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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 701: Preparing To Meet With Some Gods Bahasa Indonesia


After a bath with my disciples where I made sure all of them were thoroughly satisfied, I decided it was time to pay a visit to the gods in charge of this world.

“Iris, I’d like to go say hi to the gods of this world, there shouldn’t be a problem right?”

The white haired woman tilted her head at me, “Why would it be a problem, Master? If anything, they would be absolutely thrilled to see you.”

“Does that have to do with the fact that I created them?”

“Of course.”

“Then what about those gods who sided with the ‘Great Ones’?”

In an instant, Iris’s face darkened dangerously, “Those things… They are unworthy of existing. If it wasn’t because of Master’s order, I would have simply eradicated all of them from existence.”

Huh… So it was because of my order eh? But why would I keep these gods around? Was it because I gave them a second chance? Err… Omniscience?

Oh… The past me just simply waved my hand casually and said to simply throw them out, no need to kill them. Then Iris took my words as gospel and did not kill them when I didn’t even care if she did or not.

“What about Sylphy?” I asked, curious what she thought of that fallen goddess.

If I was right, Iris should be the one that caused her to ‘fall’. In fact, inferencing what Sylphy told me about ‘recently fallen’ gods, Iris must have been busy while I was away.

The cosmic being tilted her head at me, “Who?”

“Erm… Sylphy? Or what was her full name again? Ah! Sylvestris, the former goddess of air currents in the god realm and one of the overseers of passage between worlds?”

Thanks omniscience, I legitimately forgot about all of that mumbo jumbo she told me when she thought my name was Jeff.

Iris looked up and stared off into space, apparently the goddess wasn’t important enough for Iris to remember her and she had to use her omniscience to know who Sylphy was.

Her frown actually deepened after she figured it out, “That useless goddess dared to transmigrate another useless piece of flesh here that inconvenienced Master. There’s no need for a goddess like that.”

“Umm… Wouldn’t that cause problems? You know? Like no one is replacing her to do her work after she’s gone?”

Iris tilted her head the other way, “Is that a problem?”

Why wouldn’t it be?

I held up my hand, “Hold on… If I’m correct, there was an event called ‘The Fall’. This should be the event where you banished those gods who sided with the ‘Great Ones’, yes?”

Iris blinked, “Was it called that? I only remember tossing out a few useless trash that dared turn their back against Master as you had ordered.”

“Ok, so I guess that was it. But I remember Sylphy saying that there might be a second ‘Fall’ happening soon. What did you do?”

“Ara? I only kicked out a few other pieces of useless gods that inconvenienced Master during your incarnations. For them to not even know who Master is, they don’t deserve their positions.”

So you’ve been disposing of gods left and right when they did something to me even if it was indirectly or unintentionally?! Are those worlds alright without those gods on duty?!

Omniscience! Answer me!

They aren’t alriiiiight!!!!

If you kicked out those gods, you should have made new ones to take their place! Obviously since you aren’t me, you can’t create new gods so the ones remaining would have to take over while the banished ones serve their sentence!

I think we all know what happens if you make another person do a job of a fired person without extra remuneration! They’ll surely be pis–

Eh? The gods aren’t pissed? Eh? Wait, that’s not the problem?

Ehhhhh? The problem is that the other gods are jealous of them?!!! Why?!

Er… They get more responsibilities… More chances to show their capabilities… So that they can get praises from… Me?


Oh… Yeah of course. The kids want their parents to praise them… These gods are my ‘children’, so they want me to praise them…

This doesn’t make the current situation any better at all…

Because of those disposed gods, there are gods who are jealous of the gods who took up multiple positions because of the disposed ones. Some worlds have literally been wrecked because the gods were too busy fighting amongst themselves for the new responsibilities to manage the world they were put in charge of.

Obviously Iris couldn’t care less if those worlds died out, they simply met their End which is what she personifies in the first place.

Even if I reinstated these disposed gods, it wouldn’t fix things either since some of these worlds are already too far gone. What the hell am I supposed to do then?

Ugh… I guess the only thing I can do is to rewrite the Origin of those fallen gods to make it such that they were never disposed to begin with. Since this changes the entire universe, I was hoping there was another way to go about it…

I double checked the consequences of such an action with my omniscience. I am, after all, messing with the law of causality directly so it wouldn’t do if the universe ends up worse for it. I’d hate to have to create the entire universe again.

Seems like there wouldn’t be an issue with all of them except… Sylphy huh? Since she was the only one who had interacted with me directly… Oh well, no biggie, I’m going to meet the other gods of this world anyway so I can just bring her with me to put her back in her role. It hasn’t been long since her Fall anyway.

I concentrated my mind on what I wanted to do and snapped my fingers.

In an instant, the universe changed and those gods who were made to fall were reinstated and everything that had happened as a result of their Fall were nullified. I even went so far as to simulate what would have happened if their Fall didn’t occur and applied it to the universe too, so it would really be as though they never met their Fall in the first place.

No one except Iris and I would even know that those gods had been disposed of before this.

If Iris didn’t approve of my actions, she did not show it.

Actually, I know she doesn’t care anyway, those gods were probably similar to roadside stones to her, just like they were to the past me I guess.

Right, with that done, I guess I’ll just go call Sylphy and we’ll go and visit the gods together with Iris. Hopefully the god that took over Sylphy’s duties isn’t too big of a fathercon.

What am I saying, they probably are, aren’t they? With my luck, probably all the gods in this world are big fathercons.

Screw it, let’s just go there and see what’s going on I guess. Worse comes to worse, I’ll just rewrite the Origin of my visit to try again.

Now where’s that fallen goddess…


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