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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 709: Insert Magic Transformation Theme Song Here Bahasa Indonesia


“How do I look?” I asked, giving a twirl.

“Absolutely dashing… I can never grow tired of looking at you, Master,” Iris replied instantly.

I chuckled, “I know you don’t. I mean if I look like a normal disciple wearing this?”

She tilted her head, “I don’t understand Master. Why would you go through this complicated ruse of pretending to be one of their own Practitioners when you can simply walk in and announce your identity? This would save you a lot of trouble.”

“Come now, Iris. Haven’t the past few days shown you anything? It’s more fun if we do things like this instead of just always doing it the easy way. Think about it, if I just walk in as myself, they’d just bow their heads and put on fake smiles. But I sneak in like this… I may even get the chance to slap some faces!”

“Incomprehensible… Can’t Master just slap their faces even without sneaking in?”

“Well that’s true, but think about it, I can make them think I’m a weak nobody, then find some arrogant Practitioners who look down on me before I slap their faces by revealing who I am. Then finally kicking them aside and saying ‘know your place, trash’. Doesn’t that sound much more entertaining?”

Iris blinked, “In other words… Master wants to find some people to bully for fun?”

“Err… Well… If you put it that way… Ermm… Is that unbecoming of someone like me?”

“Ara? Why would it be? The universe belongs to Master. If Master wants to bully some pieces of worthless flesh then it’s completely within Master’s right to do so. They should be honored that they even caught Master’s attention to be bullied in the first place.”

Iris… I know you actually meant every word you said, but somehow they still hurt…

Honestly… Now that my disciples could pretty much train themselves without much help, I found out I’ve become quite bored. I guess this is how teachers feel when their students are too smart, so now I’ve started to find ways to entertain myself.

I sighed, “Maybe I should just go in normally after all…”

Speaking of which, I’m a little worried that Xun Guan hasn’t returned yet, perhaps I should check on her?

Just when that thought crossed my mind, something flew through the air and crashed in the middle of my courtyard, throwing up a cloud of smoke.

In an instant, the servants and my disciples had surrounded the impact zone, all of them prepared for battle.

That’s some reaction time they have… Then again, they did react quite quickly when Iris was going berserk so their combat intuitions are definitely top tier.

Unfortunately, just for this one, their caution is unneeded since I already know who was in the impact zone.

The dust cloud cleared and a ball of slime was wriggling in the epicentre. Even though it was featureless, I could sense that it was panicking at its current predicament.

“A slime monster? How did it get here?” Kiyomi wondered aloud.

“Maybe it was sent flying here by some fight nearby. Let’s just eradicate it for its audacity in showing up in Master’s courtyard,” Manami suggested, igniting a fireball above her finger.

“Wait, wait, wait!” I cried out, stopping my disciples from wiping Xun Guan from existence.

I mean, she won’t die since I still have her slime core with me, but letting her experience death because of that would leave a bad taste in my mouth.

My disciples immediately stopped and turned to me, wondering why I had prevented them from eradicating a monster.

“That’s one of my monsters. I believe it’s here to deliver a message,” I explained.

Diao Chan frowned at it, “But to cause damage to Master’s courtyard… Perhaps we should punish it a little first.”

I turned the Witch around and gave her bottom a spank, “You’re the one who should be punished for even thinking that. Now go back to what you guys were doing, there’s nothing else to see here.”

“Ahhnn~ Master can always hit me harder~” Diao Chan moaned, wiggling her behind to tempt me so I did it one more time just for her before she left with the others.

The slime leapt out of the crater after seeing my disciples leave, bouncing its way up to me and wiggling cutely.

I waved my hand and my courtyard was restored to its original form, as though it was never damaged in the first place.

The slime then started wiggling even more before it morphed into the shape of a human, revealing itself to who I had already expected it to be.

“Master! You’re alright!” Xun Guan cried out, hugging me. “I feared the worst when I felt the connection with my clone disappear!”

I patted her head, “I’m fine, I just had a little bit of a scuffle and the resulting energy I exuded kind of disintegrated your clone. Sorry about that.”

Xun Guan shook her head, “No, no. As long as Master is fine, I wouldn’t even mind if I died a thousand times in your stead.”

Err… Well… Alright then… I shan’t comment on that…

“So what did you do with Feng boy? And what took you so long to come back?”

“Eh? Oh! I sealed him back up in the cave in order to rush back here. Since I couldn’t teleport, I had to convince that fox girl to throw me all the way back here.”

She got thrown here… Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, that crazy fox does have a few screws loose.

“Anyway, now that you’re back, I got some news that there’s trouble at the branch Sect. So I was thinking of sneaking in there by pretending to be a student to find out what’s going on.”

The slime girl looked down at my clothes, “Oh… That explains why Master is dressed like that… But if Master wants a disguise, I can help Master with that.”

I like how she’s not even going to ask why I’m doing this. I need to remember to give her a few pats later. But the way she was suggesting this made me think she wasn’t just talking about changing my clothes.

“Oh? How?”

“Could I be allowed to envelope Master entirely?” She asked.

I nodded a go ahead.

Receiving my permission, the slime girl melted back into her slime form before suddenly expanding outwards to wrap herself around me in a slime cocoon. The cocoon quickly shrunk to meld itself onto my figure, making me feel like I was wearing some kind of bodysuit.

It slowly got tighter until the slime was pressed onto my skin, then the feeling disappeared and the feeling of something covering me was completely gone.

“All done~” Xun Guan giggled, her voice coming from directly beside my ear.

I materialised a mirror in front of me to see another man’s reflection instead of mine, specifically Feng boy’s.

As expected of a former assassin I suppose, the disguise is perfect and you couldn’t even tell that I’m wrapped in slime even if you touched me.

“You can even transform like this now?” I asked in wonder. “This is quite impressive. This isn’t even an illusion, you shaped yourself to match his body so I doubt even a Master can see through this disguise.”

“Ehehe~ It’s all thanks to Master! Please continue making use of me~”

Well, truthfully speaking, I don’t really need her to transform my looks since I can do it myself too. But the fact that she could massage my shoulders while I’m wearing her makes Xun Guan a much better alternative than simply transforming myself.


I looked down at my crotch, “Can you… Not?”

The vibrations stopped and she giggled again, “I’m sorry Master… Having to spend so long away from you might have made me a little… Pent up…”

I sighed, “Alright… Just don’t make it so obvious, ok? I don’t really mind.”

So now I’m wearing a rather horny slime suit… Things can’t get any weirder than this, can they?


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