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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 727: Another Rebellious Child? Bahasa Indonesia


The red slime actually resigned itself and told me everything it knew, which was surprisingly not a lot.

It seems like the slime was merely another pawn in the Dark Sect used to monitor this branch Sect, it wasn’t even part of an elite group or anything like that.

Although it did give me an interesting fact: this slime used to be a human male.

Apparently they had someone there who was capable of transforming other people into monsters. The only problem is that they can’t turn back into humans once they were turned into monsters.

I asked why someone like him would consent to turn into a slime and the only thing he said was, “Tentacles.”

Well, good enough.

Too bad he never got the chance to use them in the way he wanted to since he had to focus on completing his mission first. At least the girls and boys here weren’t traumatised by his fetishes.

I did ask what he was trying to monitor around here and he claimed he was waiting for someone to show up. He didn’t know who it was but he was instructed to simply wait here until someone found him.

He wasn’t even sure if the meeting between us was what they had expected or if it was meant to be someone else he should have been waiting for.

How curious…

If it was the former… Could the current leader of the Dark Sect be someone with some sort of future sight? Or were they just expecting my return and left him here as a distraction while they did something elsewhere?

Unfortunately, this slime guy was also just a pawn so he doesn’t know anything more than that.

I was so tempted to just go ahead and find out who was the mastermind using omniscience, but I decided I’ll just let the surprise hold for now.

‘But why, Master?’

Why not? I’m in no hurry to know. Could they even do anything to me even if they tried?

‘Mmm… I suppose not.’

And I bet if they could, you would have Ended them long ago, wouldn’t you?

‘Ufufufu~ That goes without saying, Master. Such trash is not supposed to exist in the first place.’

Uh-huh, now I’m plenty worried about just exactly how many existences have you snuffed out throughout your time following me around.

‘Ara, ara? What is there to worry about Master? The Universe looks to be existing just fine without them.’

I can’t say anything if you put it that way…

Anyway, this Dark Sect mastermind isn’t someone like that right?

‘Oya? Does Master want me to spoil it?’

No, no, it’s a simple yes or no question.

‘Ufufufu~ In that case, there’s nothing for you to worry about, Master.’

Yeap, then I’m fine with not knowing for now. If I already know who it is, the question of why can’t I just teleport right in front of them and chop their head off would come up next. Then I’ll just go back to being bored again…

Hmm… I feel like I’m forgetting something here but I can’t remember what…

I turned my attention back to the red slime in front of me. At least it’s being quite compliant after it knew who I was, he wasn’t even trying to lie. Not that he was helping much since I know he’s only answering the questions I’m asking but he’s not volunteering information I didn’t ask about.

“Were you told what you should do when you were found? Either with your identity being exposed or by the person you were supposed to wait for?” I asked.

The slime wiggled its body, mimicking the shaking of a head, “No… If I was to be exposed, I should have simply committed suicide… I was told I would know who I was supposed to meet and more instructions would be given out when I do meet them.”

“Interesting. So where is the base of your Dark Sect?”

The slime hesitated for a second before sighing, “We’re currently based in the country of Sun in the trading city of Sinan.”

“And how would I go about finding this base of yours?”

“Unfortunately, that is information that I can’t give because even I do not know. We do not enter the base unless we are ordered by one of the higher ups to. Then we would be teleported inside by proxies.”

Huh, that must mean they are a pretty powerful group to afford that kind of security.

Which is weird since they didn’t show this kind of power when I dealt with them and summoning Lilith wouldn’t even have been a problem.

Unless this has something to do with her again?

No, that can’t be. She’s still off finding her siblings and I doubt she’d come back here like that.

Now I know why there’s a reason why she had certain conditions to come here and had to be summoned instead of just simply teleporting here.

Because this place has such a low natural concentration of Elemental Quarks, if a being like her tries to pass through into this World, her own innate energy would cause this world to collapse in itself from her own power if she isn’t careful.

Of course beings like Iris and I didn’t matter since we were basically the universe itself, but even those ‘Great Ones’ couldn’t come here without this World imploding if the conditions weren’t right.

So if it’s not Lilith then… Don’t tell me it’s another one of her siblings?

That’s actually quite possible and if you think about it, it does make sense. They might be using the Dark Sect to look for me after they summoned them here like they did with Lilith.

Although whether this child likes or hates me is another question…

Oh well, I’ll deal with it when the time comes. I guess I can eventually take a trip there with my disciples to go look around, it’s not good for them to just stay home and train all the time anyway.

Now comes the question of what I should do with this red slime? I never actually promised that he would live since leaving here whole in body but dead in mind also counts as leaving here in one piece.

I looked down at the slime, “So is there anything else I should know from you?”

“No, not at all,” he answered without hesitation.

I gave it a shooing motion, “Very well, then you can leave.”

He stayed there silently for a few seconds before blurting out, “Re… Really? Just like that? You’d let me leave?”

“Of course, I said so, didn’t I? You chose the easy way so you can leave here in one piece. Now leave before I change my mind.”

The red slime immediately hopped away towards the door, moving as though his life depended on it.

“You’re really letting him leave like that, Master?” Xun Guan questioned.

“Not really. Iris?”

The moment the slime leapt out of the building, Iris snapped her fingers and the red slime’s existence Ended.

There were no dramatic effects or anything like that, he just simply disappeared.

I dusted my hands and stood up.

Now that’s done, it also means I’m done with this branch Sect.. So I guess it’s time for me to go home.


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