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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 718: She’s Going To Regret That Bahasa Indonesia


“You know… Now that I think about it, what are you doing here, Master Lin?” Feng Jie asked from the bed, enjoying the show of watching me ‘dress’ myself.

And by that, I meant she was just watching Xun Guan flow back onto my body to cover me up and transform me back into Wugui’s figure. I explained that it was merely a suit I wear to transform me so she doesn’t know I was wearing Xun Guan, not like she was interested in knowing after seeing my female naked body anyway.

I made sure I was back in my male form before turning to face her, “If you hadn’t heard, this Sect is one of the branch Sect of Heaven Sect, which happens to be the Sect I’m the advisor of. They locked themselves behind a barrier and I’m infiltrating here to find out why.”

She rolled onto her back, not minding the fact she was still completely naked and revealing everything to me, “That sounds exhausting. Why does it have to be you? From what I heard, you’re supposed to be quite important in this Plane, aren’t you? And yet you’re out here doing grunt work instead of staying at home and letting someone eat out that delicious coochie of yours all day.”

“I’m here because I want to,” I sighed. “I’d rather do some ‘grunt work’ than waste away my days doing absolutely nothing. That’d be an incredibly boring life to live.”

She smiled and gestured to herself, “Well… If you change your mind… You have a willing volunteer that wouldn’t mind spending the rest of her days in between your legs right here~”

I snorted, “Well, get in line.”

Not waiting for her to answer, I stepped outside the building to breathe some fresh air.

I’m not really worried about Feng Jie running after me since that succubus phoenix was still recovering from our short session in bed, allowing me to be alone for a while.

Or, at least as alone as I can be with my two sort of permanent companions.

I extended my senses and found the Elders I detected before still standing at their previous positions, monitoring the courtyard closely.

I wonder if they were also instructed to watch over me or they only cared about what Feng Jie was doing.

If they were also watching me, it would make sneaking around a little harder.

As in ‘I actually can’t just walk out but have to make myself invisible’ harder.

Hmm? It seems like there’s also someone waiting outside the courtyard?

Curious, I went out to check, only to find it was that Piao Liang girl waiting there.

“Wu… Wugui!” She called out upon seeing me, looking quite surprised by my presence.

“What do you want?” I asked, not finding any reason to be polite with her.

She began twirling her hands together, “Li… Listen… I know this might sound like an excuse but… The truth is… I’ve always liked you, Wugui.”

I activated my silencing Technique just in time to block out Xun Guan’s unrestrained laughter.

“Ahahahaha! Hahahaha!! Master! You hear that? She’s been bullying the one she likes all this while! Ahahahahahaha!”

I’m pretty sure this slime girl became much less reserved after I left her with Feng boy.

If I had to guess, he’s probably a weight on her conscience that finally got lifted after she got her vengeance on him.

Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s good for her and it definitely beats a self-depreciating slime girl any day.

I maintained the silencing Technique on her so that Paio Liang wouldn’t hear Xun Guan’s laughter but could still hear me speak.

“You like me? Really? You can really say those words to me even after you told me off yesterday?”

She reached forward and grabbed my hand, “Please believe me, Wugui! I had to harden my heart and be mean to you because of everyone’s expectations of me! You were weak and if I showed you favour in any shape or form, the others would have done worse things to you!”


In case you think she’s serious about what she said, spoiler alert! She’s not.

I don’t even need omniscience to know she’s talking out of her ass right now.

Yeah, there’s absolutely no way she was even remotely interested in me before I got endorsed by that phoenix. Definitely a gold digger through and through.

I crossed my arms, “So you really like me huh?”

Mistaking my words as a sign that I believed her, Piao Liang’s face brightened up and nodded her head vigorously.

“That’s right, that’s right, Wugui! Now that everyone knows that you’re protected by Ancestor Phoenix, no one will say anything if we start dating! It’s perfect! So let’s go out with each other!”

This time it was my turn to laugh and I shook my hand away from her grasp, “Hahaha! Little girl, this may sound like an excuse but… I am out of your league.”

“Wh… What?” She gasped, clearly not expecting the rejection.

“I said, I’m out of your league, Piao Liang. I believe I already told you the girls I pay attention to are beyond compare, didn’t I? Did you think I was joking? Whatever feelings I might have for you died yesterday. Although… Maybe if you ask nicely enough, I might agree to take you in as a servant girl at least.”

Technically not a lie, the Wugui guy did die yesterday after all so his feelings for her are well and truly dead. If she at least shows a bit of humility, I could even be convinced to take her back to the main Sect.

Her face turned ugly in an instant and she jabbed a finger at my chest, “You! You!! YOU!!! I thought I could at least be nice to you! And you dare insult me like this?! You think just because the Ancestor Phoenix acknowledged you you’re someone important?!”

I smirked, “Yes actually. Do you remember what it said? To lift a finger against me is the same as insulting the ‘Ancestor Phoenix’.”

She hurriedly pulled back her hand but remained scowling at me, “You… Do you think another girl like me will ever show interest in you? You’re missing the opportunity of a lifetime by rejecting me!”

The edge of my lips curled up a little higher, “No, no, I should be the one saying that. Are you sure you want to give up being my servant girl? I don’t just let anyone become my servant you know? This is really an opportunity of a lifetime for you.”

Note that I never said my personal servant girl, so even if she did agree to it, which I know she won’t, I would just let her admit into the main branch as an Inner Core Practitioner and nothing more.

Predictably, her face scrunched up in anger and she screamed, “There’s no way in this life I will ever serve someone like you!! Go to hell! I never liked you anyway!”

She turned on her heels and stormed off, not even sparing a glance back.

Good, hopefully she won’t regret her words too much.

“I think Master became quite the sadist after your ascension,” Xun Guan noted, still giggling a little.

“Oh really? I wonder why? Do you want me to punish you again?”

“Ehehehe~ I don’t mind~”

I ignored her and started walking towards the Sect’s main courtyard. It looks like those Elders watching over our courtyard aren’t following me so they’re only there to watch Feng Jie.

Good, there’s a bet I need to claim from a certain someone as well.


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