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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 687: Let The Old People Show Off Bahasa Indonesia


A few days later, it was time for our Sect’s student selection again.

At first I was undecided on whether I should even attend the event.

As the Sect’s advisor, my duties end at assisting in the planning phase of it, not the execution, so I had no obligation to go there.

Not to mention the fact that I hardly did anything during the planning phase since they’ve already done everything before I came back, all they needed was to let the news of my return spread around for a while before starting the selections again.

But after I had given my disciples the Techniques they needed to ascend, they’ve been spending the last few days diligently practicing the techniques I had imparted to them.

Even Elaria brought in several of her lab’s equipment and set them up in the corner of my courtyard, after I gave her permission to do so of course. I even created a small laboratory for her to work in too, what a great brother I am, eh?

I won’t say how weird it was to see several helicopters flying into Heaven Sect with the equipment strapped below them.

When I asked Elaria what happened to her star ship, she just told me that it needed to go through some maintenance after spending three whole years idling.

Since all of my disciples were busy, that left Iris and Cai Hong to accompany me.

Initially, I thought Cai Hong still needed to train herself to get back her own powers as a Myriad Colours Dragon, but omniscience told me it was unnecessary as she would simply gain it back when she grows up.

That meant Cai Hong could literally play all day without any consequence and any training was unnecessary because of who she was.

She’s definitely a cheat character no matter how you see it… I’m not sure if I was the one who made her that way or if it was Iris who did it.

Anyway, since there was pretty much nothing for me to do, I decided to head to our Grand Courtyard to at least take a look at the student selections. Who knows? Maybe there might be another student on Lian Li’s level this year too?

“Master Lin! What a surprise for you to join us!” Sect Master Qing exclaimed when he saw me enter the Grand Hall.

“Oh, good morning Sect Master Qing. I can say the same thing to you being here as well,” I greeted back.

Normally, the Sect Master of a Sect wouldn’t usually join in the student selection and might only watch the proceedings from afar. But judging by Sect Master Qing’s presence here, he intends to show his presence to the new students today.

“Hoho, this old man has been away from Sect affairs for the last few years, it would be good for me to show my face a little. What about Master Lin?”

I grinned, “I just thought that I should see what the talents are like this year.”

“Oh ho? Is Master Lin taking in another disciple?”

I shook my head, “I won’t be able to be a proper teacher if I take in any more disciples, having ten is just right for me. Therefore, I won’t be taking in any more disciples now or even for the foreseeable future.”

That is also considering the fact that I’m already trying to make them gods so bringing in more can’t be a good idea.

“Oh? As expected of Master Lin to think that far ahead!”

“Umu, I hope I’m not intruding by being here?”

Sect Master Qing smiled wryly at me, “How could that be, Master Lin? I’m sure everyone would be honored that you had chosen to grace us with your presence despite your busy schedule.”

Umm… I’m actually here because I have absolutely nothing to do, but I know how to read the mood so I won’t mention that.

While I was busy maintaining my poker face, Sect Master Qing turned his attention to the little one holding on to my hand.

“Good morning Cai Hong.”

“Good morwin’ uncle!” Cai Hong greeted back with a cheerful smile and wave.

So cute.

Surprisingly, Sect Master Qing did not say anything to Iris who was standing on my other side. He probably learned that she wouldn’t respond to him even if he did anyway.

Sect Master Qing turned to the other Elders and Masters, “Now, it should be time to begin, so shall we?”

The others nodded their heads and moved out of the Grand Hall, except they had chosen to exit from the opposite door of where the Grand Courtyard was.

I was a little confused by their actions but before I could ask where they were going, Sect Master Qing turned to smile at me, “Then I will see you outside, Master Lin. If you’d like to reveal yourself, just stand on the roof.”

He didn’t even give me a chance to ask what he meant before moving outside with the rest of the group.

Er… Do they intend for me to be the primary tester again? No, that can’t be it, Sect Master Qing would have at least asked me first before leaving if that was the case… And what was that about standing on the roof? How does that make any sense?

What the hell was he even talking about?

Feeling a bit perplexed, I turned to look at my two companions, “Shall we go then?”

Iris smiled, “Of course, Master. I will follow you wherever you go.”

“Let’s go, Papa!” Cai Hong replied cheerily.

With Cai Hong clinging on one of my hands and Iris following me on my other side, we went out of the exit leading towards the Grand Courtyard normally.

Honestly, I was prepared to see a lot of people but I was most definitely not prepared to see the entire Grand Courtyard filled with prospective students.

When I say filled, I really meant filled to the brim.

The place resembles more like a packed wet market than our Grand Courtyard now with how many people are stuffed in there.

My return was only announced a few days ago you know? Did all these people really just drop whatever they were doing to come here?

And is it just me or are most of them female students?

Why did so many of them appear here all of a sudden? Is it because of me? But why?

Before I could come up with a plausible answer, there was a gust of wind blowing out from behind me and several figures flew over the roof of the Grand Hall.

The figures flew with the wind to land around the roofs of the building around the courtyard, revealing themselves to be the Elders and Masters that I had seen with Sect Master Qing earlier.

Even Master Qing was there, standing atop the roof of the Grand Hall and looking down at the gathered prospective students.

Wait, seriously? The reason why they didn’t come through the door normally was just so that they can make this unnecessarily flashy entrance? The old men are even stroking their beards and acting so sagely which was definitely not how they looked like moments ago!

Ugh… I suppose these people just want to show off huh? No wonder he told me to go on the roof too. No way I want to be there with them now.

Oh well, it’s good that they got the attention away from me so let’s just sit here with my cute Cai Hong and Iris to see how they were going to conduct this selection.


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