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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 674: My Second Return Bahasa Indonesia


“Look at that…”

“Too dazzling…”

“Absolutely divine…”

“Ten peerless beauties… All in one place? Heavens am I dreaming?”

“The little one is really cute too… I wouldn’t mind taking her myself…”

“The black haired one at the front… I bet my entire life savings she’s a goddess.”

“So does the white haired one… Are they sisters?”

“Heh heh… To think we could be fellow brothers to them must be our greatest fortune!”

“Haha! When they see this young master’s skills, they’ll all fall for me for sure!”

Such words kept being thrown around as my little group made our way towards the gate of Heaven Sect..

Well, when you have eleven girls with unparalleled beauty and cuteness gathered together, such an outcome is expected.

Although the one who has bad intentions with Cai Hong… I’ll remember to get rid of you later.

“Somehow… Walking this road with Master feels quite exhilarating~” Lian Li commented.

“Ufufufu~ Indeed. We’re all going to be sisters in the same Sect now, aren’t we? Should I call Master ‘sister’ now?” Manami giggled.

Elaria perked up, “Oh~ I get to call Onii-sama Onee-sama! That definitely sounds nice~ Onee-sama! Ehehehe~”

Isn’t that just the same as you calling Odriana? And didn’t you already do this before back when I… You know what? Nevermind. Don’t even answer that question omniscience.

“Guhihihi~ Aniue is now Aneue… That doesn’t sound too bad~” Tsuki giggled.

Et tu Tsuki? Eh, whatever. Call me whatever makes you happy I suppose, it’s not really a big deal for me anyway.

Diao Chan nudged the cute girl beside her, “What do you think, Brenda? How about you just stay like this? I think you look especially cute~”

“Please no,” Brendan refused flatly. “I don’t have that type of hobby…”

“What a shame~ Maybe Master would take you if you changed~”

I pretended not to notice the not-so-subtle glance Brendan gave me.

Cai Hong looked up at me while holding my hand, “Muuu? Cai Hong has two Mamas now?”

I couldn’t help but reach out to pat her head, “I can be both your Papa and Mama too~”

Ok, that was a little weird but Cai Hong is cute so that explains everything.

Our little group reached the Sect entrance while ignoring the stares of the people around us. Has the quality of people dropped in these last three years that they would openly gawk at girls like this?

I know our group could very well be the most beautiful group of girls they have ever seen, but to actually start drooling in the middle of the path… That’s just sad.

In front of the Sect entrance were two guards that I recognised, they had also stood guard at the gate back when I was around too.

Surprisingly, one of them reached out a hand to stop us from entering.

“Fair ladies… It is not my place to say this but… Are you sure you wish to enter this Sect?”

I frowned at his question.

It wasn’t that he was doubting our abilities or being sexist, it was like he was genuinely concerned about our choice of entering this Sect.

“Could I ask why you are asking this question?” I asked.

He seemed a little conflicted but sighed, “If you’re here to join this Sect because of Master Lin… I suggest that all of you just turn back and wait for his reappearance instead. This Sect is no longer Master Lin’s Sect.”

I would very much like to point out that this was never ‘my’ Sect to begin with, I’m just a Master here. Yeah sure, I’m Origin, but that’s just semantics.

The guard sighed again, “Nevermind. This is just the ramblings of an idiot. Seeing is believing, as they say. Just remember… As long as you don’t agree to be part of this Sect, you can still leave… Ahem. Please head into the Grand Courtyard, fair ladies.”

He stepped aside and we passed by him, now I’m even more curious as to what the Feng boy did in my absence.

No omniscience, don’t ruin the surprise. If it’s really bad then I’ll just change his origins around a bit, ok?

Hmm? Why am I not just solving things with a snap of my finger? Come on, do you even hear yourself? Do you know how boring that would make my life? Very much so.

It’s also one of the reasons a few universes ended too, when I realised that an absolute utopia also translated to absolute boring times. Yeah, not making that mistake again.

We reached the Grand Courtyard of the Sect where I quickly realised some sort of sword formation had been set. I’m not really sure what kind it was yet but I have a feeling this was what allowed Feng boy to take over this place so easily.

Oh great… My omniscience told me it was the Heaven Defying Draconic Sun Sword Formation and that it was indeed the thing that helped him suppress the rest of the Sect before I could shut it up.

Oh well, not too big of a spoiler and already something I predicted anyway so no big deal.

What did surprise me though, was the fact that the Elders there separated all the newcomers by gender.

Normally we would have never done this since there wasn’t a point in doing so. The first test was to see if the people here had Elemental Quarks to become Practitioners in the first place.

And before you ask, I did teach them about the other types of Elemental Quarks so there shouldn’t be an issue like Lian Li’s anymore.

That year’s student selection was also an outlier because of my presence, so I wonder if they were going to do the same thing I did with the Elemental Pressure or revert back to the normal way of testing.

But seeing that they separated us by gender, I don’t think it would be either of those.

Also, I realised there’s like… No females aside from us in this batch of students.

I don’t think our Sect was ever a misogynistic Sect so what caused the steep decline of females here?

Guhk… It’s all because of Feng boy being a horny old faggot and trying to lay his hands on the female disciples huh… Omniscience… Could you at least be more subtle about it? You know what, can you just err… Not say anything for the rest of the day unless I ask you to? Great, thanks.

Several Heaven Sect Elders flew down into the Courtyard while other members of the Sect filed out from the Grand Hall, all of them people I recognised.

The one leading them at the front was Elder Gong, the one who took care of Brendan and me back when I was masquerading as a student. I’m guessing he’s in charge of today’s student selections.

I wonder what happened to Sylphy? Haven’t seen her after she tried to break me out of prison with Brendan. Funny how fate works since she also thought I was a fallen god.

Maybe I should return her Divinity to her since I don’t think what she did warranted a punishment.

I was broken out of my musings when Elder Gong opened his mouth to speak, “Prospective students of Heaven Sect, I welcome you. I am Elder Gong and I will be the main overseer for the first entrance test today. We shall start with the males first. The first test… Is to touch one of us Elders while we will be moving around the Grand Courtyard. Even touching the hem of our robes will count. You have thirty minutes starting now.”

It took the students a good few seconds for them to register his words before finally someone started to attack, prompting the rest of the males to follow.

I’m not sure what purpose this first test serves since it’s already a significantly high hurdle for newbies to clear. This is like getting little kids to play catch with people that can fly you know?

But hey, I’m not the one setting the tests so what do I know?

Good thing I had omniscience keep quiet for now or I’ll probably be spoiled again.

Guess I’ll just sit here with my girls and watch the cat and mouse game for now.

Now where did I put that candy for Cai Hong?


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