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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 716: Phoenix Seal Of Approval Bahasa Indonesia


Above the Courtyard was Feng Jie in her phoenix form, looking down at everyone below her like some sort of divine being.

There should be no doubt that she was a superior phoenix compared to the one they have, proving that my words were true.

The Elder pointed his finger at Feng Jie, “Ha! Nice illusion Technique! As if there could be any other phoenixes showing up so casually! If you truly are one, how have we not known your existence all this while?!”

The other Elders around him nodded their heads in agreement.

I stared up at the sky, sucking in a deep breath before breathing out.

So that’s why Iris was giggling…

‘You are so cute, Master~ If it was me, I’d just have Ended this entire Sect’s existence and save us from the problem.’

Gee, thanks… And what did I say about arbitrarily Ending other Existences?

‘Ufufufu~ That’s why I haven’t done it~’

Feng Jie turned to me, “You weren’t kidding when you said they couldn’t recognise talent even if they’re staring right at it.”

Well… That was just me bullshitting but I didn’t think it’ll be this bad.

Just because they don’t know about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… I might need to get someone from the main branch to whip this kind of thinking out of them.

Hmm… Maybe my disciples might appreciate being teachers for once? I know they did teach their servants a few things back then but they weren’t really seriously teaching them at that time. They do say that you learn as much as you teach after all so this might be a good experience for them.

Well, let’s shelve that thought for now because I have other problems to deal with currently.

Feng Jie may be strong in her home Plane, but she should be suppressed quite a bit after coming here. Even if she did eat that Phoenix Flame, I’m pretty sure that isn’t enough to let her go against all these Elders without any problems.

Hold on…

Why am I so worried about her? She can just fly out of here, can’t she?

I was just about to suggest that to her when the Elders raised their hands and summoned some kind of net made out of fire to cover the entire Courtyard, sealing everyone in.

Err… I guess it’s too late.

The Elder leading the group pointed a finger at Feng Jie, “Give up now intruder! Or else don’t blame us for being impolite!”

“Hmph! A few blind old farts dare to tell me what to do? What gave you the right?” Feng Jie shot back.

Ok, if this goes on, there’s definitely going to be a fight and my mission of trying to play arou… I mean err… Find out if the people here are hostile or not will be compromised.

‘Ara, ara? Everyone knows you are here to play, Master.’

What do you mean everyone?

‘Ufufu~ You already know those girls of yours believe you to be omnipotent. Of course you could have solved this with a mere thought. The fact that you’re personally coming here just meant you wanted to play with them a bit.’

And they didn’t say anything?

‘Why would they? You are their Master after all. In fact, if they were really that presumptuous in thinking they can decide what you could and could not do, I would have already Ended their existence long before you met them.’

Hold on… Does that mean you’ve been Ending other existences who you deem to be too rude to me before I even met them?


I turned to see the woman smiling at me innocently.


She Ended all records of it? Well restore them!

Oh, she’s really prepared huh… I’d have to spend quite a bit of time to recreate their Origins and that’s assuming Iris doesn’t interfere. So all I know is she did but I don’t know how many…

Ah screw it, you can’t miss what you never got and if she really deemed them bad enough to be Ended then they should really deserve that fate.

Otherwise, people like that Tekiteh and Takeda Phatemaker wouldn’t have existed in the first place.

A loud bang brought my attention back to the scene in front of me where an Elder was buried halfway into the ground.

I looked up to see Feng Jie currently engaged in aerial combat with the Elders, all of them shooting fire Techniques at one another.

Oh yeah… She’s a phoenix in a Sect where everyone specialises in using Phoenix Fire Quarks which just so happens to be the element she’s literally made up of.

Even if they did hit her, it would do no damage. There’s no way she can lose here.

Looking back down, I nudged the prone ‘Ancestor Phoenix’ with my foot, “Hey… If you don’t wake up soon, that fire chicken is going to burn down your home, you know?”

Hmm… No response huh? I guess Feng Jie really did a number on it.

Oh well, there’s no helping it.

I materialised another Phoenix Flame and knelt down to try and feed it, hopefully waking it up in the process.

“What are you doing to our Ancestor Phoenix Wugui?!” Yong Gong shouted, bringing everyone’s attention back to me.

Why was your attention even on me when there’s literally a big fight above you?

“Can’t you see?” I asked, exasperatedly. “I’m trying to wake it up.”

“I’m sure you are! No doubt you’re trying to do something to it while everyone is distracted! You fiend!”

What the hell can I even do to an unconscious phoenix? You know what, don’t answer that.

Ignoring him, I pulled the phoenix’s beak open and tossed the flame into its mouth and made it swallow.

In an instant, the phoenix’s body glowed and shot upwards in the shape of a giant fireball, reforming itself in the air with its feathers noticeably more vibrant than before.

It let out a squawk of triumph before turning its gaze to the Elders.

Unexpectedly, it actually began to speak, “All of you youngsters, do you still hold no respect for me?!”

The Elders immediately descended to the ground, “No, Ancestor Phoenix! We were simply taking care of the intruder!”

The phoenix ignored them and turned to Feng Jie, “I apologize for their misconduct, senior sister. Could you please let them go with just this?”

Feng Jie snorted, “Hmph! These people who don’t even recognise another Phoenix and they still dare to cultivate Phoenix Quarks? They deserve to have their cultivation crippled and restart from scratch!”

“Please forgive them, our Sect has met with some unfortunate circumstances so they have been on edge.”

“That is no excuse. They can’t even recognise the talent within their own Sect and were that close to expelling him. How do you explain that?”

The ‘Ancestor Phoenix’ turned its gaze to me, “What is your name child?”

I was contemplating how I should act and settled on a light bow, “Reporting to ancestor phoenix, this one is named Wugui.”

The phoenix nodded and turned to the rest of the Sect, “Heed my words. This phoenix has recognised Practitioner Wugui’s talents! He is now under my protection! To lift a finger against him is the same as insulting me! Am I understood?”

The Elders bowed their heads lower, “We understand, Ancestor Phoenix!”

Well… This is kind of awkward… I don’t know if I should reveal my real identity anymore…


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