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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 719: Of Course They Would Try To Weasel Out Of The Bet Bahasa Indonesia


I made my way to the Inner Core Practitioners’ courtyard, all the Inner Core Practitioners should be staying around this area.

I extended my senses to find the person I’m looking for, spotting him within one of the larger buildings at the back.

I began making my way there and anyone I came across gave me a wide berth.

Huh, I guess news does travel fast, they must know about what happened during my test already.

“That’s Wugui…”

“The useless grandson?”

“Shhh… You can’t say that anymore unless you want to get expelled.”

“Apparently he was hiding his talent all this while…”

“Why the hell would he do that? Didn’t he get constantly beaten up for being so useless?”

“Maybe he likes that…”

“Some say it was a fluke though. Or maybe he took some drugs to temporarily enhance himself.”

“I can believe that. So he’s still useless huh?”

“Nah, I think the real one died and this one was someone replacing him. Remember how he used to fawn on Fairy Piao Liang? He actually told her off yesterday like she meant nothing to him. Definitely a fake pretending to be him.”

“No way that’s true. You’re crazy.”

“Yeah definitely not possible. He definitely cheated to pass the test.”

I ignored all the comments being whispered around me and headed straight for my target.

It was a rather large two-story building, big enough to house a large family with space leftover. That means he’s definitely not some random Practitioner but had some kind of connections here.

To think I actually assumed he wasn’t a young master, it turns out he actually is one in some sense at least.

Seeing that there wasn’t anyone around to stop me, I stepped over the entrance of the building before realising that there was some kind of party taking place here.

Several tables were laid out with a variety of food and drink spread out on top and each table was crowded with people.

They weren’t just Inner Core Practitioners either, there were even a few Elders and a Master in attendance too.

The Master stood up and raised his cup, “Let us toast once again for my nephew, Yong Gong! Congratulations on becoming an Inner Core Practitioner after only two years of being an Outer Core! Truly a genius amongst geniuses!”

Oh, it’s a family celebration huh? I guess this is like their family building or something, I don’t really know how the politics work here since at Heaven Sect everyone is treated according to their skills, not familial ties.


Hmm? Why are you giggling like that, Iris?

‘Ara? No reason, Master. I just think Master is really cute~’


Anyway, I could be the bigger man and come back tomorrow, but I thought this might be a good chance to get some information about the Sect’s current situation at the same time so I walked in.

The people in the hall cheered and toasted the boy who returned their toast gracefully.

Then Yong Gong looked up and his eyes met mine, causing his body to freeze in place.

His uncle noticed his change in expression and followed his gaze to find me standing at the doorway.

“Oh! Isn’t this the great talent endorsed by our Ancestor Phoenix? Welcome! I didn’t know you and my nephew are friends! Come in, come in!”

I smiled at his invitation, “Unfortunately, I am no friend of your nephew’s. I am simply here to collect the terms of a bet.”

Yong Gong’s eyes widened, “Wugui! Don’t you dare!”

The Master frowned at the boy, “Bet? What is he talking about, nephew?”

“It’s… It’s nothing, uncle. He’s spouting nonsense!”

I crossed my arms, “Oh really, Yong Gong? Was it really nonsense when you made the bet that if I were to fail the advancement test, you would break my limbs and cripple my meridians?”

All eyes turned to Yong Gong whose face was turning redder by the second.

Ignoring his glare, I continued, “And in the event I passed the test, I would be allowed to break your limbs, am I right?”

My words caused all eyes to turn back to me, most of them looking appalled by what I said since everyone here knows I passed and thus what my presence here meant.

Yong Gong pointed his finger at me, “You! Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Wugui! You have no proof we even made such a bet! Do you have any witnesses?!”

“Oh? So that’s how it’s going to be. Can you swear upon your name that if I had failed to pass the advancement test, you wouldn’t have done what I said you would just now?”

He hesitated and that was enough to clue everyone in that he was lying.

The uncle turned to me, “Disciple Wugui was it? Perhaps my nephew here made the bet but it is still true you had no witnesses to such a bet, so it can’t be considered legitimate. Even so, to cripple each other over something like this is too much, don’t you think?”

I snorted, “Too much? Do you know how much I had suffered under your nephew’s constant bullying? I don’t want to point out any names but I’m sure a few of the Elders here also helped him with that, am I right?”

Of course I don’t know that, but seeing a few of the old men avert their eyes was enough to tell me I was right on the money.

The uncle set down his wine cup, “Now there youngster. Don’t forget you’re still talking to your elders so show some respect.”

“Oh, I am showing a lot of respect now by informing you of all this instead of finding him alone and breaking his limbs when no one else is around. Like how he had been beating me up in the past.”

He frowned at me, “I suggest you turn around and walk out of here boy. You’re making a lot of people angry here.”

“Am I? So you’re telling me that your nephew’s words are just a bunch of dogshit and not to be trusted? That his honour as a man is equivalent to roadside trash? If I had lost the bet, he would have broken my limbs and crippled me without a second thought and no one here would bat an eyelid. But now that I won the bet, suddenly it’s not valid. How hypocritical.”

“Boy! Turn around and leave, now!” He roared.

“And if I don’t? If I walk up to your nephew right now and break his limbs, what are you going to do about it? Are you willing to go against the ancestor phoenix’s words?”

The Master wanted to say something again but Yong Gong leapt in front of me before he could.

“Enough!” He roared. “Your deal is with me! You think you can break my limbs? Let’s see you beat me in a duel first!”

Mmhmm, just as I had predicted it would go. Of course you would resort to trying to settle things with a fight to make it look like you still have honour but in reality, you think you can get out of it by beating me.

Now should I break him quickly or slowly?


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