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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 728: Here’s Your Dead Grandson Bahasa Indonesia


“Eh? You’re already done? But I was hoping we’d spend the next few days just in bed and in between each other’s legs…” Feng Jie whined pathetically.

Seriously… Even after all that the only thing you can think about is still sex. I’m pretty sure she’s more of a succubus than a Phoenix at this point.

I sighed, “I do have other things to do than just laying in bed all day, you know?”

“Come on, what could be more important than letting someone pleasure you all day long?”

“I hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure you’re the one who gets the most out of our night sessions.”

She actually puffed up her chet proudly, “But of course! As if anyone could say Master Lin was the one getting the better part of the bargain when they lay with someone as desirable as you!”

I don’t know about that. My disciples do quite a good job in making me feel like I’m the one getting the better part of the deal, so it might just be a user problem.

I shook my head, “Anyway, I’ve spent enough time away from my disciples so after I do my announcement, I’m leaving.”

Feng Jie pinched her chin with her thumb and index finger, “Hmm… Are those two foxes there as well?”

“You mean Manami and Kiyomi?”

“No, no. Those two foxes who keep hanging by your shoulders.”

“Oh, Akari and Shiori? They’re still busy I believe so… No, they won’t be there. Why?”

She clapped her hands together, “That’s great! In that case, I’ll go with you, Master Lin!”

Right… Now I know why she asked if they were there.

The two foxes don’t really like this succubus phoenix getting close to me so if they aren’t there, she only has my disciples to worry about. But my girls wouldn’t actively stop her from approaching me either so it’s pretty much free reign for her.

Well, no reason to stop her from following me anyway. At the end of the day, she’s still a legendary phoenix despite her insatiable appetite for sex, so we could stil use her.

Brendan especially would find her presence quite useful for his research into making Origin liquid so she’ll be a boon.

“Whatever, just pack your things and be ready to leave. I’m not hanging around here for another day.”

“Oya? Really?! I’ll do it right away!” She squealed, rushing back into the room.

Sighing to myself, I moved out of the building and out into the courtyard.

I breathed in deeply, mentally preparing myself for what’s going to happen today.

Suddenly, I felt a tug on my sleeve.

“Papa, go home?” Cai Hong asked, the little dragon pulling on my sleeve while looking up at me with sparkly eyes.

I reached down and patted her head, “In a while, Cai Hong. You want to wait with Mama while Papa does some work?”

Cai Hong turned to look at Iris who still had her attention locked on me. I did made it such that Cai Hong could see her and if Iris did not approve of it, she did not say anything.

She thought about it for a moment before shaking her head, “Cai Hong stay with Papa?”

“Ok, ok. Stay close to Papa, ok?”


She latched herself onto my hand and began humming merrily.

So cute.

The three of us made our way out of the guest courtyard. The Elders who were monitoring the courtyard since the beginning were still there so I used a Technique to eavesdrop on them.

“By the gods, that lucky son of a bitch…”

“I knew it! Pay up now you old scoundrel! I told you they were having sex in there!”

“There’s no way they made a child in one night! There’s something wrong here!”

“How do you know? Maybe that’s how Phoenixes breed, you don’t know that. Now pay up!”

“It’s a bird right? We’ll go in and check later, if there’s no eggshells then it’s definitely not!”

Is this branch Sect really alright? I really should get Sect Master Qing to send some people over to take care of this place.

Ignoring the squabbling Elders, I moved towards the inner Sect area to look for Master Xiao.

This time I used the main entrance to get there so I was naturally stopped by the guards since I was still in my Wugui disguise.

One of the guards stepped in front of me, “Halt! What business do you have– Oh… It’s you, Wugui. Here to see your grandfather again for some other favour?”

I was just about to affirm that when the guard beside him elbowed his buddy in the ribs, “Shhhh! Haven’t you heard? Our Ancestor Phoenix personally endorsed him! Don’t do anything stupid, you idiot!”

When the first guard heard what his friend said, he turned to me and showed me a face like he was looking at an alien.

I shrugged, “I’m here to see my old man. Can I go in now?”

The guards stepped aside without another word, letting me walk past them. The only reaction they gave to Cai Hong was a raised eyebrow but no one else said anything more after what the first guard had told them.

When I was just barely out of sight from the gate, there was a gust of wind and Elder Gui was standing in front of me, the Elder looking quite haggard.

“Ma… Master Lin, yes?” He muttered.

I nodded.

“My grandson… He… He’s really dead?”

“Do you want his body?”

He nodded silently.

I snapped my fingers and brought Wugui’s body out, placing the dead boy in front of my feet.

The Elder knelt down in front of the body, checking if he was really dead before sighing.

“Master Lin… I’ve tried my best to be a good grandfather, but I knew my pampering made Wugui the useless boy he was… Perhaps I should have been harder on him when he was young but… No, I should not give an excuse… Master Lin, what would it take for you to bring my grandson back to life?”

“I’d ask why you even thought I was capable of doing that?”

He gave me a sad smile, “You are Master Lin after all. Am I right to believe that you are above even death?”

I smiled wryly, “Perhaps. It is true I might be able to do so but no, there’s nothing anyone can do that can make me bring him back.”

I could do it with a simple thought but I didn’t want to make this a habit. If I keep bringing people back to life and no one dies in this world, then that’s going to bring its own host of problems I don’t want to deal with.

The Elder sighed, “I see… I still thank you for at least preserving his body, Master Lin. If there’s anything you need of me in the future, just let this useless grandfather know.”

He gently picked up his dead grandchild’s body and flew away.

Cai Hong looked up at me, “Papa? Weird uncle?”

I sighed, “No, just a sad one. Let’s go.”


Well if it’s any consolation, Wugui didn’t get sent to the Abyss so that counts for something, right?


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