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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 686: Here Are Your Tickets To Godhood Bahasa Indonesia


For my disciples, I spared no effort in making sure they got the best they could receive.

That’s why I even used omniscience to figure out the best cultivation method I could use to ensure their success, going so far as to look into every possible future I could to find the best future that led to their ascension to godhood.

Weighing every single possible future’s pros and cons, it took me about an hour before I was finally satisfied with what I saw to reach a decision.

Once I had everything ready, I sat down in my room and had each of them come to me one by one since I’ll be directly imparting the knowledge they needed to ascend into their minds.

Iris was, as usual, staying near me. I also realised that she has a habit of staring at me unblinkingly no matter what was going on around us.

I asked her if she doesn’t get tired of watching me and if she never thought of just doing something else.

She simply smiled at me and said, “Master, I’ve been watching you unceasingly ever since I’ve found you. Every single thing you did in your previous lifetimes, every achievement you gained, every loss you suffered, every single moment of your life, I was always watching you from beyond. Now that I’m finally able to watch Master from up close, there’s no way I will be tired of this~”

Ok… So basically she’s been stalking me for at least several millennia already… Good to know.

Guess I never had any privacy to begin with, huh?

I was kind of hoping that my previous lifetimes didn’t have me doing anything embarrassing but knowing my luck, I probably did.

Doing my best to ignore Iris who was watching over me in the corner of my room, I called Lian Li in, prompting the golden haired girl to step inside my abode.

“Pardon my intrusion, Master,” Lian Li greeted me with a bow.

I nodded at her, “Umu. If you are fully prepared to embark on this journey to godhood, come to me.”

She came in front of me without hesitation and knelt down by my feet even though I didn’t tell her to, creating a solemn atmosphere that I didn’t have any intention of creating from the start.

OH well, I know how to read the mood so I’ll just roll with it.

“Before I start, I want to know why you’ve chosen to become my disciple in the first place?”

Lian Li gave me a bitter smile, “At first… I sought to become a Practitioner to gain strength. Strength that allowed me to stand above others and not to be bullied. But… Things changed when Master took me in and gave this new life to me. When before I wanted power to protect myself… Now, as silly as it might sound considering who Master is, I wanted power to protect Master.”

Huh… I was not expecting such a confession from Lian Li.

But her main want is power… No wonder omniscience selected this method of ascension for her.

“In that case, I will impart the knowledge of cultivating the Cosmic Lightning Tribulations to you. Prepare to receive it.”

“Thank you, Master!”

I placed my hand on top of her head and directed the knowledge straight into her mind.

It took a second for the knowledge to be implanted inside her but to Lian Li, it might have felt like several days had passed as her mind tried to comprehend the cultivation method.

She blinked once before bowing her head, “Master… This Lian Li is forever grateful to you! My life is yours and I will do everything in my power to make sure nothing will ever hurt you! Thank you for accepting this lowly me!”

Well… It’s not like there’s many things in existence that can hurt me now but if it makes her happy…

I gave my cute disciple a kiss before letting her leave, prompting Manami and Kiyomi to come in after her.

“Ara, ara? That stalker is still here?” Manami asked, looking pointedly at Iris who ignored her words.

“Just leave it be, dear sister. It’s obvious she’s just a room decoration,” Kiyomi added, not even looking in her direction.

Huh… Why are the foxes and Iris so hostile to each other, Omniscience?

Manami doesn’t like her ‘big sister’ position being threatened?

Eh? What does that even… You know what, I don’t want to know.

I decided to ignore their interaction and gestured for them to come forward, both of them obeying and knelt down in front of me just like Lian Li.

I asked the same question and somehow I knew Manami’s answer before she said it.

“Ara, ara? Master is my destined mate and I will go wherever Master goes. If I have to attain godhood to remain at Master’s side as your mate, then that’s what I’ll do~ There’s no other reason than that, Master~ Ufufufu~”

Well, I already expected that from her so it’s not a surprise.

Kiyomi’s drive was somewhat similar to Lian Li’s though.

“I had always believed that power is everything, Master. To me, Master is the epitome of perfection and my judgement has not been wrong so far. I want to be able to see what Master sees and to continue accompanying you wherever you go, even if I have to be a God to do so.”

She’s definitely the straightforward type.

For this pair of sisters, I gave them a dual cultivation technique that they would be able to use to ascend together.

Not to worry, this technique doesn’t restrict their interaction with men like others do and even if it does, such rules don’t really apply to me anyway so there’s no problem in me continuing to make love with them.

I mean… Worse comes to worse, I’ll just change the Origin of such a rule if I have to. No way am I giving up my mofu mofu anytime soon.

I fluffed the both of them for a little while before letting them leave.

Next was Eris who immediately came in to kneel in front of me silently.

I was a bit surprised by her silence but asked her the same question as I did the previous three.

Her eyes suddenly lit up, “Master! If aye gotta say! It’s… No… Ahem… Forgive me, Master. What I meant to say was that this life was given by Master back when I was simply someone insignificant. That’s why I will devote everything to serving Master no matter what I need to do. If Master needs me to be a God to continue serving you, then I will do what I need to do to become one.”

That’s unusually passionate of her. I guess that’s like the swordswoman’s honour or something like that that’s making her think that way.

Speaking of which… She’s one of the people who I actually gave a name to, isn’t she? I wonder what effect she got after I named her since she still looks normal to me?

Putting that thought aside, there’s also the weird fact that omniscience told me giving her the cultivation method of Cosmic Discordance was the best method for her to achieve apotheosis. That thing involves her training multiple parts of her body and soul at the same time so even a swordswoman like her could ascend.

It should be close to impossible for a normal person but… Well… It’s Eris and she’s a genius in her own right so…

Forget it, since omniscience had said so, there’s no reason for me to doubt it so I gave that information to her which she received gratefully.

Next to come in was Diao Chan, my Witch sashaying in with exaggerated sways of her hips to tempt me even at this time.

Just for that, I took a few moments to give her a good spanking before letting her go, my Witch kneeling in front of me with a face of pure, unadulterated bliss.

When asked the question, she gave me an impish smile, “Ehehe… I think Master already knows. I’m a masochist through and through but the only one I would allow to hurt me that way is Master. And if I were to attain godhood… Then that means Master can hurt me more! Ahnnn! Just thinking about it got me so hot! Please punish me a lot more, Master!!”

Yeah… I’m not even surprised with her answer so I gave her another spanking before imparting her with the knowledge of the absolute pinnacle of Spells that she would have to create in order to achieve that.

It might seem like her path is easier than the others but in order for Diao Chan to create that Spell, she has to comprehend the entire existence of magic before she can even attempt it. It’ll take quite a while even for her.

Next was Brendan who only glanced at Iris’s direction once to take note of her presence before kneeling down in front of me.

I know Brendan was a healthy young man, so I wouldn’t say anything if he held a little bit of lust towards Iris. But the gaze I saw him give was one of absolute indifference, like she didn’t even matter to him.

Now I’m really wondering if he’s actually gay?

When he was given the same question, he gave me a self-depreciating smile.

“If Master still remembers… I was merely a below average student in your class. But yet, Master took me in despite that, believing I had talent. I do not wish to disappoint Master’s belief in me. For all that Master has done for me, I wish to give my everything and devote myself to Master. By attaining Godhood, I will be able to serve Master for the rest of time.”

Yep, that’s about what I expected from the serious Brendan.

His task would arguably be the simplest out of everyone else in terms of effort. But it would also be the hardest to do.

He has to create an entire vial of Origin Liquid for himself.

Do remember that it would take a Origin wielder a thousand years just to create one drop of it. A standard vial would need around five thousand drops and that translates to five million years.

And Brendan’s not even an Origin Wielder so not sure how long that’s going to take him to achieve the same results…

He still looks determined so I’m not that worried about him. When it comes to alchemy, he’s also a genius.

Then it was Elaria’s turn to come in.

Her situation is a little bit special since she’s not a Practitioner so I asked what the reason was for her to want to achieve godhood.

“Eh? So that I can continue being Onii-sama’s little sister of course!”

Right… Why did I even expect anything different from this brocon?

She already had an idea of experimenting with the human genome so I just simply gave her the idea of creating the god genome for herself.

If she manages to create it, she can technically implant it into other humans she would like to give godhood to.

Is it a good idea to give her this power? Who knows? I know I don’t care.

It’s not like suddenly having several new gods pop up out of nowhere is going to be a problem.

After Elaria came Tsuki.

As expected… Her answer to my question was the same as Elaria’s.

“I still want to be Aniue’s imouto! There’s no way I’m going to let that fake sister be ahead of me!”

She was another special case since she had already been altered to some extent by Iris.

Within her already lay dormant Origin Energy that Iris had implanted, so all she has to do is learn how to use it and become the master of it to create divinity for herself.

And with that, all of them had the methods needed to attain godhood.

If you were wondering, Cai Hong was already a cosmic being from the start so there was no need for her to do anything else. She was already practically a god in the eyes of dragons.

So I went out to find her and gave her a cookie and a head pat.

Yep, she’s cute as always.

Now, the student selection should be held again soon so I guess I should prepare for that since I’m still the Sect’s advisor.

I wonder what kind of people are going to turn up this year?


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