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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 732: It Was Still Not The End Bahasa Indonesia


“Master… I love you…” Kiyomi muttered in her sleep.

I carefully extracted myself from the entanglement of naked flesh and fur.

So this was an unforeseen problem in the cultivation technique I had given the two of them…

If they were in their mating season, this dual cultivation technique only serves to make them go into heat even more.

And since their mate isn’t here, they couldn’t even get themselves off and their libido would just keep growing and growing. That resulted in them trying to scratch that itch with each other which in turn only makes it even worse, spiralling into an endless cycle.

My clothes must have helped abate the effects a little with my smell but it didn’t eliminate it. I’m pretty sure Manami and Kiyomi had been rolling around in the hay non-stop ever since they went into heat on the very first day.

Because their sexual frustrations weren’t satisfied for these few days, it just kept growing and growing until today, thus the oppressive aura I felt.

Well, everything’s fine now. Though it took a while, my two foxes were thoroughly sated and were now napping with satisfied smiles on their faces.

I dressed myself properly before stepping out of the room, only to come face to face with the rest of my girls waiting outside the room. Even Feng Jie was standing amongst them.

“Master…” Lian Li began, fidgeting visibly.

“Eh? Is something wrong?”

“Ermm… When Manami and Kiyomi were doing that… They also kind of released some sort of pheromones… So… We’re also quite backed up now…”

Ok… Well, what can I do right? It’s my cute disciples after all.

I stepped back inside the room and held the door for them, letting my girls enter before shutting the door behind them.

The lock barely had time to slide into place before hands had already reached out to pull me deeper into the room.

Yeah… Sorry… I’ll see you guys in a bit again.


(Iris POV)

I watched as Master engaged in sexual intercourse with these moving pieces of flesh he calls his disciples.

Normally I would stand there and enjoy the show where I would admire every single iota of movement Master makes. The way his body moves, the breath he takes, the expression he makes and even the aura he emits, they were just absolute perfect works of art.

But unfortunately, I couldn’t do that now.

It might seem like Master had stopped my plans on converting him back to his perfect self back then, but everything that I’ve done so far was only the setup for my real plan.

As much as Master wanted to deny and reject it, he was still gradually changing back to his normal, perfect self, further proof that his past self was the perfect one.

By making him conscious of it, he would put more emphasis on caring for the people closer to him, then he would start to see the others as insignificant.

Then, as the number of people he cares about slowly starts to decrease over time, he would be back to how he was like in the past, back to perfection.

It might take billions of years before this happens but I was prepared to wait. Time was absolutely not an issue for me.

Even now I can see Master was changing slightly. He was already dismissing the people around him casually like it was no big deal to him.

Master wouldn’t have dealt with the death of that worthless moving flesh so casually like that and even leave the old skin bag grieving over it. But yet Master hadn’t even tried to console him which he would have done before all of this happened.

It was the right decision to End that boy’s sense of balance and make him fall off the tree.

Things were going according to plan.

I hid my presence just as one of those moving pieces of flesh started to devour Master’s lips, allowing me to slip out of the room undetected.

“Mama… Are you going to hurt Papa again?” The young Myriad Colour Dragon asked the moment I stepped out of the room, the dragon looking like she had been waiting in front of it for a while now.

“I am merely helping Master achieve his perfect self again. He might not think he needs it now, but he will when the time comes. Besides, this is none of your business, dragon. Now step aside.”

“… Yes, Mama…” The dragon dropped her head and retreated away from me.

I took another step forward and I Ended the space in between me and my destination, allowing me to step directly into where I wanted to be in an instant.

In front of me was another moving piece of flesh who was deep in meditation.

I snapped my fingers and Ended his meditation, causing him to be violently woken up in the process.

“Wha… What the? Who? Eh?”

“You are only allowed to nod or shake your head. You are not allowed to speak to me. You are not allowed to look at my face. You will forget this conversation ever happened and believe the new desires you got were completely of your own accord.”

The flesh bag promptly lowered his head to look at my feet, nodding his head to show his understanding.

I reached into my sleeve and took out a piece of Master’s cloth that I managed to sneak out from the pile inside the room just now.

Giving it a long sniff, I enjoyed Master’s smell before dropping the cloth on top of the boy’s head.

“You found this piece of cloth by chance when the wind blew it into your room. Once you hold it, the following will occur: Your infatuation with Master will be increased fivefold; Your desires will be increased fivefold; Your special ability’s limits will be expanded by tenfold. You will proceed to plan and carry out actions that would fulfill your desires.”

The moving flesh nodded his head again.

With his conditioning done, I snapped my fingers and Ended the possibility of Omniscience revealing this part of the past to anyone. Of course if Master simply willed the Origin of such an action away, everything that I have tried to hide from Master will be revealed.

It’s a good thing that Master has not gone that far yet so my ruse is still holding up.

Now that this particular event is prepared, I took a step back and I was back inside the room again where Master was still entangled in the sea of naked flesh.

Mmm~ Master looks so perfect~



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