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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 731: Remember? It’s Still Mating Season Bahasa Indonesia


I teleported us to Sect Master Qing’s courtyard, finding him seated cross-legged in the centre with his eyes closed in deep concentration.

Right, this is the time where people usually do their morning cultivation.

I was considering just waiting for Sect Master Qing to be done first when Feng Jie pointed a finger at him, “Master Lin, who’s this old fart?”

I let out a sigh as her words broke his concentration and he opened his eyes immediately.

“Master Lin! You’re returned! And Little Cai Hong too!” Sect Master Qing greeted, getting up on his feet quickly.

Feng Jie… That was a little rude, you know? You don’t just break a Practitioner out of his cultivation like that.

Oh well, what’s done is done.

“Hello ‘unkewl’~” Cai Hong waved cutely.

I cupped my hands together, “Hello Sect Master Qing, sorry to intrude on you like that.”

He returned my greeting, “Nonsense! There’s nothing more important than Master Lin. I assume you’re here because the issue at the branch Sect has been resolved?”

What do you mean there’s nothing more important than… Oh right, you’re also part of the fanclub. I actually forgot about that thing’s existence… I want to forget about it again.

“That’s right,” I affirmed, trying to put the fanclub memory to the back of my head. “They’re clean, so no need for us to confront them about it anymore. There was just a Dark Sect guy threatening them to do as he told them to but I dealt with him already.”

Sect Master Qing breathed a sigh of relief but Feng Jie made herself known then.

“Eh? This guy is the Sect Master and not Master Lin? But why?”

Sect Master Qing finally noticed her presence, “Oh? And I thought Master Lin wasn’t taking in any new disciples anymore.”

I shook my head, “No, no. She’s just a random thousand year old phoenix I picked up that got herself attached to me. You don’t need to care about her that much.”

Feng Jie pouted but said nothing while Sect Master Qing merely blinked at me.

Sect Master Qing coughed, “I… Suppose it’s Master Lin after all. Anyway… Is there anything else in regards to the branch Sect?”

“Yes. Their teaching methods need improvement, I was thinking if we could send some people over to help them with that, seeing they are our branch Sect after all.”

“Hmm… I would have to discuss this with the others. Do you have anyone in mind to take over the teaching role?”

I nodded, “I was going to suggest having my disciples take that role, it would be a good experience for them. Although there’s some things I need to take care of first so it won’t be immediate.”

“Oh? If that is the case then there’s no need for us to be worried Master Lin. We can leave it all to you.”

Eh? Is that even alright? Are you sure no one else would complain or… Right… Everyone’s in the fanclub… Of course they’d be alright with it.

Forget about the fanclub, forget about the fanclub, forget about the fanclub…


I gestured to Feng Jie, “So is it alright for her to stay with me? She’s still a phoenix and one of my disciples can make use of her.”

“Ohhh, Master Lin can make use of me whenever you want~” Feng Jie said cheekily, giving me her standard bedroom eyes again.

“Of course it is, Master Lin, it’s your Se… Ahem, I mean… You are still the Sect advisor after all.”

“Nice, alright, let me talk to my disciples first to decide what to do with them. I think we should be heading there within the month or so.”

“Of course, Master Lin. I will inform Master Xiao of the decision in the meantime.”

I thanked him before I turned to leave Sect Master Qing’s courtyard after he saw me out.

Feng Jie turned back to look at the courtyard we just left, “Hmm… I still don’t get it. Is this Sect Master Qing stronger than Master Lin?”

“No, and before you ask, strength has nothing to do with it. He’s more experienced in managing Sect matters than I am so it would make sense that he’s the Sect Master. They tried to offer the position to me but I turned it down.”

“Ooohh~ So he’s like a simple figurehead person eh? Got it~”

“No, no, that’s not the case at all. I’m merely an advisor ok?” I denied.

“Oya? Of course, of course. Hehehehe~” Feng Jie giggled rather creepily.

Not sure why she’s laughing like that though… Maybe she’s gone quite a bit crazy in the head. Then again, she wasn’t normal to begin with anyway.

“Papa, strongest!” Cai Hong squealed out suddenly, hugging my arm.

“Ha ha, yes, yes. Your papa is the strongest,” I chuckled, patting Cai Hong on the head.

Mmhmm, I don’t need to think about anything else when I have my cute little Cai Hong here with me.

We soon reached my courtyard and… I could already tell that there was something amiss before even going in.

For some reason, I could feel a rather oppressive aura coming from within, like there’s something really bad waiting inside.

I wasn’t even imagining it since Cai Hong hid behind me and Feng Jie was also shivering visibly.

“What… I… I suppose it’s as expected of Master Lin’s home… This pressure… It seems like I’m reminded again of the difference in power…” Feng Jie muttered in between breaths.

No, no, this isn’t how it’s usually like. There’s definitely something wrong here.

I put a barrier over both Cai Hong and Feng Jie to ease the effects of the aura before cautiously making my way inside.

The first thing I noticed was that everything actually looks normal.

My disciples were doing their own cultivation practices normally and there wasn’t anything around that suggested it was the cause of the oppressive aura.

“Master!” Eris gasped, being the first to notice me since she didn’t need to be in meditation like the others.

I thought she would then start running towards me to hug me like always but contrary to my expectations, she screamed, “Master! Run! Get away from here!”

I didn’t even have time to question why when the door to my disciples’ room suddenly burst open and several things came shooting out of it towards me.

I almost tried to disintegrate the things until I realised they were a bunch of red and white fox tails.

That was when I realised I did not see Manami and Kiyomi in the courtyard.

The tails then wrapped themselves around me and I was immediately pulled inside the room with incredible force, the door shutting tightly behind me.

“Maaaaasterrrr~” I heard a voice moan.

It was hard to tell who the voice belonged to since I was buried under a mound of fluffy tails mixed with what I recognised to be my clothes.

The tails slowly parted to reveal Manami and Kiyomi, both of them in their naked glory and literally drooling at the sight of me.

Oh yeah… It’s their mating season.

Umm… Guess I’ll see you guys in a bit…


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