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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 710: The Time The World Almost Ended Bahasa Indonesia


In front of me was the branch Sect of Heaven Sect, the entire area blocked off by a translucent blue dome that stopped anyone from leaving or entering.

It’s quite an impressive formation actually, even the me from before got this Origin power wouldn’t be able to sneak in without first breaking it to pieces and revealing myself.

I turned to Iris, “I think… For this thing we’re doing, could you not follow me?”

Iris smiled, “If Master does not want my presence to attract attention to you, I could just temporarily End everyone else’s perception of me.”

Oh, you can do that? So… Kind of like a better version of invisibility? That’s actually pretty cool.

I nodded for her to go ahead and I felt the Origin energy shift around her.

When it settled down again, I didn’t see anything different about her but that’s probably because she did not or could not include me in the ‘End perception’ thing.

“Xun Guan? Can you see her?”

“Umm… Not at all Master… To me it looked like she just disappeared like ummm… It’s like she was never there to begin with… I don’t exactly know how to explain this… But if I wasn’t aware that she was going to do something like this just now… It feels like I would just forget about her? Eh? Who are we talking about, Master?”

Oh wow… So it has that kind of effect huh. It not only affects her five senses but also her mental perception too.

I shook my head, “It’s nothing. Let’s just go in first.”

I walked towards the barrier and passed through it casually. With my control over the barrier’s Origin, I simply changed its rules of keeping the three of us out so we could walk right in without resistance.

Just in case, I also rewrote the rule such that anyone I recognised as someone I trust could also get in and out of the barrier. I wouldn’t want a repeat of what happened last time I got put in that jail and started another war because no one could find me.

I leapt over the wall and landed in the shadows of a building without any problems

I scratched my chin, “Now… Perhaps changing to a random stranger isn’t the best idea, someone might realise that they’ve never seen us before.”

Xun Guan wiggled, “Should we find someone for me to transform into then?”

“That’s an idea. But where can we find someone alone that we can transform into without arousing suspicion?”

I felt Xun Guan tap on my shoulder before tugging herself towards a certain direction.

Turning my head in that direction she was pulling me in, I spotted a young man wearing Outer Core Practitioner robes laying under a tree all by himself.

Oh, well that’s convenient.

I flew over to the young man, landing in front of him noisily.

I thought the sound might wake him until I realised he wasn’t sleeping, the boy’s actually dead with a broken neck.

Ok… So I just jumped in on a murder scene… Why did the murderer leave this body out here for anyone to find then?

I quickly looked through the guy’s memories to find out what happened to him.

Oh… Big F for this guy…

He was sleeping on top of the tree and fell off, breaking his neck when he landed on the ground.

Poor guy.

“Let’s use him,” I told Xun Guan.

Part of my slime suit peeled away from me and went towards the dead man. I didn’t get to ask what Xun Guan was doing when it stretched out and consumed the guy in one gulp.

Before I could start scolding the slime girl for eating a corpse, she spat him back out before that split off part of her returned to me.

The suit then began to shift and I felt it change shape to match the young man’s body type. I was still a little taller than he was but I doubt anyone would notice that difference.

I conjured up a mirror to check and I definitely look like that guy now, she even replicated his clothes perfectly too.

“So you need to first eat those people before you can change huh?” I pointed out, realising that meant Xun Guan probably ate Feng boy too.

“Not really,” The slime girl admitted. “But absorbing them inside me would let me examine their body easier and I can transform much more accurately than just relying on sight.”

That makes sense, it’s hard to measure things accurately by sight alone.

Well, now we need to hide him so he won’t be found until we’re done here.

Since I’m not sure if anyone would like his body to be buried or something, I created a space to toss his body into first. Once I’m done using him, I’ll just give his body back to whoever wants it.

With that done, I stepped out into the Grand Courtyard of the Sect which was currently filled with students doing their usual practice.

That made me wonder why that boy was even sleeping in the tree in the first place, maybe he was feeling unwell or something?

Just as I was wondering what I should do next, I heard someone calling out from my right.

“Hey! Look who it is? Isn’t it our very best friend Wugui? Where have you been? We were so worried about you, you know?”

I turned to see a group of other Outer Core Practitioners walking towards me, the one who called me out was actually rather good looking in the rugged, disciplined kind of way. At least he didn’t look like the young master type.

Hmm… I guess the boy I copied must be part of his group too huh. Good thing then, I can just sneak into the Sect pretending to be one of them.

I lifted my hand to wave at them but the leader punched me in the gut before I could even raise it halfway.

I mean, I saw the punch coming already, but I was too preoccupied preventing a certain person trying to End everything’s existence to avoid it.

“STOP!” I shouted out, instantly stopping time to prevent Xun Guan from skewering the boy with her tentacles and turning behind to restrain Iris from Ending the entire World’s existence.

“No, Iris, stop it! No! Give me that hand! Bad girl! Stop! Don’t snap those fingers on me! Bad girl! Stop! Stop!” I cried out, physically grabbing her hand to stop her.

“Master… There’s no point in this World. Just let me End it,” Iris stated without a hint of emotion in her voice.

Looks like she really means it this time, time to engage emergency maneuvers!

I reached up my hand and began patting her head furiously.

She stopped and looked at me in surprise for a moment before she promptly melted under my head patting, squealing out cutely.

“Hnnn… Master… More~” She giggled, thoughts of Ending the World forgotten.

I breathed out a sigh of relief, “Ok, ok. I’ll pat you more but you need to stop trying to End the World ok?”

“Eh? But why, Master? It has useless pieces of meat like that guy strutting around. This World’s existence is pointless.”

“It’s just one guy, come on.”

“Then can I End his existence instead?”

“No. Let me deal with him ok? Don’t go Ending stuff without telling me or else no more head pats, even if that guy continues hitting me.”

“But why, Master?”

“Just trust me, please?”

She pouted at me but finally agreed to it reluctantly for one more head pat.

Ok, that’s Iris dealt with, now for the other one…

I resumed time for Xun Guan and caught the tentacles she had sprouted out before she could pierce through that boy’s head, “Xun Guan, stop.”

“He punched you, Master. At least let me gouge out an eye,” The slime girl stated monotonously.

“No, he punched you. I barely felt that punch since you were covering me, so if anything I should be the one that’s angry. Are you alright?”

“Eh? I’m a slime Master. Such physical attacks are useless on me.”

“Then we’re fine right? No need to kill him. You’ll protect me even if he tries to hit me again right?”

“Of course!” Xun Guan answered immediately.

“Then just protect me, ok? Let me deal with him myself. If I need you to kill him, I’ll tell you, ok?”

“Nnnngg… Is that Master’s order?”

I sighed, “Yes. Yes, it is.”

“Guhk… Understood, Master…”

Ok. That’s both of them taken care of.

This idea of sneaking into this Sect suddenly doesn’t look that good of a plan anymore…

I moved myself back in front of the young master and bent my back, adopting the position of being hunched over after being hit before resuming time again.

Let’s just hope my other disciples don’t find out about this.


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