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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 693: The Second Test Bahasa Indonesia


“Ufufufu~ Is this alright, Master?” Manami asked, stroking my face with one of her tails.

“Umu, it feels nice.”

“Ara, ara? Then allow me to spoil you more, Master. Ufufufu~”

Lian Li leaned on my back, pushing herself closer to me while her hands kneaded my shoulders, “How about this, Master? Does this feel good?”

“Mmhmm, that definitely feels good.”

Yep, being pampered by my disciples is definitely the best.

I came back after dealing with that fanatic and my disciples took one look at me to know I had weariness in my heart, thus the two of them immediately brought me aside and into my room to soothe me.

Thus my current position of being fluffed by Manami’s tails while Lian Li massaged my shoulders from behind.

Cai Hong was seated on Iris’s lap nearby, the little dragon nibbling on another cookie I gave her while Iris was content to just watch me.

I remembered about the people being tossed out of my courtyard so I decided to ask them about it.

“So… Were there any problems while I was away?”

Manami paused in her fluffing for just a split second before continuing, “Ara? Whatever problems could we possibly have, Master?”

“You know… I realised what the content of the student selection’s first test was so I thought maybe some of them might have come here to look for me or something like that.”

Lian Li giggled, “Oh, there were a few of them. But they were hardly a problem, Master. The nicer ones we gave them directions, the not so nice ones were told to leave and the really impertinent ones were made to leave.”

‘Made’ to leave eh? Pretty sure they were literally sent flying away from here but I suppose they weren’t exactly lying so I’ll let that pass.

“How are all of you progressing in your cultivation?”

Manami snaked one of her tails under my shirt, “Mmm… My dear Kiyomi and I are progressing wonderfully, Master. We definitely wouldn’t mind you joining us for a few of them, you know?”

I didn’t need to see her lust-filled gaze to know what she was implying, “Hmm… Perhaps some other time. What about you, Lian Li?”

“Unn… I don’t have any problems on my end for now as well. I thank Master once again for bestowing such a Divine gift to one as unworthy as I am.”

Good, good.

Although you should be more confident of yourself, Lian Li. All of you truly are geniuses. Even if I were to give these cultivation methods to others, they might not even be able to utilise them as well as you guys had.

I’m already looking forward to how else they can improve.

“Speaking of which, Master…” Lian Li turned to glare at the only other woman who was inside the room with us. “Is Master really just going to let this woman follow you around the entire time?”

Surprisingly, Iris actually reacted to Lian Li’s words with a smirk, “Do you have a problem with me following Master around, number two?”

I could almost hear something snap.

I’m actually more surprised that Iris snapped back at Lian Li since she never showed such an attitude before. Could she already be learning from my actions?

Lian Li pressed her bosoms against the back of my head, “Hmph, I have nothing to say to someone who doesn’t know how to receive Master’s affections and can only watch from afar. In that sense, you are the real number two here.”

Iris hid her smile behind her fan, “Fufufu, if one needs to do that to show their devotion to Master, then that’s a pretty sad existence.”

Sensing an impending conflict, I quickly stood up, “Alright, alright. What did I say about getting along with each other?”

Lian Li bowed her head, “Nnn… My apologies, Master.”

Iris also bowed her head, “I do not know what came over me Master… That was unbecoming of me.”

Hmm… Maybe she’s really starting to gain human emotions? Heh, that means my teaching method is working! See, I told you my teaching methods would work!

While I was secretly celebrating over my small progress in teaching Iris mortal common sense, the sound of a loud gong ringing outside could be heard.

“Oh, that’s the signal for the end of the first test, I should go back and see what the results are,” I decided, moving to the exit of my room.

“Papa! Papa! Cai Hong go too!” My little dragon squealed, running up to hug me.

Well, there’s no way I can say no to that, can I?

“I’ll take Cai Hong along. All of you can continue as you are. Call me if you need anything.”

Manami and Lian Li bowed, “Take care, Master.”

I teleported to the front of the Grand Hall with Iris before making my way inside the building, making it seem like I had walked there. I did a quick count of the students and it seems like the number of potential students was reduced to about half just from the first test.

I was expecting less so seeing this number was quite a surprise.

Seeing that the Elders and Masters were gathered at the front, I decided to stay out of the limelight by keeping to the back of the Hall with Iris, watching the proceedings from a distance.

“Papa… Huggies?” Cai Hong asked, reaching her hands out to me.

I picked her up and carried her in my arms, nuzzling the cute little thing with my face which made her giggle.

“For those of you gathered here, congratulations on passing the first entrance test,” Sect Master Qing’s voice boomed within the Grand Hall. “Do not be complacent, for the test has yet to end. We will now commence our second test!”

Oh, I wonder what it’s going to be?

“The next test will have each of you pit yourselves against a disciple of the Sect in a practice battle. A panel of Elders and Masters will judge your performance and if you are deemed to be good enough, you will pass even if you do not win. Now proceed to the Grand Courtyard where several of our disciples are already waiting for you. You are free to pick your own opponents but I have to remind you that looks can be deceiving!”

The mass of students began filtering outside under the guidance of a few Elders and I followed along, curious on who they had selected to test these students.

They had cordoned off sections of the Grand Courtyard and had activated my protection inscription that would send someone outside of the courtyard if they had received a fatal blow. Looks like they were quite prepared.

Except… Why do I see my own disciples amongst the testers?


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