my words that I actually started to doubt myself if he really was our target.

“Don’t need to doubt yourself,” Master called out, flashing us his proud smile. “You got the answer kind of right. He’s a mirror of me, that’s true, but Shuai Ge is also hiding in between the dimensions of this world in the same position as he is as well. So he’s both Shuai Ge and not Shuai Ge at the same time.”

“Eh? What?” Elaria replied eloquently.

Master chuckled, “He created not just this mirror world but also another one where it’s a reflection of this one with no one else but himself in it. By matching the mirror me’s position with his own, he can temporarily merge the two worlds together so that his consciousness crosses over to take fake me’s place whenever he wants. Pretty impressive if you ask me.”

The fake Master broke into a smile, “As expected of Master Lin! You are absolutely correct~ Why don’t we just go to the bedroom now? I promise that after we join our bodies once, you won’t want anyone else ever again!”

Master blinked at him, “I see you’ve switched over and destroyed that other world… You don’t feel anything?”

“Hehe~ The real one always beats the fake one any day! So what do you say, Master Lin?”

“How about you go play with my disciples first? Then we’ll talk,” Master waved at him, picking up his tea cup. “Oh, I already fortified this entire courtyard so feel free to go wild. Nothing will get broken here.”

“Ohh! Is Master Lin giving me a chance? You won’t regret this! I’ll be right back!”

Tsk, that comment was obviously directed at us and yet this trash dares to assume it was for him…

The fake Master pushed himself away from the table and skipped towards us.

Somehow every action of his was infinitely infuriating.

The fake Master stood there with his hands on his hips, “Ok, you guys might as well just give up. I know there’s no way any of you can hit your precious Master so–“

A figure dashed forward and punched him in the face, sending him crashing into the wall of Master’s courtyard at the very far end.

“SHUT UPPPPP!!! I’ve had enough of you using Master’s face and voice!! I’m going to punch your face in until you can’t speak anymore!” Lian Li roared, her whole body encased in lightning.

Well, she definitely said what we all wanted to say. With Master watching us, there’s no way we can fail in front of Him.

The faster we’re done beating this trash down, the faster we can get to the fun part of torturing him.


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