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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes? – Chapter 664: The ‘Perfect’ Being Bahasa Indonesia


The other me looked at the younger The End with a slow tilt of his head, “A child? I do not see the point of it?”

Younger The End fumbled, “Umm… That is… I think it might be interesting to create something with the combined power of both of us! It might create more interesting results for the Universe!”

The other me thought for a moment, “Hmm… But there isn’t such a thing? It will just be another creation no different from the rest. I see no reason to do such an action?

“But Master, I wish to create something of my own as well!”

“In that case, limited as it may be, you still possess the ability for Creation. There is no need for me to create something with you.”

“Ugh… But… Since it’s going to be my first creation… Perhaps having Master guide me would be better?”

“Then it would be much more efficient if I simply watched you from the side and corrected you. There is no reason for me to be involved in the creation personally.”

“But… But Master… I feel safer if I could feel your personal guidance in the creation…”

I frowned at the other me, was I really that dense before? Even the current me knew why she wanted to create something together with the other me.

The other me tilted his head the other way, “If I join in, you would be more at ease?”

“Eh? Ah! I will, Master!”

“Inconceivable… But very well.”

The two of them held hands and we could see a trace of energy linking their arms together before flowing out to the space in front of them.

In an instant, an egg popped into existence without much fanfare. There wasn’t even any special effects or anything like that, the egg literally just appeared just like that.

Cai Hong gasped and climbed up my shoulders to get a better look. No prizes to any guesses as to why she did that.

The top of the egg burst open and a small dragon popped out of it, its scales glittering with the colours of the rainbow.

The dragon looked up at the two of us with sparkly eyes and immediately flew towards the other me, “Papa! Mama!”

Manami gasped, “Is that… Cai Hong?”

Well…. Yes and no.

“This was the first of the Myriad Colours Dragons to be born. Since their experiences and memories are shared between one generation to another, I suppose you can say that they go through a continuous cycle of rebirth every time they are born. So all Myriad Colours Dragons have this memory of being born so you could say they could be the same one,” I explained.

Since Cai Hong had absorbed my energy, she must have realised who I really was and thus knew I was really the ‘father’ of her entire race.

Cai Hong looked up at me with her usual smile, “Papa so cool~”

Huh… Funny how I’ve been thinking of her as my adopted daughter when she was technically my real daughter all along.

Hold on… Doesn’t that make everyone inside the entire universe my children as well?

Oh shut up omniscience, I didn’t need an answer for that!

The other me and The End went on to make more eggs, totaling about a hundred eggs in all.

All of the newly hatched dragons crowded around The End and the other me calling us ‘Papa’ and ‘Mama’.

Surprisingly, the other me didn’t look interested in the dragons and simply walked away after the deed was done, leaving The End to decide what to do with the new creations.

“This… Isn’t Master…” Lian Li pointed out, obviously a little confused about my actions so far.

To put it frankly, the other me felt too pragmatic and emotionless to be me.

The End giggled, “This is where you are wrong…”

She slashed her hand in an arc and the memory projection was cut off, bringing us back into empty space again.

“This was how Master was originally like. This is what the perfect version of Master was like! The Master now is flawed and it is my duty to bring him back to his perfect self!”

I narrowed my eyes at her, “And how is that the ‘perfect’ version of myself be, pray tell?”

She gestured to where the projected memories had been, “Do you still not understand, Master? You are the Origin of everything! This is how the real you should be acting!”

“Like someone who has a stick up his ass? Because I really think the past me feels like an ass now…”

The End shook her head, “Ufufufu~ You are mistaken, Master. The real you saw things the way the true Master of the universe would… Everything was equal in your eyes, be it a random rock floating in space or the existence of an entire planet of sentients, both were worth the same to you, even me. But the Master now…”

She directed her gaze towards my disciples with clear disdain.

“The Master now has too many attachments… Attachments that are unnecessary for you to regain your former glory.”

I stepped in front of my disciples, “Can’t I just be how am I now? Why is there even a need to return me to that personality?”

“Because that is true perfection, Master! To love everyone and everything equally, there is no one else in the universe that can do that but you! If there was a planet of humans facing an extinction level event and a god dying for another reason, you wouldn’t have saved either of them because they are worth the same to you! No one would care if a rock fell off the side of a cliff! You loved everyone and everything!”

I see… She fell in love with the me from the past and can’t accept that I had transformed into a different person. Well, I have an idea that would help change her mind but I’ll need to get her to surrender first.

“There’s still one more question… Why did I become mortal in the first place?”

Another scene was projected in front of us, this one I actually recognised and knew what it was before my omniscience told me about it.

The self-proclaimed Great Ones were on one side with several defected gods locked in a battle against another group of gods. The figures of two Primordial Divine Dragons with a multitude of Myriad Colours Dragons were also floating behind them.

“We won that fight,” The End told us with a forlorn look on her face. “But you were struck down by those damned traitors and your immortal self was cast into the mortal realm to recuperate. Most of your Origin essence was left in the centre of the Universe as a result.”

Brendan frowned, “Couldn’t you have just… Put an end to your enemies?”

She shook her head, “Those Great Ones were manifestations of my authority… In order for me to exist, there must be elements of myself scattered through the universe like how Master had used gods to spread Origin. These Great Ones are manifestations of The End, thus their very nature was to seek the ultimate End and return everything back to null.”

That means those tentacled monsters are actually also part of her. So she can’t actually ‘End’ herself.

Still… This doesn’t make sense. I was literally omnipotent, there was no way we would have lost that fight with me there too. Why did I get struck down?

I waited for my omniscience to give me the answer and it turned out the reason was…


I ‘let myself be struck down’? But why?

Because I was bored?!!

What the hell?!!!

Didn’t she say that I saw everything as equal?! I wouldn’t be able to feel ‘bored’ if that was the case!

Ah, I see… It wasn’t that I purposely let myself be struck down, it was just that I did not resist. If those monsters managed to get to me, I would let myself be struck without resistance just to see how the universe would turn out.

It didn’t matter if the universe was actually brought to an ‘End’. Because even if all things come to an end, there will still be Origin to begin things anew.

Countless universes had been destroyed, some by my own hands while some by others. But once the dust settles, only Origin remains as after an ‘end’, there will be another ‘beginning’.

Had this universe ended after that battle, I would have just recreated it again with the lessons learnt from then.

No wonder I was so pragmatic with everything since I’ve experienced what I had in my memory but for a much, much longer time…

Can’t say I don’t understand why though, my thinking was on a cosmic scale after all.

Hmm… Is this why I sometimes think that a lot of things don’t matter or just roll with it? That’s not good….


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