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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 717: The Stowaway Phoenix Bahasa Indonesia


“Hey, hey, can’t you make more of the Phoenix Flame for me?” Feng Jie asked, poking me on the cheek while I was making my way to our new quarters.

The Elder that was leading us there continued walking as though he heard nothing.

“No, making those wore me out so I can’t make it anymore today,” I lied, trying my best to ignore her poking me.

“Awww… That’s too bad… How about later tonight? I’m sure your strength would have recovered by then.”

“I’ll try my best…” I sighed.

With the ‘Ancestor Phoenix’ vouching for me, there was no way for me to fail the test.

Unfortunately for me, Feng Jie was also admitted here as an honored guest at the same time. Then again, it’s not like anyone here could say no especially when their ‘Ancestor Phoenix’ was treating her so reverently.

Feng Jie then requested that I become her personal servant, which made Xun Guan quite pissed but thankfully she only grumbled out her frustrations beside my ear and didn’t do anything more.


With that ‘Ancestor Phoenix’ being my guarantor, there was no one around who would doubt me anymore but that also meant I was treated like a ‘special individual’ because of that.

At least it was quite satisfying to see Yong Gong at a loss of words and Piao Liang looking really regretful.

The other students had to watch with open mouths as I was escorted away with Feng Jie like VIPs. I even made sure to give them a wave as I walked past.

The Elders then arranged for me to move to a private courtyard of my own. It was meant to be Feng Jie’s residence and I was supposed to be her servant assigned to live there too.

If I was a normal Inner Core Practitioner, this arrangement would have been a blessing to them. To be able to live with a legendary phoenix, who wouldn’t want that, right?

I don’t think I need to say that I’m not a normal Inner Core Practitioner and I couldn’t care less about being sent to live with Feng Jie.

Walking to a secluded part of the Sect, the Elder gestured to the small courtyard in front of us, “Honored Phoenix, this would serve as your residence for your stay here. I hope this is adequate enough?”

She sniffed at it, “I’m not that picky. It will suffice for me as long as no one comes to disturb me more than you blind old farts already have.”

The Elder bowed his head, “Once again, please accept our apologies for our ignorance. I believe Master Xiao would like to speak to you when it’s convenient to give you a formal apology.”

“Hmm… I suppose I can at least show him some face. Very well.”

The Elder bowed his head again before leaving.

I noted the three presences a distance away from us, no doubt here to monitor us since they don’t fully trust Feng Jie.

I’d be disappointed if they actually did blindly trusted her.

She led the way into the courtyard, taking an appreciative look around the front garden before moving towards the building that serves as her quarters at the back.

Since this was a guest courtyard, there were no servant quarters here so it would be normal for me to follow her to the main room.

Once inside, I immediately created a barrier around the building, preventing anyone from spying on us.

Feng Jie whirled around, obviously not amused that I had created such a barrier.

Before she could do anything else, I opened my mouth to ask, “What are you doing here, Feng Jie?”

She stopped her raised fist from punching towards me, “You… How do you know my name?”

I tapped my chest and Xun Guan understood my intentions, my slime shifting herself to reveal my face to her.

Her face brightened up, “Oya, oya? Aren’t you my darling Master Lin?! I should have known only you can make Phoenix Flames like that! So can I have more, pleaseeeeee? If you transform into your female form, I’ll even give you a good licking between the legs for it!”

This woman… You’re lucky Cai Hong isn’t here this time so I’ll let that pass.

I raised my palm and summoned another Phoenix Flame, this one slightly bigger than the previous one.

Feng Jie’s eyes sparkled and peeked at me with expectant eyes.

At least she knows to ask for permission first.

I nodded and she immediately pounced on my palm, gobbling up the flame like it was the only food she had for weeks.

The phoenix then let out a lascivious moan and hugged herself, her body shivering in obvious delight.

“Ahhhh~~ If I had known Master Lin could make Phoenix Flames as pure as this… I would have begged for this when we were still back in the Spiritual Plane.”

I crossed my arms, “Yeah, about that. How did you even come here? I don’t remember seeing you at all. In fact, you went missing in the last few days too”

She licked her fingers, “Oh, that? I stowed myself away in one of the rooms of that giant ship thing.”

I blinked at her, “You… Snuck yourself on board? Did you even know where we were going?”

“Of course not. It’s not like I have anything waiting for me back in the Spiritual Plane. Everyone I knew was already dead and buried. The only thing I wanted was to at least go with the one I fell in love with.”

“Or more like the one you just want to have sex with,” I rebutted her. “Don’t make it sound so romantic you perverted phoenix.”

“Oya, oya? But it’s true though, I won’t just lick any girl’s coochie, only yours. And it’s not like I’ll let any other girl go down on me either, you’re really my first you know?”

“Oh really? What about her?”

I snapped my fingers and recreated the Origin of Iris’s existence perception, allowing her to be seen by Feng Jie.

The phoenix’s eyes bulged out of their sockets comically, her mouth hanging open just as wide as she beheld the perfect existence in front of her.

Contrary to Feng Jie, Iris showed no reaction to her and simply tilted her head at me, as though she did not understand why I did that.

“So what do you think? Still interested in me?” I asked.

Feng Jie turned to me and gulped, “You… Have a twin sister?”

Oh yeah… Iris looks like me in my female form. In fact… She was made to look like me at first… How did I even forget that?

I suppose it’s the difference in personality… Hey, don’t blame me, I don’t look in the mirror that much when I’m in my female form.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard the ruffling of clothes to see Feng Jie busy stripping herself without an ounce of shame.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“What?! You can’t put such a beautiful girl in front of me and expect me to hold myself back! I’m already horny enough after eating your Phoenix Flame! If you aren’t going to help me, then I’ll help myself! At least I have materials to get myself off to standing right here!”

Are you really sure you’re not a succubus?

She smirked at me after fully striping herself, “So? Are you going to let me eat out your honeypot or not? As beautiful as this woman is, she’s not you.”

I pointed to the inner part of the room, “Bed. Go.”

Iris was definitely amused by me finding out we were basically twins.


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