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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 702: Hi Sylphy Bahasa Indonesia


When I tried to find Sylphy, I found out she was also hiding inside the Sect too except just inside that underground cathedral.

I should have known she was part of the fanclub too… Does this mean she already knew who I was before this?

You know what, I actually don’t want to know how she got entangled with the fanclub.

So instead of going to her, I teleported her to me and pretended I still didn’t know about that building’s existence.

Sylphy took a moment to realise she was currently standing inside of my room before she noticed me sitting in front of her with Iris standing beside me.

In an instant, her head was on the ground as she performed a perfect dogeza, “My greetings to the All Creator!!”

Well, I suppose at this stage she would have known who I was even if she didn’t before, so no surprises here.

“Hello Sylphy, you don’t need to be so formal so you can get up.”

“Please allow this one to remain like this! I was incredibly rude to the All Creator when we met, even going as far as to think the All Creator was another God! Please punish me as you see fit!”

Iris was also pretty angry when my disciples called me a god too… Apparently it’s a big insult to me or something. Not that I would know or care about.

“Well, I can’t fault you for not knowing since I didn’t even know who I was either. So please get up.”

Sylphy hesitated for a moment but she probably realised that disobeying me even more would be a greater insult so she got up from the floor.

“Umm… Once again, I am Sylvestris, former goddess of the air currents. This one greets the All Creator and The End.”

I thought Iris might have something to say to her considering she made her ‘fall’ but apparently she wasn’t even interested in the goddess at all and ignored her greeting.

I leaned forward in my chair, “Before anything, do you know why I summoned you here, Sylphy?”

She fiddled with her fingers, a big change from when she had been yandere for Brendan, “Umm… Is it not to get punished for my rudeness, All Creator?”

I shook my head, “No, no, far from that. Actually, do you even know why you were made to fall from godhood?”

“N… No… All Creator…”

I narrowed my eyes, “You… Don’t know why you became a fallen god and never questioned it?”

“If The End had determined I should fall, then there is no need to question that decision she had made.”

I suppose…. Even if she were to protest, what could she do against an existence who could quite literally make her cease to exist with a simple thought?

“Right, anyway… As I said, I’m not here to punish you. I’m going to pay the gods of this world a visit and I’m also reinstating you as the goddess of air currents again.”

There was silence from the girl as it took the former goddess a few seconds to process what I had just said to her.

“I… I will… Return to being a goddess?” Sylphy asked through a shaky voice.

I nodded at her, “Yes. It was a mistake to make you fall in the first place so I’m putting you back.”

Why does it sound like I’m returning damaged goods? Ugh… Then again, it’s true that she’s a little bit broken… Let’s not think about it.

Honestly, there were quite a lot of reactions I expected her to have. I thought she might cry out in joy, stand there in shocked silence, break down before crying out in joy or even start refusing my offer.

But the only thing I didn’t expect was for her to topple over backwards and pass out on the ground.

Are you serious…

“Eh? Eh? Ehhhh? Oi! Sylphy?!” I cried out, rushing forward to check on the former goddess.

I was just about to reach her prone body before she suddenly stood up again without a sound and turned to me with a rather scary emotionless face.

“All… Creator?” She whispered, clearly still not fully awake. “I… I dreamt that you told me you were going to reinstate me as the goddess of air currents…”

“Umm… You didn’t dream that, I actually am going to do that.”

Sylphy blinked once more before proceeding to faint again.

Why?! Omniscience?!

So apparently me doing that is a really big deal huh… It’s like having the CEO of a major corporation come down to personally appoint some entry level clerk.

I mean I already know that, but come on, how was I supposed to know this would be the reaction Sylphy would show when she knew I was going to do that?!

I was even mentally prepared for anything else you know? She’s a former goddess you know? Like what even… Whatever. Here, let me fix this.

I snapped my fingers and altered reality, making it so that Sylphy never fainted to begin with so she’s back to standing in front of me again.

Sylphy looked around her, “Eh… Eh? What was I…”

“Yes, welcome back Sylphy. I’m putting you back as the goddess of air currents and you’re coming with me to visit the other gods,” I summarised for her.

She blinked a few more times and looked like she was about to pass out again so I snapped my fingers once more, removing the possibility of her fainting temporarily.

Sylphy caught herself, looking even more confused about what was going on.

I gave her a while to organise her thoughts before she finally returned to kneeling on the ground with her head pressed against the floor.

“This one is unworthy, All Creator!! I thank you for All Creator’s benevolence!!!”

Ok, yeah, this was something I expected to happen so I can react to this.

I waved at her, “No need for thanks, I’m basically just returning back what is supposed to be yours. Just do your duty well and that’s all I ask of you.”

“Uuuu… For All Creator to put so much faith in me… This worthless one will work myself to the bone to be worthy of your benevolence! I definitely won’t let All Creator down!!”

Er… Not to undermine you or anything but… You’re literally a goddess of air currents. I don’t really think you can screw up doing such a role but then again… She did make Iris angry so I kept my mouth shut.

“Ok, I guess just go pack your bags or something. I know you might have some loose ends around here so finish them up before coming back here, then I’ll bring us to go see the other gods of this world.”

“Yes! Thank you All Creator! I will return as soon as I can!!”

Well, it’s not like I’m exactly in a rush to go visit the gods so she can actually take her ti– aaaand she’s already rushed out the door before I can even say anything.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait here and–

“I’m back, All Creator! I can leave whenever All Creator is ready!” Sylphy returned, looking all excited and ready to go.

Well alright then.


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