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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 673: We’re Back At Where It All Began Bahasa Indonesia


I could have simply teleported back to my home but my disciples had insisted we take the long, scenic route by travelling there normally. Their reason being that they wanted to take the chance to spend more time together to make up for the fake world they had gone through.

Knowing how attached my disciples usually are, the time they spent in that mirror world must be quite arduous for them so I agreed.

For this trip, with the exception of Xun Guan, I was accompanied by my disciples only.

Mother and Odriana hadn’t followed us, deciding to stay back to make preparations for announcing my return. Luna had stayed with them since she wanted to learn more about this Plane first and the fact that her cultivation was now completely suppressed to the point of being even weaker than Brendan.

It goes without saying that Rina would stay with her mistress, though she also realised that her own space compression ability was severely limited to an almost negligible range, limiting her capabilities in serving her mistress.

I did offer to help them bend the rules a little but Luna saw this as a trial for herself to become my wife somehow so she refused. Rina also naturally didn’t take the offer since her mistress hadn’t either..

Guess it really is true that this place is above theirs…

Shiori and Akari had also returned to the Sanctuary to deliver the news of my return, I’m surprised those guys didn’t start a riot yet knowing what they did the last time I went missing.

Hmm? Oh right! Their lives are tied to me, so if I don’t die, they won’t either. Thus, they know for a fact I was alive and that Feng boy was just spouting nonsense. Almost forgot about that.

Oh well, good that my omniscience is here to give me the answers, guess I’ll let it stick around for a bit more. I was very tempted to seal it away when it ruined the surprise my disciples had prepared for me last night.

When I wondered why all the girls had disappeared all of a sudden leaving Cai Hong and Brendan to tend to the campfire, my omniscience immediately told me they were all waiting in my tent for me. It even went as far as to tell me exactly what they were wearing and what their intentions were.

Yeah, not much of a surprise anymore.

Of course I still satisfied them thoroughly despite that, just I didn’t get the thrill of the surprise.

Oh, Iris has yet to taste the pleasure of the flesh yet. To a cosmic being like her, she isn’t able to comprehend what is so good about it.

Well, I won’t force her if she isn’t interested in it, but I don’t need omniscience to tell me that it would just be a matter of time.

She’s already quite addicted to the head pats after all.

The eleven of us reached the entrance of Heaven Sect a few days later, only to see a huge crowd of people gathered at the steps leading up to the Sect.

Hmm? Did news of our arrival reach here so quickly and that Feng boy prepared this welcoming committee for us?

“The biennial student selection of Heaven Sect will begin soon! All prospective disciples please make your way to the Sect entrance!” A voice called out.

Lian Li gasped, “Oh~ This brings back memories, Master! I remember being one of these people heading up the stairs hoping to become a Practitioner too! Ehehehe~ I still remember how Master reached out and took me away from everyone!”

Oh yeah… It’s the time of the year where Heaven Sect recruits new disciples. Funny how everything started from this event as well.

Hmm… Isn’t this the perfect opportunity for us?

I turned to my disciples, “Hey, let’s sneak in there disguised as prospective students. We can see how much has changed like that.”

Iris tilted her head at me, “Is that necessary, Master? Your Omniscience could tell you–“

“Hush, Iris. Stop ruining my fun. If you know the answer to everything, nothing will be fun anymore.”

She showed me an expression that clearly said she still doesn’t comprehend my actions but chose not to comment on it.

Hey, this is part of my plan to get her to change her way of thinking too, don’t judge.

“But Master, surely you’re not planning to go in looking like that? I don’t think three years is enough for people to forget how we look, much less yourself,” Manami pointed out.

“Ah, you’re right.”

I snapped my fingers and I used Origin to transform myself to my female form. There, easy fix. I could even pass myself off as Iris’s sister if anyone asks.

I snapped my fingers again and my disciples changed instantly as well.

Lian Li’s golden hair turned silver, Manami and Kiyomi had their tails and ears hidden, Eris’s hair lengthened to her back, Diao Chan and Elaria had their hairstyles swapped and Cai Hong’s hair was no longer iridescent.

I turned to Brendan, “You want a disguise or should I turn you into a girl too?”

Brendan took a moment to look around and sighed, “Master… If I go in as myself, people are going to think this is my harem… I’m not really fond of being beaten so I’ll take the girl route…”

Oh? How surprising… Though I wonder who would dare beat Brendan up?

Eh? My girls would? Ah, stop, stop! I don’t want to know anymore!


I snapped my fingers again and granted his wish, changing him into his cute, female form.

I turned to Iris since her problem was on another level. I bent reality around her such that her beauty wouldn’t be perceived as otherworldly anymore so to others she would just look like a normal, beautiful lady instead of a perfect goddess.

Come to think of it… I could just have easily created the rule that we won’t be noticed huh? Oh well, it’s already done anyway so let’s just roll with it.

Well now, with this, our disguise should be–

“Aniue…” Tsuki pulled at my sleeve.

I turned back to raise an eyebrow at her, “Hmm? What’s wrong? No one in this Sect has seen you before so there’s no need to disguise you or Iris.”

She poked her fingers together, “No, that’s not it… Erm… I was wondering if… You could make my breasts one size bigger?”

Oh right… I forgot she had that wish didn’t she? The memory version of her wanted this too.

“Can’t you actually do it on your own?” I asked.

“Umm… It’s not the same if Aniue does it for me…”

I don’t know why this is even significant for her but since it’s not too much for me to do it so… Snap.

Tsuki gasped and her chest visibly swelled up by one size, her womanly curves straining against the constraints of her clothes. The girl immediately began exploring her new assets with relish so I immediately turned my gaze away.

Elaria immediately jumped in front of me, “Ehhh?! Onii-sama! Me too! Me too!”

I narrowed my eyes at her. I don’t need my omniscience to know that she didn’t want to lose against Tsuki so she wanted to increase her size too.

Oh well, I’ll just make them both the same size.

I snapped my fingers again and granted her wish, both my little sisters absolutely ecstatic about their new sizes.

“Anyone else?” I asked my disciples.

The rest of them shook their heads.

Well, they were already pretty well-endowed to begin with so it’s no surprise they didn’t want them any bigger. The fact that they could increase it whenever they want themselves could probably be another reason for their rejection.

I grinned, “Alright then sisters! Let’s go join Heaven Sect!”

This is fun~


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