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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 694: The Disciples’ Test Bahasa Indonesia


No doubt about it, I see a few of my disciples standing inside the Grand Courtyard along with the other disciples who look to be the testers.

Is this why I only saw Lian Li and Manami back in my courtyard? How did I not know about this? Explain, omniscience!

Oh, so Sect Master Qing actually came along to ask if they were interested in testing out the new students. They thought it would be good to test out how much they improved so far so they accepted.

But secretly, they also wanted to see if those new students would fit the fanclub as well so they chose to come here personally to see them.

Pretty sure the second reason is the bigger reason why they chose to come here…

Lian Li and Manami were supposed to inform me but they got so distracted from pampering me so they forgot huh…

Well… It’s not like I’m against it, coupled with the fact that I’m quite curious how much they improved too so I’ll just watch from here.

The fanclub thing… I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear about it… It’s their business after all.

The students were hesitating, I suppose none of them wanted to be known as the first person to be the test subject.

Right as I was beginning to wonder what the organisers would do if no one stepped forward, a large sized man stepped forward from the crowd after a while.

Pushing past everyone else, he went straight towards the only white fox youkai standing at the edge of the Courtyard.

“You! You were the one who tossed me out just now! You merely caught me off guard so I’ll show you the difference between the two of us!”

Oh? He must be one of the ‘rude’ ones that my disciples ‘asked’ to leave.

He probably got a little bit pushy and Kiyomi decided to throw him over my walls, at least that’s what I guessed happened.

Kiyomi is, after all, quite a straightforward person, so I can picture her doing that.

My fox disciple sneered at him, “Even after I warned you to watch your mouth three times and throwing you out, it seems like you didn’t learn anything. I’m surprised you even made it past the first test with that attitude of yours.”

“Shut up! I’ll show you my power right now!” The man roared, leaping into Kiyomi’s arena.

Oh boy… That’s not an attitude you want to show one of the founding members of the fanclub that the entire Sect is part of you know? Oh well, I’m pretty sure he won’t last long fighting against her anyway. I didn’t even need to use my future sight to know that he was about to get his ass handed to him.

He raised his hand into the air dramatically, “Icy Flame!!”

Oh, it’s been awhile since I last met someone who shouts out their Techniques. This certainly brings back memories.

“How’s that?!” The man sneered at Kiyomi. “I already have a basic mastery of two elements and can even combine them together! It’s my proof of being a genius!”

Uwaa… Just doing something like this and he’s letting it get to his head.

I mean sure, it’s quite impressive that he could do that at such an early stage in his cultivation, but it’s not special to the degree of calling him a genius…

This isn’t even me comparing him with my disciples either, it really just isn’t that special. As long as someone spent a little bit more time cultivating, they might achieve the same results he has now.

The Master who invigilated him probably felt that this skill showed his hardworking nature and thus allowed him to pass or something.

Kiyomi was, of course, unimpressed.

“A simple thing like this and you already think you’re someone big? It seems like you do not know what true power looks like.”

“What?! Can’t you see that I’m combining two opposite elements together? Ha! If you don’t know how hard something like this is, I can only guess that you’re not even an Outer Core Practitioner of Heaven Sect!”

Er… Again, quite impressive for a new student, but not really that hard to do if you know how, so it’s not something you should be boasting about, especially not in front of experienced Practitioners.

Has this guy forgotten he’s up against an established disciple of a Sect? Even if it wasn’t Kiyomi in front of him, anyone that has been around here for a while could kick your ass too, you know?

Kiyomi rolled her eyes, “Are you done blabbering?”

“Ha! Scared now are you? I’ll even let you make the first move!”

Rest in peace, nameless man number one.

Kiyomi didn’t even materialise any Techniques, she simply moved one of her tails to strike at him with blinding speed, hitting the man across the face with a loud ‘smack’.

The force was enough to snap his neck so he was immediately sent outside the arena, looking confused about what happened.

“Fail,” The Elders and Masters watching it decided immediately, prompting a few other Sect members to come forward to escort the still confused man out.

“Next,” Kiyomi called out.

Obviously after such a display no one would–

“Yes! Please take care of me!” A feminine voice called out.

Oh, it was that fangirl I passed earlier.

She went up to Kiyomi and cupped her hands, “Please guide me, senior sister!”

Kiyomi nodded and began a spar without saying a word, most likely because she recognised the girl in front of her as being part of the same fanclub.

The fangirl spread her arms out in front of her, “Icicle lance!”

Oof, I suppose I should expect all the newbies to be shouting out their Technique names. Well, it does help them concentrate so it’s to be expected.

An ice shard materialised in front of the fangirl before shooting forward towards my fox disciple.

In response, Kiyomi materialised the same Technique and shot it forward as well, the two ice shards meeting in the centre before exploding into pieces.

Oh? Even though Kiyomi was going easy on her, the fact that the fangirl managed to materialise a Technique with that much power was worthy of praise. If it was me, I would have passed her already.

“Frost explosion!” The fangirl shouted with her hand pointing at her opponent.

The area around Kiyomi froze over but she looked none the worse for wear.

Kiyomi snapped her fingers and the exact same thing happened to the fangirl, the only difference was that the fangirl immediately collapsed on her knees and began shivering violently.

Again, the fact that she managed to withstand that TEchnique from Kiyomi without blacking out immediately was worthy of passing.

“I… I… I give…” She admitted defeat through chattering teeth.

Recognising her admission of defeat, the protection inscription activated and sent her outside the arena.

“Pass,” The invigilators called out, recognising her potential.

That prompted a few more students to step forward, each of them curiously going to one of my disciples and bowing their heads reverently.

There was one boy who practically did a dogeza in front of Diao Chan and I didn’t need my omniscience to know he’s one of the fanclub members who was trained by her.

If it’s still not clear, all of these people were already fanclub members trying to seek approval from my disciples.

None of them managed to put a scratch on my disciples of course but they were still allowed to pass. Diao Chan’s opponent was even shaking in delight at having the Witch whip him into unconsciousness.

That spurred the other students forward, now knowing that even defeat could mean that they pass as long as they showed potential and not disgrace themselves like the man did from earlier.

I’m a little worried about how many of them were actually fanclub members and I think it’s better if I didn’t know….


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