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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 665: You Are Mine And Only Mine! Bahasa Indonesia


“But even so… What is wrong with Master now?” Lian Li pointed out. “Isn’t the current Master perfect as well?”

Ugh… Lian Li… I told you I can get embarrassed too, didn’t I?

At those words, The End’s face turned into one of scorn, “Perfect? This is not perfect. The Master you see in that memory is the real perfection. Master deserves nothing but perfection! I will do whatever it takes to bring him back to his perfect self even if I have to End the rest of the Universe to do so!”

Eh? That’s quite an overreaction, don’t you think? The rest of the universe in innocent after all.

Manami’s tails flared, “Ara, ara? Who are you to presume what Master wants?”

The End’s eyes glowed, “Ufufufu~ As Master’s first student and creation, I have spent way longer with Master than any of you. You do not know Master as I have.”

Diao Chan stepped forward, “You speak of Master in the past, but have you ever thought about what Master of the present wants? You are nothing but a deranged stalker trying to force yourself on a person you no longer recognise just to satisfy your selfish wants.”


“My selfish wants? Fufufu… I could just End all of you in an instant right now, do you not realise that?”

“Mama… Papa doesn’t want this…” Cai Hong cried.

“Silence, dragon. This is not your place to talk.”

Woah, aren’t you her mother? Why are you so mean?


She never actually cared for the Myriad Colours Dragons… She only wanted the feeling of creating something with me.

The End reached out her hand to me, “You understand now right, Master? Let me return you to your perfect self again. Just come to me and everything will return to how it was before.”

I looked at her proffered hand.

Honestly speaking… As the singularity of existence, what she said was not wrong.

If a supreme god gets influenced by outside emotions, then the universe will never be at peace.

According to my omniscience, I had learnt this fact the hard way with the first few universes I had created. Something or someone would piss me off enough that I decided to just wipe out all of existence to start again.

Even now when I still don’t have my full powers yet, I could already see the catastrophic results that would happen if I were to use them however I liked.

Some arrogant young master insults my disciple? A wave of my hand and the entire continent sinks.

An upstart noble tries to take advantage of me? Just a thought and his entire family line ceases to exist, undoing anything they had done throughout history.

Some powerful Practitioner tries to kill me? One look and the entire planet implodes.

A god coming to look for trouble? One snap and all life in the universe is gone.

Somehow I didn’t like the look of a star? Poof, the entire universe is now undone.

That was basically how I was like in the first few universes until I grew tired of it. Then my thinking and personality changed throughout multiple creations of the universe until I became what I was before.

Some random mortal insulted me? Cool story bro.

A planet in my way? Whatever.

Some youngling god trying to upshow me? Whatever makes you happy.

Another cosmic being trying to eat me? Oh, that one I would just obliterate since that’s actually a little annoying.

When things come to an End, I would still be the only one left, so there was no reason for me to regard any of these existences differently since all of them had the same origin and would meet the same end eventually.

With that in mind, the universe could spend much longer existing before I finally find a flaw in it that would result in a necessity to reconstruct it.

Thus, by all accounts, following The End’s plan of getting me back into the right state of mind should have been the correct decision, else the universe ends prematurely again.


I have no desire to go back to the way I was.

If I did, my disciples would be sad.

I had made the decision to make my disciples happy, there was no way I would give up on that now.

And even though the memory versions of them were fake, I remembered distinctly how they held on to me even on their deathbeds, those feelings were definitely not fake.

If I were to end up like the person I was before, I would definitely not be able to give my disciples happiness.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot go back to the way I was before,” I finally decided.

Everyone looked at me in surprise.

Huh… Did they really think I would accept?

Ah, I suppose they don’t know the real reason I was struck down to become a mortal. I became like this precisely because I was bored.

If I went back to how I was before, then I’d just be bored again. That’s also another reason why I think returning to my original self is not a good idea.

“Master… Is refusing me?” The End asked.

“That’s right. I’m quite content with what I have now and I think I’m fine with the current status quo. The universe is still doing fine anyway, isn’t it?”

Her gaze switched to my disciples, “This… This is because of them… Isn’t it?”

“Well… I suppose you can say that. But I think it’s that I’ve started to see things in a new perspective, so I hope you understand. You can join us and–“

“Fufufu… Ufufufufu… Ahahahaha!” She suddenly burst out into laughter without warning.

The universe shook at her laughter, affecting all of us even though we were floating in space.

Her eyes lit up, “I see now! These pieces of trash are holding Master back! That’s right… Master doesn’t need anyone else. Master only needs me. He only needs to look at me. He only needs me by his side! There’s no need for anyone else to approach Master! Just me is enough! If I got rid of everything… Then there will only be me! Such a simple answer! Why didn’t I think of this before?!”

She turned to face me again, “Master, I will get rid of all the harlots around you~ You don’t need to pay attention to anyone else anymore. Just look at me~ Only look at me~ All these hindrances… I’ll get rid of them at once! Master is mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Er… Well… That escalated quickly…


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